Thursday, June 18, 2009

1919 In IPOH Garden

Lunch was at 1919 restaurant in Ipoh Garden East before we proceeded to watch a movie at Kinta City. Girlie wanted to see Hannah Montana, leaving us no choice but to follow her... :) two guys and two gals...

As Gab said, this restaurant has a nostalgic feeling there, with the marble tables and paintings on the wall, it is like a restaurant cum gallery..., right Gab?

Coming back to this lunch, 1919 does serve nice dishes, they have their own signature dishes, some shown below and there are lots more in the menu...

the photos/pictures on the wall..

fried chicken coated with salted egg

dry assam fish

nearer version...

this is brinjals
their speciality too..

crispy on the outside
but soft inside..

with some sweet sauce as toppings...

and lastly, mixed vegetables..
i like the asparagus and the cashew nuts..

this's the layout...minus the brinjals..
the price?
it cost RM66
endless servings of rice and chinese tea ...


  1. wah...brinjal with eggplant...this is new to me....i wanna try ler...

  2. no..brinjal is eggplant... another name.. haha... but this is something very different.. crunchy.. even kids love that..

  3. The fried chicken coated with salted egg look too good!

  4. established since 1919? what a name..

  5. TGIF! Have fun this weekend!

    Yummy yummy food!

  6. all the dishes are look so tasty leh! drooling...

  7. yeah... maybe the camera did the trick.. hahaa.. when u really eat, then it might not be so nice.. haha..

  8. waaa! Fried Chicken coated with salted egg... brinjal fried crispy on the outside soft on the inside... ok all this sounds too good.. I ma hungry. I ma missed breakfast today again -_- and now wants food after reading. RM66 for 4 person, not too bad a price at all. Hannah Montana movie? :x Should watch Blood the last vampire :P.

  9. Wow!namn nakakagutom yan te ah! walang match ang breakfast ko na ampalaya with egg.ang sarap talaga ng chicken!

  10. Lady viral, don miss breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day.. skip lunch instead..hehe.... yes, Hannah Montana..cos of my teenage girl,she wants this disney movie ... so her guys and I accompanied her...i pretend to be young too.. :)

    Janiz, i dont understand yr language la.. sorry.. ahhahaa..

  11. I normally go Soon Li near the Overseas Restaurant roundabout for lunch.. there also not bad.. next time can try this la.. :0

  12. They cook everything with salted egg these days, it seems - bitter gourd with salted egg, crabs with salted egg... Excuse me, hopping over to Gabriel's to look at the photos and drool! Hahahahahaha!!!

  13. We used to order these dishes too but we think they are rather expensive, so we only went there ONCE IN A BLUE MOON!

  14. cynthia, soon fatt la.. just renovated.. can sing karaoke in their rooms..

    cindy, yes, the dishes can be pretty small.. i also go once a blue moon..

  15. Rm66 for 4 ppl & all tht dishes? cheap lei! & unlimited rice & tea some more! besnya!

  16. hmmm.. I like to taste the dry assam fish and mixed veggies here

  17. some said cheap and some said expensive..hahaha.. so it depends on individual.. as for me, once eating out, one person is normally around 15rm per pax... i mean for normal dinner.. so plus minus...

  18. i love these foods, claire, i wonder when will i ever have the chance of eating these again :-)...all i can do now is dream LOL!

  19. fried chicken coated with salted egg-> first time i heard of this combination

  20. kenwooi and cecile, come and try next time u come to IPOH...

    Bengbeng, it was also first time for me to eat the fried chicken coated with salted egg... i think they mix everything together as the batter..


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