Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A New Domain To My Name?

Of late, I have been thinking of having my own domain ...sounds cool, right? but actually I dont really know what a domain is except that my blog will not have the blogspot there anymore..
meaning just http://www.reanaclaire.com/ ... Am I right, Bloggers?

Second thing I know is that it will come with a yearly fee..... Am I right?

And... the third thing I understand is that with a new domain, I can easily get paid posts... am I right, Bloggers?

Ok, those are what I can catch so far if I have my own domain....

So, now... my problem is... can anyone give me more information on getting own domains, the yearly subscription and is it true that opportunties are easier to grab? (that is most important.. lol)

Please share your knowledge, I humbly plead.... (*with a slight bow*)


  1. i think so..if link and registered with search engine. U will receive even higher $$$.

  2. hi rena,

    hopped over from another blog. been reading your blog for quite a while but a silent reader..hehehehe. i was from ipoh but now in kl. getting your own domain is great. as for getting paid posts, it all depends on page rank too. i have my own domain but no rank so hardly any offers though i hv signed up with almost all the advertisers. 2007 was a great year to get offers to write until google started to smack the blogs which do paid posts :(

  3. I was thinking to have my own domain as well.. but still thinking.. ;-D

    Still thinking what is the best step, to purchase it from blogspot or from few company onlines.

    I do perchase domain(Not for blog purposes)..May be you can look into this sarawakian company.

  4. thanks to u, chandelier, mommy chumsy and kath j.. for sharing..

  5. sis, I just switched to a custom domain and I wrote a blog about it to give some info on how I switched.. maybe this could help you..


  6. hhhmmm...I can't help you about that one coz I'm not a paid blogger.Wish I could help you but all I can do is to be your reader.

  7. Was thinking of getting my own domain as well.Having your own domain, have its perks, like placing on your business card, placing it on your cars wind shield or bumper or creating your own shirt with the domain name. Anyway.. .as with the offers. Mommy is right, even if you have your own domain, but you have a low page rank then no offer will come. Actually, there are 3 things that advertiser's look in a domain, these are the Pagerank, Technorati and your Alexa ranks. Like when I sign up for SponsoredReviews, to update your blog/site, they look at your Alexa, pagerank and tecnorati stats, so up until now, I will do not get any offers. :)

    Also other factors that advertisers considers to a site like if you have submitted your URL or site or majoy search engine like Yahoo Search, AOL Search, http://www.dmoz.org and of course Google search. So that your site will easily be searched. From your blog I can see that you already have a number 2 page rank and have setup for the alexa rankings. But you still need build on your technorati.

    Even if you do not your own domain as long as you have a high ranking on page rank, technorati, alexa and your contents can easily be search using major search engine then you should be all set.

    Anyway, you just gave me an idea on what my next post will be.. hehehe... I'll add you on my blogroll and will try to look up on your look into your question on what are the benefits of having your own domain.. hehhee... I'll send you a like once I'm done.. ;)

    Hope this helps... :)

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    My tech blog
    Checkout the things I got from the net!!!

  8. not sure about own domain. besides, i blog for fun and not for $$$. but i think having one would give you better control...i think *thinking*

  9. hi there..!! I get my own domain few months ago..and yeah..i got more ops to do ever since..it was only me who lazy to do it...hehehee i let them expired..if you are interested to get your own domain..email me at elstitty80[at]yahoo[dot]com..I can help you with that.. :)

  10. I'll be getting my own domain soon... umm.. pretty soon.

    anyway... everyone that posted a comment are ryt. You should have atleast a high ranks on Pagerank, Alexa, Technorati and searchable contents.

    The main thing that you must always consider is that your content must be relevant. Since as you may already know... almost every subject, topic and idea have been blogged or posted on the net. So unless you come up with your idea. Things that you are posting are not new.

    Anyway... sure hope that I'll be able to register my own domain.. that will be sweet... www.abielonline.com, cool huh?

    hehheeh... btw.. you visit my other blog at Love Thoughts Love Lines...

  11. wow!!! a new domain! :D

    it'll be a kind of commitment to keep updating now eh?

  12. What's "paid blogging"? I've never heard of it.

  13. Hi Claire. The good points of having your own domain is:-
    a) You can write whatever you want, post whatever comments you like and you wont be stopped. Yeah!
    b) You can put many many interesting sites on your own domain and you earn advertising from Googles if people click your ads, and Yes, Google really pay you. I receive a good check every now and then when the ads reach USD100.

    There are so many things you can do but impossible to explain in one comment! If interested, you can mail me for details. Thanks


  14. thanks CY.. as far as i know .. googles also pay even if we r using blogspot now.. so far, received once.. :)
    but if the price of paying for one own domain is high, then forget it.. i m quite stingy.. haha..

  15. I'm also thinking about having my own domain, but I'm thinking whether worth it or not.... still thinking....


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