Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jaya Jusco Food Court in IPOH

Dont under estimate our teenagers nowadays... they know more than we do even when it comes to food...

The other night we went to Jaya Jusco foodcourt, I was walking around looking for something nice to eat ... there were a few new stalls so I was hesitating... which stall was better... then Fernie said in a hush hush voice..."Mum, this one is nice... yong tau foo and chee cheong fun" ... " did u know huh... " I dont remember taking her there.....

this was the chee cheong fun she recommended...
not cheap oh... like that also cost RM2.70

then she picked all these...
all types of yong tau foo
came to RM9....something...
another not cheap dish oh...
but then it tasted better than I expected it to be...
so ok lar.. justified!!


  1. Claire, I have always loved the food in Malaysia, Street food, fancy hotel food, supermarket food, everyhting.

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  3. delicious! we went to a Chinese restaurant here and the food is just so great.... i ate a lot

  4. hw does it taste? i am well...curious...

  5. sadap makanan, sadap!! sadap!! sadap!!! :)

  6. Didn't know Jusco got delicious food. Anyway, I dun like to eat there as you always needed to queue and collect the ticket, then return the ticket back to the stall. Mah fan...

  7. no more like that.. u can just pay and eat ...straightaway.. i also dint know about that till i went the other day..

  8. hello!!! ooohhh... i think those foods are soo... YUMMY!!!

    h, i wish i could taste even just a bite...


    please visit my site too.. :)

  9. I always like being here. I always get hungry just looking at the foods :)

  10. i love yong tau foo too... but it is something quite expensive to eat if u are a big eater, cos they count per pc!

  11. I never dare to eat in Jusco Food Court leh! Geng la u :D

  12. @ Claire, yes, I've been to KL about 20 times. I love KL... it's probably my favorite place to be in the whole world.

  13. kids are knowledgeable nowadays. :)

  14. Claire,
    Those are really mouth watering food. I missed asian food badly here :-(

  15. Hi Reanaclaire, when I balek kampong, can I date your fernie so she can show us where to eat those lovely yong tau fu?
    Love the 2nd one in your pics.

    I think two plates would do nicely for me, ha ha.
    Oh ya, ask her where can get nice iced coffee in Ipoh?

    I used to eat at that Canning garden foodcourt.
    And last time we balek kampong, I asked a relative to take me to eat 'chi chup'. Love this dish.

    He took us to near that Rex cinema, lots of stalls there, think I got a photo of that place somewhere.
    I sure enjoyed that dish.

    :ong time ago in the 70's used to eat that Indian banana rice I think opposite Tambun bus stand, near Brewster road? Two Indian shops there. It was then my , "suma pun tarok", ha ha.
    Also at 'Goodshed' Indian food.

    And that rojak at next to the Municipality building under some big trees was real good.
    As well the yongtau fu next to HongKong bank.

    By the way, that restaurant, drinking hole FMS still around? And ABJ coffee house?

    These were places I took the ahemmm Ipoh SYT's I dated, ha ha. Lee.

  16. wow..u and yr memories U Lee.. ok first thing first..
    When u come to IPOH, I guess Fernie might be able to drive u around by then.. :) no problem, for U.Lee, she will take u...
    About the Goodshed or Goatshed.. i seldom go there, Rahman in old town is much preferred nowadays.. the tambun bus station, i think still got .. not so sure..but those days, i remember the waiters all used to come out to "ajak" customers..haha...
    Oh, the ABF long gone already, yes, it was the first coffeehouse in IPOH.. that time I couldnt afford to go there cos still studying but FMS is still in operation though not so popular already..
    Rojak near municpal.. yes..still in operation though the owners have changes..i guess.. haha.. next time i go and snap a picture of it for u...
    Wow.. i wonder whether I have seen u before or not..taking yr SWT around town... haha...

  17. Oh my I could sit here for a while figuring out what's on the dish. I'm just imagining how that one taste like. So yummy!

  18. Claire, every time i visit here i'll feel hungry hahahaha, food looks yummy la


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