Friday, May 8, 2009

A "Patient" Patient

My mum is down with flu and cough, so is my daughter... I guess the virus is flying here and there in the house. I heard that those with swine flu has symptoms like cough, sore throat, fever...right? Pretty common symptoms... so this evening, took both of them to General Hospital.

General Hospital outpatient nowadays are open till 9pm, we went at around 6.30pm and amazingly, there were no patients. After registering, we were given a number to the doctor's room.

A lady wearing a white coat and a surgical mask over her mouth came out of the doctor's room, sat down and watched TV. After waiting for a few minutes, my mum started to cough again and again. Wanting to confirm whether the doctor was in or not, I approached the lady in white and asked politely, "Cik, doctor belum ada ke?" (Miss, the doctor is not in yet?) She looked up at me and said smugly, "be patient la, your card hasn't arrived yet." Then she got up and kept mumbling "be patient, be patient" and went into the room.

Shortly, my number was called.. when we went in, the one sitting on the doctor's chair was the lady in white just now, the one who kept mumbling "be patient, be patient"....

Summary: For those like me who go to government hospitals, let me tell u one thing... You need to be very patient patients.....

IF no patience, please go and pay RM30 to see a private doctor.. ... OK? (This includes me, of course)


  1. This is hilarious! I can just imagine your reaction seeing that lady!!

  2. Take note of the name on the name tag! Write a letter to the newspapers! Send another one to the Ministry!! These people forget they are the ones serving us! But so far, over here...all very nice! Been a long time since I have had any unpleasant encounters!

    P.S. If it had been the swine flu, everybody at the OPD would have been infected already! That's Malaysia Boleh for you!!

  3. hahaha...macam tu la GH. I will not go to GH unless I betui2 broke one day(no money to see private doctor).

  4. aiya...why go to GH? Might as well see a private clinic. Furthermore, GH doctors sux.

  5. haha..not all sux la.... if no long queue, it is worth going .. one or 2 patients ok lar.. what to do, times are bad.. hospitals give good medicine too.. why not use our Malaysiaboleh benefits, after all, we r malaysians ma.. :)
    a bit rude also hv to tolerate lo.. unless too emergency..

  6. very much true its everywhere goverment hospitals are pathetic for those who are not in goverment :) just because they ant e fired and its the goverment is the one who pays the max for their sallary they take thinks for grantded

  7. Hmm.... I have been taking the kids to the government hospital. So far I have not encountered this before. But, I don't think in KL here there will be any chance where there are no patients at all. You always have to wait. :)

  8. recently, there was a news in the papers about some VIP storming the doctor's room to find the doctors doing their own thing instead of seeing the patients. So i guess the doctor at the one you went to preferred to watch tv. sad eh? i really cannot tolerate this behaviour so i rather pay rm30.


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