Friday, April 24, 2009

Something Light In Jelapang Town

Something Light for Lunch, we all agreed... "How about going to Jelapang then?" one of us suggested... then off we went... Going to Jelapang from our office takes around 10 minutes, it is a small village after First Garden and Silibin Garden.....

This something-light place is a road-side stall.... no air con... zinc roof and open aired..but it is famous for its rojak and tongsui (desserts)

consists of cucumber, pineapple, etc etc...

to go with the rojak....
each bowl to one individual...

and...of course must order THE ICE KACANG

so how about having that something light for lunch?


  1. so fun all the food there. envy. :P

  2. ice kacang.....light??..lolz. all the sweet syrup and susu kaw kaw...hahahahha

  3. look very tasty wo the ais kacang...makes me want to ask hubby to bring me eat ais kacang too..

  4. OMIGOD I want the ice kacang!!! the ones in KL are really bad :(

  5. I love this type of fruit rojak, but ever since the food poisoning incident that happened in Singapore, which kill 2 women, 100++ ppl being hospitalized and 1 woman miscarriage, I have to think twice before ordering it...

  6. oh really Josephine? the rojak caused all that? it must be infected...

  7. I really miss the Jelapang rojak and our happay mements together before my i really miss all the makan funs...

  8. yes, lenggu... next time we better go for another run in Jelapang.. will pick u up on the way there.. how about Monday????

  9. ok monday la we go again but close on monday le tuesday la we go fetch gugu....

  10. Oh nice to eat the ice kacang especially recently the weather is sooo hot!!!


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