Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thanks but No Thanks...

This afternoon I read a bulletin from my office "white board" (all announcements are pinned there for staff to read)... and I had a good laugh when I finished reading them. Let me write some of the points here... (they were written in malay language, I will try my best to translate)

"To achieve an efficiency award, all the staff must abide by the following rules...

Staff must always put on a smiling and pleasant face..... especially when their superiors hand down some extra work.

Staff must accept the work pleasantly and without grumbling eventhough the work is not written in their duties' lists.

Staff must not chit chat here and there, disturbing others.

Staff must not play games "online" in the office.

Staff must not go out for breakfast after 8am."

What I found amusing was.... I WILL NEVER EVER get the efficiency award ....

Firstly, I do not smile when extra work is handed down, I am serious, man.....
Secondly, I do chit chat with my colleagues when I m too darn tired and bored......
Thirdly, I do not play online games but I do onlining websites instead.. (same ke)
Fourthly, I cannot survive without having breakfast.... I MUST HAVE... and it is always after 8am....

So... efficiency award for me?? NO WAY.... BUT... please let me enjoy my life in the office... MY WAY, OK???


  1. Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog.. Keep up the good work.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care.. Cheers mate!!!

  2. hahaha...well said, you are so right, enjoy your day in your workplace and that is the essence of life

  3. I guess no efficiency award for you, Claire :-)

  4. Para na ring sinabi na;

    all employees do not have the right to be happyyyy?????

    tuloy mo lang yun gusto mo, after all, if wala breakfast, the brain do not function kamo, hehe

  5. First of all, lucky it says there 'NO BLOGGING DURING OFFICE HOURS'.. so, you might have a chance!

    2nd, the management really sott sott dei, give matt kwai award la, they think the award can compensate for all those "luxuries" meh, hoh? die die also use money RM20,000 as reward mah, hoh? If so, can skip breakfast or not? Me ah, don't mention breakfast, lunch also can skip!

  6. hahahah if me most of the stuff also i sure fail...

  7. woahhh, so strict one ah...

    never mind la, who needs what efficiency award lahhhhh... rite? As long as I get ur work done, u happy I happy, can laaaa...hehehehe =P

  8. Wow! Your second payment coming soon. I will be happy to help each other out :) but not too often to avoid been banned. Just watch out for my "code name" in your cbox.

    The toys I highlighted in my site are no longer available and considered antique. Most of them fetch a high price in e-bay and etc. But all my collections are not for sale. It is my "heritage".

  9. did they mean chit chat mengumpat kah ? hehehehe not bad eh, your department got such circular hehehe.

    i love surfing the net for knowledge, game can consider knowledge also mah hehehe ....

    ni anugerah cemerlang eh?

    good luck, :D

  10. no need la.. i prefer to be the way i m now.. happy.. working also with a long as they dont disturb me , i m contented sitting down by myself quietly, fingers clicking and looking at the idiot box whole day long...
    as long as work gets going, i get paid monthly, can go breakfast daily.. who cares about the award, right??? hehe.. dont follow my bad example, u hear? i m just the way i am...

  11. wow.. no chit chat.. the management sure takut kena umpat ni..hehehe.. to interact buat kerja mo chit chat juga mah.. ask them to put it..'jangan mengumpat'..better...hehehe..

  12. u know i drag myself to work nowadays. really no more motivation. how i wish to be a SAHM..hehehe

  13. da author of the memo must be having some screw loose somewhere!

  14. lol. as long as got do efficient work okay oredy lah.

  15. For sure I cant follow the rules!!! hahhaaa

  16. this will make the staff lagi not efficient ler....let me become ur company boss...sure big makeover and fun place to work one

  17. efficiency award i no want la.. no money one.. got cert only.. got to get one more place to file the cert.. more work for me.. no thanks la.. as long as they allow me to go out breakfast, they can exclude me from the list.. breakfast is the most important meal for the day.. :)

  18. hey well said. We all are just human. Sometimes we have to be relax, to be more efficient. :)

  19. hahahaa!!me,too!thanks but no thanks!I'd rather be happy working freely rather than working tied with rules.


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