Monday, May 4, 2009

Heavy Breakfast Light Lunch

My breakfast with Lynn ended up in a coffeeshop behind the Telecoms IPOH.... At first we thought of eating indian food in Chennai along the same row .... but when my car was parked right in front the coffeeship, we could not resist not taking the "One Ton Mee" that can go with lots of varieties there such as "char siew", "siew yuk"(roasted pork), curry chicken, braised chicken with ginger, fish balls, taufoo, beancurds and wanton.

Lynn's breakfast..
she said must show this to her husband
let him "lau hau sui" (drool)

my roasted pork one ton mee...

Something light for lunch... rojak...
mixed vegetables and fruits
in Ipoh Garden South, Chor Kee coffeeshop....

each of us one plate of sauce...
cleaner this way..right?


  1. Wow! The char siew looks so good!! I'm hungry all over again. LOL!

    Hi Reanaclaire. Thanks for stopping by. Now off to continue reading...

  2. i'm drooling already. btw...confinement can eat one tonne mee arh?

  3. hi miche.. i dont see any reason why u should not.. no prawns.. just black sauce ..sesame oil... onions.. can why not? put some char siew or roasted pork on top..hmmmm..
    i think i go again this week to wallop other varieties.. :)

  4. oooo....i love the rojak. wish we have this here, i mean near my house :D

  5. Yummy! Is that a crispy chicken skin on the top of the salad? looks yummy but I really refrain from eating that because of its fat content. I just hope it's not.

    But anyway, I love the wanton! :)

  6. wah sis...the char siew looks darn good!! yummy... Anyway, I always love Ipoh's wantan much diff from other tasty!

  7. One tonne mee...the heaviest meal leh..:D

  8. omg, i m reading tis @ midnite...
    u r making me so hungry now!!!

  9. food, food, food, yummy, yummy, yummy. haven't tried any of it but it sure looks very delicious.

  10. I prefer our kampua...or Kuching kolo mee. Will post on char siew kampua tomorrow...

  11. oh won ton mee is look fantastic ...

  12. Wah! The Mee Wan tan really attractive wo.....really wan 'lau hou sui'wo.The 'cha siew' so nice look like.
    Rojak oso wo.......

  13. i got no time to eat!!

    now is 5.44pm I was eating lunch from 2pm till now!!

  14. wow Ju Ann.. u r taking three hours to finish yr lunchie??? then i think u got no time and space for your dinner la.. haha...

  15. wan tan mee also goes well with chicken feet :p

  16. mmmmm....really tempting...


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