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A Creepy Night In Nanjing

Friends asked me about the accomodation while I was touring in Shanghai. I told them for the seven nights we were there, we slept in seven different hotels. Of all the hotels we slept in, only the Nanjing one was a bit "uneasy".... (yam yam cham cham)...

Maybe it was due to my own imagination cos during the day tour in Nanjing, we were taken to the place where the Massacre took place in the World War Two and many thousands of chinese were killed in that place where we visited earlier. When we entered the hall, it was quite dim, some of the skeleons (real ones) were numbered and the details were shown on the exhibits, the gender and the cause of death. And the environment inside the hall was very "sad and quite eerie", perhaps with the sad music looming around the hall added to the eeriness....

Okay, coming back to my hotel room, I sensed some discomfort upon entering, on one side near the dressing table, the light was whitish and quite dim, not like our florescent type of lamp. Above our single beds, there were another 2 sets of warm light,(yellowish), very dim too... so imagine white and yellow lights, they didnt blend very well and made the room even creepier...

Well, that night I didn't tell my room mate for fear of scaring her too... hahaha.. but when she chose the bed next to the wall nearer to the toilet, I know she felt something too... Anyway, to cut the story short, there were 2 big arm chairs facing my bed and I felt like there were someone "big" sitting there and looking at me throughout the night.....(sei mei) .. That was my imagination during that time.. I don't know why I felt that way... before I slept, I turned the other way...

Next day, upon checking out, both of us "checked" our notes and our feelings about the room with my other 2 friends.. Well, they were smarter, so it seems.. my fren hung her "panty" on the door... she said can shun "unwanted visitors" off... hehehehe....

Well, as for the other nights, the hotels were "okay".... once or was it twice, I cannot remember, we left one bed vacant... both of us squeezed into the single bed.... it was more comforting than sleeping alone in the single bed in an alien hotel...


  1. ahahahaha! that's pretty scarry! but it's somehow creepily exciting to squeze yourself with someone while feeding your mind with horror and feeling the goosebumps! hehehehehehehe!

  2. Wow! Thtz cool! u hd the experience owh...not tht I want to experinece it but, ya...u can retell the story to ur grandchildren in the future :)

  3. oh yeah..creepy is the word..hehe.. maybe it was only the psychological thingy that made us imagine..hehe

  4. few years back i went a similar trip like urs. shanghai and all the surrounding places. we also slept in different hotels everyday. and of course there are some eeries one. wht i did was, put on an eyes cover and sleep. sometimes watch tv until sleepy and terus put the eyes cover and sleep without switching off the tv. i dowan to see what i not suppose to see. if there's a strange sound, i will assume it's from the tv..

  5. well, it could be due to the earlier trip to the museum which has feedback to your subconscious mind about the supernatural.This is possible ..i remember once when i went to genting, someone told me stories about haunted rooms and corpses under your bed. When I finally checked in, it made me so uneasy at night.

  6. yikes! creepy! abt the panties thingy, did it work? never heard of this before...

    aiyo, your back didn't hurt ka for sleeping in the same postion for the whole nite ? :)

  7. mama for as i can remember, it was either on the side or my back.. but never on the side facing the armchair.. hehe.. unless i didnt realise it...deep sleep...

  8. Jeez that was creepy.. Never came across anything weird so far on my travel...I hope there will be

  9. Whenever I enter a hotel room and feel uneasy, I will always ask for a change of room. Just in case... : )

  10. That must have been funnily eerie.. hehe.. well if i was in your place i would've scared myself and the one accompanying me too!!

    Was a great read Claire.. thanks for the visit to my blog :-)


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