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Lunch At Kampong Bali, Perak

Yesterday Monday was a public holiday here in Perak... awal muharam .. don't ask me what that is cos I don't really know actually... as long as it is a holiday, who cares, right?? :)

Last week Andy PROMISED to give us a lunch treat with his first PAY..... so around 12pm, we drove down to UTP to pick up AA.. (better don't delay too long, he might change his mind later) There were 6 of us cramped into the car..... thank God no police block, otherwise sure have to pay summon...

after 45 minutes we reached Kampong Bali
it is a village housing estate

narrow roads leading to the shop cum house...

there.... a corner house
family business...

the special menu hung above the tables...

andy said "don't order so much ah"
(hehe... my interpretion only)

after waiting 20 minutes.. the first dish arrived
crabfish (lai liew har) coated with nestum

salted fish with sliced pork (far lam poe)
lots of ginger and dried chillies

this yee vegetables..
i forgot the name .. aiyah...

oh this one was special
fried fish with patong sauce and petai
very very spicy hot....

and the last dish that came was
this sotong (squid) with lots of onions

everyone loves this dish
so i snapped another pic of it...

5 dishes with 6 bowls of rice
plus drinks
cost Andy RM57.00
(usd$15 +-)

the address to Kampong Bali
just after Tronoh...

Oh, before I forget... thank you Andy, my dear...


  1. Good Food! Huh? $15? so cheap ha? How far is your place from KL?

  2. omigod...i am soooo hungry looking at the food now.

  3. my hometown is in IPOH so to KL will take around 2 1/2 hours if I drive.. yeah, it is considered very cheap if converted to US dollars.. haha..

  4. I love that crab fish coated with nestum...yum yum...

  5. Oh my!!! that is really cheap! $15 here is only one serving and maybe not enough...ha ha ha...
    Still snowing here and just trying to keep warm with the babies.

  6. Claire, do me a favour,please take that Carlsberg sign away, i am quitting beer drinking,so you need to do your part to help me to succeed in achieving my goal,hahahahahah

  7. sweet of him.. wonder when can I have a treat from my son 1st (He is only 2 ++ now)

  8. The food looks delicious and cheap as well.

  9. haha..he said his treat.. but mama paid first.. now i will wait for my reimbursement.. :)

  10. ok i need food now hehehehe, i'm hungry

  11. not bad actually..... i love the squid...yummy

  12. food looks good! It's in tronoh huh? no wonder so cheap.

  13. Thats wonderful. Hope you had a nice time...Enjoy.

  14. wah...rm 57 only...very very cheap ler.....kampong bali...i thought it is serving indonesia food ler...

  15. walaoeh, the food... makes... me... *sluuuuurrrrp*

  16. Via..Kampong Bali surprisingly is a chinese new village.. nothing connected to Bali, Indonesia.. :)

  17. Have not heard of patong sauce before but this dish sure looks good especially with petai.

    The phrase 'mama paid first' sounds very familiar...the children sure are lucky nowadays :)

  18. Crabfish with Nestum? I wonder how that tastes like..but I'd surely want to try.. my Hubby is from Taiping, Perak and maybe they have that there too..;)

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    From Asia and Beyond
    Day to Day Miracles
    Trying to be Fit
    Not a Shopaholic

  19. I'm hungry and I want them now!!(T_T)

  20. my hometown is kampung bali, but i live in new york now, waw...looking like yammy...


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