Friday, March 20, 2009

Kam Hor Koay Teow in IPOH Garden

SUPPER TIME with Andy... I remember that night the electric current was down, the whole row of houses were in darkness. While groping for the candles, I suggested "why not we go out and makan (eat)?" It was nearly 9.30pm so supper it was ....

We went to this Kam Hor coffeeshop, directly opposite Ipoh Garden Gourmet Square and beside Wooley Food Court. As I said before, if we want to eat in this shop, we gotta practise patience.. perseverence too... why? Cos it always take at least half an hour or more to get to our turn... we need to "persevere" too, esp when the food passes by but they are for the next table and not us...

why it took long to be served?
just look at the koayteow bowl...
it was sort of "arranged" nicely

the partial steamed chicken
for both of us...

of course, taugeh is a must
(bean sprouts, famous in IPOH)
bec of the spring water...

aha... this is the old couple...

aha... the old couple...

i mean the older couple at the front...
husband and wife team
from the place I sat, I "surveyed"
the husband is much slower than the wife ... :)


  1. fren....I am

  2. sigh...i went to this place one evening when we were back. i almost died of hunger. Waited 2 hours for our dinner. Thank God can order ikan bakar from Gourmet square to bring over :D

  3. haha..yes barbara.. can order one.. and i saw some ppl bring mags and newspaper to read while waiting.. what to do.. mahu makan ma..

  4. wah...always food posts..
    i really must go to Ipoh.. didnt go there since 06..

  5. Yum Yum, smooth Ipoh Kueh Teow and nice chicken!

  6. aiyo.. yo..yo... i m so far away ler.. in kl.. can courier some for me eh? why ppl still wait for 2 hours? must be real good eh?

  7. I always crave for something to eat everytime I visit here.

  8. hi reanaclaire, i got hungry while looking at the pics and reading your blog..yumyum =)

  9. i also posted foods in my post today Claire....we both love to eat hahaha, these really looks so yummy as usual

  10. this happened to us. IT wasn't fun. The food taking forever to arrive

  11. wow, looks great :)


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