Wednesday, June 17, 2009

At Nam Kew, Anderson Road, IPOH

After church around 10pm, we went to have dinner cum supper at Nam Kew, Anderson Road, IPOH. They have more varieties there but we ended up eating from one stall only, these dishes from the same stall and it cost RM76.... 2 plates of noodles were missing from here....

tai lok mee

buttered lai liew har (crap)
not crappy talk...

vegetables with garlic

sambal la la

steamed talapia fish with sauce

2 more types of noodles
didn't manage to take
cos too hungry then...

a potential photographer...
must snap pic first...


  1. again. you are making me very hungry now :D

  2. i m also hungry now... torturing myself with my food... sigh...

  3. wah.. you make me home sick liao.. :p

  4. Where is Nam Kew? I wanna go n try!

  5. cindy, nam kiew is along jalan anderson, near Ruby theatre... it is a corner coffeeshop, u can go during the evenings around 6pm, the stalls will start to operate...

    cynthia, come to ipoh quick... haha...

    richard, u r so can eat more more la..

  6. eh...i see me myself nice.hehe..thanks for the picture. :P

  7. mmmm...yummy the way is it a durian season already there? waaaaaaaahhhhhh send over to me via TNT ot DHL lah yea... *lol*

    RM8 per kilo? it is considered very cheap when converted to BND..oooo i looooooveee durians...

  8. wow...looking at the food makes me hungry..yummy. there are so many varieties of food there in Perak. I must go and try lorr....

  9. Gabriel took the pics too! Then will go to his blog to see... Sorry, ya...but his photos nicer! Hahahahahaha!!!! Moral of the story: Never bring another blogger to makan if he/she has a better camera! LOL!!!

  10. food food, looks so yummy la!

  11. ooooh! the buttered prawns looks good! yummy~ yet I am not much of a prawn person lol.

    oooh la la! yummy! I miss my mommy's spicy assam la la.

  12. Gab, u r quite famous leh..stp also knows u...sure he has a better camera, stp... go, go to his blog and give him some moral support..heheehe...

    Ummi, 8rm per kilo is cheap to u? wah.. then u can eat that anytime.. me will wait for season after this.. :)

    tiee, every state has their own yummy food.. i m sure you hv yr place has its own specials too..

    Ju Ann, Amy, next time come to ipoh and try some.. sg and pg pun sama.. nice also..

    ladyviral, dont remind me of assam.. now i feel like tasting some.. my taste buds this morning not goood...

  13. 10pm only makan?
    and eat so much also?

  14. yes rachel..cos we went after church .. earlier we were still full.. never mind, once awhile like this only.. .:)

  15. Wow. Looks like I must really call you up whenever I go back to Ipoh to find good food.

  16. no problem, ryan's daddy.. give me a call when u r really coming...

  17. oops.. so sorry ar! >.< my bad my bad~


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