Monday, May 4, 2009

A Paranoid Mother...

Called Andy for the second time today... His first day in college...

"Hi, what r u doing now? How was the class? What did u eat during lunch time? Expensive? What dishes did u take? Can sleep or not last night? What was for dinner? Why are u taking bread now? Enough meh? Why never go down to the cafe? Why lazy wo? Don't be so stingy with the money....Must eat enough, otherwise easily can get sick....

Huh? Stuffy nose now? Why? Oh, too much dust? Then take some Vit C and REMEMBER to drink more fluids.... bla bla...bla..........."

Oh gosh, thinking back..... I do sound like a paranoid mum... Naggy mum too?? Yeah, I suppose so... It looks and sounds like that way too....

What to do.... first time my 18 year old son is living out on his own.... 160km away from home...
Hope he is not homesick....
Okay, I will call him ONE MORE TIME LATER....

I am not worried....... i m not...........
i aren't............
i isn't...............


  1. hmm...i think my mom also did that when i first came to kl and studied. but after a while no more liao. hahha...dun worry, it's normal. hehe...

  2. yeah.. i guess it is normal and natural... like aaron, i m used to it.. but wei wei is a bit introvert. so hope he can mix with more ppl easily later on...

  3. oh, must be difficult for u. time will make it easier :) sms him.. chat with him... u r online 24/7 anyway.. hahahaha..

  4. hey, all mothers are like that so don't feel bad. I think i'll be worse next time, i'll move to stay next to Ashley's college...hehehehe

  5. sometimes we tend to be over protective. it's just but normal for moms.

    thanks for dropping by my site. hope you won't mind exchanging links with me.

  6. aiya..
    don't worry to much la..
    your child must know howto take care of himself 1..

    btw, i know u r a good mama~
    your acts just exactly the same with my mum's 1..


  7. haha ... sometimes good to let him 'polished' up a bit so that he can become a 'diamond'. I was also an introvert when I left home for college and been thru so many hardships out there but that makes me more independent.

  8. Hehe you are just being normal. Now my mom is doing the same thing (nagging) to her grand daughter (my daughter). Lol

  9. Hi Reanaclaire, ha ha, you miss your boy, huh?
    Back in the early 60's I was in England, too far, too expensive, but I heard my mom spent money on jossticks, ha ha.

    Apat from praying I do well in studies, she more worried I get involved with Orang Puteh girls, ha ha.
    Your boy will be fine, he'll learn to be on his own, discover what its like away from a naggy mom, ha ha.
    Best regards, Lee.

  10. :) You are good mother..thats why you are very concern about your son well being..
    I live away from my family since i was 13 years old..Luckily that time, no handphone yet, so my mom cannot call and nag all time...hehehee

  11. Yes, everyone does this. You sounds a typical mom...

  12. Hahah, dun worry, you're not paranoid. It's normal. My mom did that to me too.. Till now also still ask me, but not that frequent. This shows that you care for andy. Ahaha.. You're a great mom! He will do well there dun worry :D

  13. i think it is a natural instinct for every mums...haha... perhaps after a few weeks or so, i dont bother anymore.. (yeah?)

  14. Don't worry, Auntie, Andy will sure be able to manage his new environment. He's still young and will sure be able to make new friends there.

    After a few weeks you won't be worried about him anymore. Haha...

  15. ngam ngam cham cham, lurlur sorsor..

    I like !!

  16. DONT CALL HIM.........
    if he needs ur help, he will call u.
    he is teenage / young adult ma. when my time, i also wish my mom didnt call often. sometimes very "fan"
    u see..till today i m ok ma..

  17. sei lo.... am i a bad mama.. next time my son grows up..go to college n never call me how... then i may go crazy n wanna move near his college...HMMMM
    tsk tsk tsk

  18. Mom is always like that... normal!

  19. Frantic... :)
    I think moms are like that...

  20. hahahaha...that's every mom's job. to worry about their children. just like mine..... :) even after im

  21. i remember u also nagged at me when I was a kiddo for not studying...hahah... guess it's in your genes.

  22. better to call daily.. otherwise he might think i no care for him la.. (that is my excuse..hehehe..) at least till he settles down, call one or 2 times ok la.. right?

  23. Hello Claire. Thanks for your message. Hope to hear from you again.
    Yes, I'm a mom too and I know how it is to be one...

  24. All I can say your a great mom. Your son is lucky to have mom like you.
    You only want the best for him.. and that normal hehehe

  25. Hi Claire, i will do the same thing leh if one day my kid away fr me too! Really can't "fong sam" huh !

  26. this post made me think of my mummy, last time when i was staying in college hostel, she missed me too much (in fact, i went back home every weekend) she drove to visit me. but she took the wrong turn, she went in to kampung road n lost herself in the kampung :S she was so panic n scared. hmmm i feel guiilty till now :~

  27. hehehe, ur post is very funny la... i mean the way u wrote it =D

    dun worry, he'll survive, u've brought him up well =D
    i know i'm not a mother, so no motherly experience, but i'm 'the child' and i survived without much guidance from my parents =)

    As long as we've Jesus, we can do anything. The power of a prayerful mom is a wonderful thing =)

  28. thanks Yanz.. i am very very sure u will make a great and wonderful mama too with your children later on too...


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