Friday, March 13, 2009

My Three Gifts...

Yesterday I received three gifts, all different in their own way.... all in one day...

It has been a long while since someone gave me flowers... (too long ago, cannot remember when also) and yesterday, someone gave me a stalk plus the white buds... I was so overwhelmed...haha... maybe older people like me feel like that one....

Took it back to the office but dont know where to put.... no vase... so put inside mineral bottle first la... as long as got water inside....I can hear envious comments, a sweet young lady said... "hey, young people like me cannot get flowers, how come you have?" "hehe.. it's a secret, secret, I replied, giving my *sly laugh*... (jokingly)

now...where shall I put it...


finally, right in front of me...
where I can see it blossom ..

see this money?

my second gift...
Andy gave me part of his pay..
his very first salary...
for me to yam char, he said...
(tea money)

and of course the third gift was his results.... now the next step... hope he can get into the college that he has in mind...hope he can get a scholarship too.. (*pray hard*)


  1. Wow! What lovely gift. I am sure you love them. Thanks for sharing this pictures.

  2. Yam char with 2 notes of rm50...Ayooo.... so nice!!!... ;-D

  3. awww!!that was sweet!!my husband didn't give me a even a bud of rose for a XXyears now!am I not that appealing to him to give such flowers?(T_T)

  4. haha.... clarissa, dont say like that.. men are men... they are not as sentimental as ladies.. i m sure they love their wives and vice versa.. some just dont show it out.. but they love inside their hearts.. that is the problem with them.. haha

  5. wow, what a wonderful boy you have. you have brought him up well :D hey, u still have cny cards at your cubicle? hahhhahaa

  6. cubicle is like rojak.. apa pun ada.. very untidy.. in fact, i left it as it was when i took the pic.. let u all see how hardworking and untidy i m... hahaa....

  7. wow, ended your a blessed woman.
    recieving gifts makes us smile..
    so nice to see your gifts :)
    god bless

  8. u r so blessed..and u have a "how soon" (in cantonese) son..

    I hv not receive flowers for such a long long time...........

  9. wuiyoh.. hoe hoi sum ah? Jom yumchar! On u (or ur son) ! :)

  10. Its great, this shows how you care others too.

  11. hmmm..i'm wondering how many more years will i wait to receive flowers (even a single one will do!)

  12. wow...who give u flowers? Must tell my mum.

  13. That was really a nice a gift.If i were you i will really be glad.


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