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Everlasting Life...

Tonight my mind is in a turmoil.. This is my fourth draft... something happened and I don't have the mood to post a happy one tonite...

I realized that life is indeed very fragile, it can be taken away anytime...

Life is precious, I don't understand why some want to take their own lives when others fight ferociously to prolong it....

It is a sin to take away own life for others pray hard to preserve life...

When everything seems to be tumbling down, who shall we call upon? No one can help us but God, our one and only creator of heaven and earth...

Lord Jesus, who died for us on the cross, is sinless, on the 3rd day He rose again.....

Whoever believes in Him shall not perish but will have everlasting life...

(i need a rest now.. hope tomorrow I will feel better,..... )


  1. Amen, life is precious. God is always there for us and He is faithful and merciful. :)God bless!

  2. Thank you Gab... we need to pray everyday... regardless of good and bad, we give thanks..

  3. aw claire. I hope you'll feel better tomorrow. You are often so cheery, reading this post saddens me. Hope everything's is ok though...

  4. Yes Merryn, we cannot have a smooth life each day... sometimes things turn up unexpectedly and i need time to accept the fact...

  5. Now I understand how it feels to be depressed, it keeps haunting my mind. Maybe I cannot accept the fact yet, I need time to get over it, meanwhile, I want to read God's words, in times like this, I turn to God....I have no other alternative... I got to be brave.. I dare not show I am actually weak inside... People say I am strong, no.. now I realize I am not..

  6. Ya u are right... No one can help us...BUT GOD....cheer up k...

  7. Claire, thanks for ranting in my blog. I know its hard to accept the reality but, life is not always according to how we wanted it to be. Let God be the in-charge of everything because there is a reason to all of this. I pray that you will be more stronger in your faith to God. God is always there with you, even carry you in times of sadness and despair. Do not let this problem shaken your faith my friend.

    God is the only hope. Cry if you want but, accept the things that we cannot change. God loves you and your loved one my friend.

    I pray for you and your loved one, okay? Just take a good rest, you need that.

  8. Connie, thanks for coming by, i will try..

    Amy, thanks to u too, crying does relieve at times.. i guess not only me will be affected, whole family as well.. will take it as part and parcel of life.. in times like this, God is the stronghold..

  9. Yes,life is full with uncertainties,but one thing for sure,as long as i am still breathing,hands sitll moving, pc still running,i will always drop by and say hi to a good friend,like yourself.

    dont worry,you will sure be feeling allright.

    Winter,spring,summer or fall, all you have to do is call,,,,,,,,,you have a friend,,,sorry many friends.


  10. that is comforting, Eugene.. it is one of those days that my spirit is down.. my sister in law told me that she gives thanks to God for each day, she will live day by day and not worry so much about living..after all, she said, there is a much better place to go to...

  11. Please feel better soon ya...

    God bless you and family ^_^

  12. Life is a song worth singing, sing it! With all its sham, drudgeries and broken dreams, it is still...a beautiful world!

  13. hi ... life is like that...

    it is normal... up and down...

    wish you wake up and feel better...

    no matter how... we still need to continue our life... right...


  14. hey claire. it's ok to feel down sometimes. this is life :) hope you are feeling much better now. take care my friend.

  15. hey claire. it's ok to feel down sometimes. this is life :) hope you are feeling much better now. take care my friend.

  16. Cath J...
    thanks for coming by, have a nice weekend.. as for me, it will take time to get me "balanced" back...

  17. Thanks Barb, enjoy yourself this weekend... come back and blog about your trip..

  18. Amen to that. We should not play God by taking our own lives.

  19. yes, Tiee... we should appreciate life no matter how hard and how short we have on earth...

    sunflower, yes, a bit better..
    thank u very much..

  20. I go into that mode too. Sometimes a good cry helps a lot. Hormonal changes affects too. Don't be too hard on yourself.

    Good to be honest with ourselve and not pretend that we are strong all the time.

    Sometimes going out with a friend, hang out, chat about nothing and just do something fun helps to improve the mood.

  21. Stay strong Mum! Have your faith in the Lord that he will do the miraculous :)


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