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A Mother's Anxiety

Gosh... it is after midnite now... Aaron and Andy are still doing some application online now... to colleges and universities for scholarships and stuff...

Yes, SPM results came out this morning.... Andy rejected my offer to take him to school for his results... ok ... so yours truly here waited in the office anxiously.. (nearly biting nails)

After 10.30am, still no news... man... what happened?? I called his cell phone.. no reply... tried again... same... voice message... my heart beat faster than normal.... kept on calling.. lost count how many times I called.

Many things came into my mind.. maybe he felt shameful to tell me his results thus no response? maybe he ran off somewhere and cry? maybe .... hey.... i was paranoid then.. i regretted nagging him to study... man, maybe he really was crying somewhere and didnt want to come home... gosh..

Thought of going to school to search for him, ok, i made one last call before I do.... on the first ring, he finally answered... I felt relieved...... (so u r still sober and alive, man)

Coolly I said, or bad? ( expecting some bad news )

After replying me, I felt elated...on top of the world... made my day... as a mother....

When I reached home, I gave him a kiss on the cheek.... "ooooooh..mum, mind your lipstick, please!"

(oh, btw, his results are better than I expected... Praise The Lord... )


  1. a great mother will sure have great children one, dont worry they will grow up to be wonderful person. may be doctor, engineer, policeman, politician(this one think twice) actor/singer(ok, this one sure can)astraunaut (this one must be handsome,then can give lectures and cari makan)lawyer(this one possible,if he knows how to use the words "it looks like me,sounds like me") ha, may be a celebrity blogger like mommy.hahahah

    anyway claire,just want to share your joy a bit,because my shall come another 6 years,,by the time i dont think i can take as cool as you did, old already and heart problem somemore.
    have a great weekend my friend

  2. hehehe... mommies do that most of the time... praise God...

  3. aiya....don't worry la. Durign my times, there was no handphones and public phones was difficult to locate. Like me, I guess he just want to hang around his friends for a good time.

  4. Please share what he you said, all Glory to God right..

    How you felt is normal, because one of my cg member, she felt exactly same like u. She even thought her daughter failed!!! a

  5. Good to hear that :D

  6. that is truly amazing. Its good to a mom... just assuming though. hahaha.
    I am not yet one.

  7. Glad to hear that!whew!!I was worried,too!

  8. Congrat! Andy.....
    Carry on ur hard working on other big challenge...STPM n IPT.

  9. thank you all for your concern.. yes, he is applying for colleges and universities now for scholarships.. hope he will be able to get the course he wants..
    now 2nd chapter..applying for courses..haha..

  10. Congratulations for your son.. Ohh by reading this post.. I start placing myself on the future.. (I am ready??) But 1 thing I remember.. we all in God's good hand.. ;-)

  11. hi Im new to your space......and how many times in a week do you suffer from what I call Mommy mania. LOL..........the closest ive ever come to beinga mom is with my mom used to work so i pretty much brought her up She was born when I was sixteen so minus the birhing pains and the breastfeeding I didn pretty much everything the point when she was sick shed ask for me........shes twentone now and seriously the days i left her at day care when i went to college still haunt me.........and im so over protective about her it embarasses i guess that makes me party to mommy mania as well......hey good for you that he did well ........i hope he gets to go to the college of his choice.

  12. Congrats for the good results!

  13. thanks for your comments and wishes, andy and i appreciate that very much... yeah, hope he gets a good college to start his second phase of life...

  14. wuuuuhooo! Now can sleep? Eat, no nid to say la.. anytime rite? Hehehe.

    Congrats, boy!


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