Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Will I Be Able To Forgive Him?"

"If he comes back, will I be able to forgive him? I hate him and yet I love him ...... "

Words came out from an anguish wife who is hurting deep, the emotional pain that no one experiences except those who are in the same situation.

When one is in deep anger over a spouse, hurling words from one's heart will lash out.... while one part of her still loves him, another part hates deeply....

I pray...she prays... let God be in control... pray that He will intervene...

Told her not to say spiteful words to her husband anymore, just be humble and quiet, let it be... when there is no solution now, it is no point arguing anymore, it only widen the gap instead of reconciling....

Find comfort in prayers... ask for patience, peace, comfort... and let Him decides.....


  1. No matter how you argue with him to get his attention or to make him feel guilty or to let him know how much he has hurted you but is useless..sometimes God already has His planned. For the women out there who hurt deeply, be brave and stand up yourself.Do everything for yourself not for HIM.

  2. Vivian is right. Vent your anger once and for all then forget he him. Life is short, enjoy it!

  3. In the end, it will still be the WIFE that will WIN... God bless her for her suffering... The HUSBAND will soon realize his MISTAKE...

  4. life is painful for those who care. life is less painful for the inconsiderate. so the lesson is? don't marry. oppsie. lol. no lah, i was joking. but what i am serious about is, the good ones are rare. men are put on earth to break women's hearts. those who have good partners are lucky, and for them, well, maybe the wives are the meaner ones, haha.
    sorry, i am feeling cynical.
    no offense to your readers. :P

  5. hi misty, life is such... either u have this or that.. and the journey of life is always full of ups and downs.. depends on individual... some are really blessed and some are for me, i can considered myself blessed eventhough i m a single parent too.. so actually it depends on how one looks at it.. be more positive and not hold grudges, then it might not be so painful..

  6. u r right. no point argue. get tired n ugly. i rather "just let it be"

  7. Sooo sad... what a woman can do... 'let be be' ??? Jeez... I pray everything is gonna be ok with the person emotion.. Human cannot do anything about this...

  8. probably the best advise anyone could have given..............when you cant think of anything nice to say its better not to say anything at all.

  9. nothing much to do except to wait and overcome... overcoming this period of time is the hardest... after that, prayerfully it will be better... always first few months will be very tough for anyone...


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