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My Heroes

Upon reaching home after the purchase of the THREE durians, the mission began to start.... Getting my camera ready, I give the honour to the "heroes" to officiate the opening ...

Get ready, the huffing and the puffing were about to start... all because of a small stubborn durian..

It takes a pair of hands initially...

then Two pairs of hands...

still not accomplished yet...
it just wouldn't open up...
have to use the knife now!

cut, cut....saw....sawww....

finally.... got it done...
but... what is Gab doing with his hands?

oh, getting the Object ready...
for his Camera...

small but stubborn durian...
looks good, eh...

after seeing these pics,
i think i gonna go out to get one now...


  1. Hi dear looks so tempting. Time to have my own durian party. The best durian in SG were all from MY. Let me know if you are coming over.

  2. sure LOO... how to have a durian party in SG? eat all we can or what? but i think if i go sg, i would like to eat alaska crab la.. would it be too much to ask? hehehehe..

  3. i have become star liao...hehe...first time saw my pic when taking pictures. hehe...thank you!

  4. like a real pro... photographer.. esp with the food.. remember the durian fella asked u... where from.. haha.. from which newspaper..

  5. shld have asked the durian seller to open a bit mah.

  6. What durian is that? So hard to open kah?

  7. actually the man already opened a slot.. but dont know why the other "compartments" were difficult to open .. maybe have to put in more effort to get the good stuff...

  8. Claire, don't tempt me with the durian anymore la ....even here everywhere is selling durian, but I dare not to buy liao cos takut jatuh sakit leh! hi hi

  9. Amy, eat first..suffer later.. hahaha.. just joking.. of course prevention is better than cure.. actually, i dont take much.. the most 3 to 4 seeds will do... then perhaps the next day, i will eat again but in small quantities.. :)

    why u cannot eat, richard?

  10. Looks like it is Durian week for you! lol...

    Gosh! I can't bare it anymore! But my house not much people eat... bleh~

  11. but dont buy now..too expensive now..not worth it .. unless tak boleh tahah la.. hahaa... i also cannot tahan already.. my pimple shows already...

  12. hey claire, jz now during lunch hr, i talk to hubby dy ... this coming Friday we will hv our Durian Dinner right after back fr office. And he said ok liao ....hahahaha. Pasal dah tak boleh nak tahan anymore! must take a few bites on durian liao!

  13. i tot u just ate last sunday :) friday ah? i cannot make it la.. saturday ken or not? in that case, u go ahead makan first and post the pics .. then i will makan on sunday before i go back to IPOH..

  14. sorry..cant comment cos i really cannot take the durian..from smell to taste to anything got the D word.

  15. Gosh...those durians looks so inviting. Think I need my second dosage soon.

  16. hahaa...dosage pula..

    rachel, u r missing something good.. on the other hand, u can escape from having pimples... unlike me..huhuhu...

    CKLam, i think Penang has better durians than IPOH... perhaps this week i go up and eat the "shrimp" durians.. balik pulau ...

  17. Aiyo... another tempting durian post. I wanna eat leh. Haven't bot any yet. :(


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