Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Blocking And Jamming Day

Today is a Blocking and Jamming Day in IPOH, especially the roads leading to my office.

Early-early morning at 7.25am, to be precise, I started my journey to work and during normal days, it will just take me just 10 minutes to reach office.... but unfortunately, not today.... I was still driving around town for almost an hour. I did not know how to go ... here blocked, there blocked, showed the police my pass ID also, but to no avail.... They just wouldn't let me drive through....

I ended up turning here and there looking for roads to reach my office, I was getting restless already, so near yet seemed so far..

while waiting, I snapped these 2 pictures...
nasib baik, no police around :)

Then suddenly a call came, my colleague was also stuck half way and she told me to meet somewhere for breakfast since we were barred from driving into our office street...

might as well healed our hunger first.....
we were so hungry...

some side orders too...

After our breakfast, the roads were not as jammed and we had to go through a small lane to reach our office .... FINALLY AT LAST!

Today Ipoh has become a spotlight of the world again... the events were all recorded live by our journalist, Aniletto.


  1. ah yo, i would have eaten up the police officer in hunger. :P

  2. haha...not tasty la.. prefer the fish head soup...

  3. mehsi mehsi?

    got mesyuarat bawah pokok again meh?

  4. sis...the fish head noodles looks good le... bring me next time when i come back ah? very soon liao..haha

  5. What is happening that causing the traffic "jam" ?

    Hoi, dalam "jam jam" pun, u got chance to belok out and go makan huh, really geng!

  6. cos the road to my office was closed.. and i did not know how to go another way till after breakfast, i followed my colleague's car from behind.. haha...she took me a small lane that leads to our office..

  7. that's good decision instead of wasting time, better had your breakfast with yummy soap. The soap looks really nice to warm up your stomach

  8. erm, why jam so badly ah?????

  9. Ju Ann, yesterday was the State Assembly meeting and it was a chaos kind of thing... roads were blocked by the police to avoid the so-called demostrations in the streets.. u can read all about it in the blog i mentioned below in my post..

  10. sad the politic scene happening in Perak...must pray more...

  11. busy town..with all the politics going on...i think the frequent road blocks only worsen the rakyat's problems. huhu...

  12. Wish they would come up with some concrete solution to the circus! It has dragged on long enough and I'm sure those not so politically inclined ones would be getting quite fed up with the whole thing by now! Ah long as it doesn't get as violent and destructive as in Thailand...

  13. aiyo... sad to hear the news in perak la....

    why this will happen????

  14. Why? police scold ke if we take photo? (?????) :-o


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