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Our Favorites, No Favoritism

Before Andy came home last weekend, he told me to prepare home cooked dishes instead of eating out. To me, that was a great task to do, more difficult than writing opportunities online.. lol.. I know myself, long time never really cook properly, sometimes I just steam the fish and vege and most times, we eat out, Fernie and I...

So when Andy made that request, yours truly had to crack her head few days beforehand, what and when to do the marketing.... Don't be mistaken, I did not do any complicated dishes.... ...(took me few hours to get these ready... like chinese saying, kai sau ngap kwok (chicken hands, duck legs - cannot coordinate well) so ended up cooking simple dishes such as these ...

potatoes chicken is a Must
Andy's favorite

char choy with pork
AA's favorite..

steamed fish with cauliflower (lol...)
Fernie's favorite

ginger prawns...
my favorite :)

kau kei soup with fish balls
(thorny leaves)

lastly and not least,
a tub of durians
Everyone's Favorite
(eat with rice, of course!)


  1. steam fish with cauliflower is cute! hahaha.. durians with rice, my favourite too!

    eh. the potato chicken you cook with tau cheo kah?

  2. wah wah, all also my favourite.hehe...especially the last one. :)

  3. oh my god they all look so delicious !!!! the physical pain i felt when i saw the durian was too much for me to bear... i want durian i want durian i want durian.

  4. Merryn, actually i wanted to cook cauliflower as a dish, last min. changed of plans, so just decorate it with the fish.... the pototoes chicken, no tau cheong.. just big onions plus the normal gravy..

    Gab, next time, sure got opportunity one.. :)

    Peng Peng, durian season going to end soon..quick go grab... hahhaa..

  5. I go cook all that for me also or not? LOL!!! Yum! Yum!!!

  6. wahhh... the dishes look yummy!!!
    I like the prawns! *slurp-slurp* okay, i'm a prawn lover... hehehe.

  7. wah..all the dishes looks yummy la! i bet everyone are happy with it... :)

  8. Durian eat with rice???? Owww... interesting... never tried that b4.. ^_^

  9. First, you remind me of my mom's home cooked meals but sadly said,she no longer cooks me already lioa, she makes the best "otak otak" sadly again, she doenst want to cook for me,,,

    lastly, why your durians look so pale one,,, come buy lah from penang,, you can get AI sampai Z9 gred...

    take care

  10. Oh yummy food! When can I try your home cooked food? :P

  11. hey Claire, ok ma all the dishes ...can teach me how to cook boh the potatoes chicken. I MSN u tonite.

  12. wow, you cooked up a storm there :D potatoes and chicken are my fav. too :D so, did your son enjoy the food?

  13. I too love Ginger Prawns. Hope you had a great time while eating out.

  14. hmm..i prefered your mum's cooking. hehe... durians again? alamak...

  15. STP, don't make me embarassed la.. i rather take u out for makan, tastier...

    Wonderful life, my favorite seafood too..

    Cath J, yes, take with rice is delicious.. i mean the durians.. hahaa..

    Chris, my mum doesnt cook much nowadays la.. not like those days.. give her a break, man..

    Eugene, mom's cooking is always the best.. ours is second or third best.. :)

    Amy, senang saja potato chicken tu.. my son's favourite, one dish also enough for him..

    Mama mia, yes, everyone was happy, no favoritism.. hahaa...

    Ladyviral, let me learn more dishes first before u come ..

    Barbara, my son didnt take dinner that day..he said too full.. he took milo with biscuits instead.. really full leh..

    Teknisyan.. yes, no favoritism..

    Jarnlin, no eating out.. all home cooked food..hahaa..

  16. hello, claire :-), thanks for the visit ; yup, that boy was my son :-); he just turned 5 three days ago!

    thanks for sharing these foods, they look so yummy!

  17. Wah! This call simple dish chicken, got pork, got fish, got prawn, got soup!!!! tsk tsk tsk

    Eat durian with rice????? Hmmmmmm.....this one i don't know, because i don't eat durian.

  18. Annie, simple cos not complicated dishes...
    Try taking durian with rice.. it is very nice actually.. more appetising..

  19. Eh Claire, u really cook chicken potatoes very frequently hoh? LOL! OK, tonight i go back and cook that also la :P

  20. OH, simple but delicious. They look really tempting. I love potatoes with chicken as well. Never tasted that ginger prawns. Must try it next time. Durians with rice? Hmmm...What a combination. I dont think i can...My tummy will be too upset. How do you manage?

  21. pureglutton, i cook only when sons are back.. otherwise no, cos my girl doesnt like chicken but fish, see.... susah tapi gembira..hahaa..

    tiee, simple yes, for my kids, these dishes are enough.. cos the mother doesnt know many recipes.. just a few selective ones only...
    oh durian and rice wont cause stomach upset one... in fact, can blend in very well esp for me and my kids... :)

  22. Durians with rice! I love that too! Especially if got sambal belacan. Wow, can I come over to eat?.....hungry leh!

  23. wuaahhh.. that's sure a lot of food for your loved ones. Making me hungry. Kau Kei with fishball soup my alltime favourite too :)

  24. Pete, before coming, give few days in advance..must buy good durians..

    cookie, long time i didnt take kau kei so when i saw in market that day, quickly grab one kati...

  25. Wow... wat a sumptious meal, with everyone's fav!

  26. You cooked 5 dishes at one time? Geng! I have never cooked so many dishes b4. I will surely kai sau ngap kwok too..hehe.

    I love potato chicken too. Love the gravy with rice, yummy!

    I never try durian with rice? How is it taste ya?

    Claire, I really wish to learn ginger prawn and char choy pork. If you dont mind, can teach ya?

  27. cynthia... i see u geng, u see me geng.. perhaps sama sama geng... haha...but i know u lagi geng cos u bake all the geng yeh... :)

    slavemum, have to cook like that.. so that no one can complain..hahaa... just for the fun of it ... they surely wont complain..

    Sarah's parents, i will go to yr blog and tell u about it later...

    thanks for coming by, all of u..


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