Friday, July 3, 2009

A Song With Michael Jackson

Sorry fellow bloggers, the other day I said I will not post Michael Jackson again... but this afternoon, he was mentioned in the radio news and I couldn't help not thinking about him. Even my colleagues were planning to go for a "rombongan" (excursion) to attend his funeral on Tuesday. So many of us "hands up" when she asked who was interested....

oh btw, is it a rumour that MJ converted to being a muslim? I don't know why my malay colleagues kept saying he was converted but I doubt it.... I didn't read it anywhere...

Anywaysss, I think this picture will be priceless now... something to remember him by....

I wonder what song he was trying to render...
was it...
Ben, the two of us need love no more....

Oh, I just received an email about MJ, all about him.. here are some excerpts..

By Ian Halperin
LOS ANGELES, June 29 — Whatever the final autopsy results reveal, it was greed that killed Michael Jackson. Had he not been driven — by a cabal of bankers, agents, doctors and advisors — to commit to the gruelling 50 concerts in London’s O2 Arena, I believe he would still be alive today. (Read the rest here)

(p/s : Not sure this news is true or is inside the Malaysian Insider today...)


  1. There were reports that MJ was converted. I read it in the BBC news. But many people speculated if it was true because there were so many hoaxes.

  2. oh really? anyway, it doesnt matter now.. i really empathize with him.. he is very talented but unfortunately, his life was a wreck... the price to pay for being famous...

  3. I also read in the BBC news that he was converted. The news was also published in Malaysia's News Straits Times last year. There was even a ceremony to officiate it along with a press statement by his brother to confirm it...heard in the news that his brother, Jermaine Jackson was the one who influenced MJ to convert, because Jermaine was a convert himself.

  4. Is that pic MJ ? Doesn't look like him.
    I did read things like may "Allah Bless Him", then again, he's in US, it doesn't matter as much if he died a Muslin or not, unlike Msia, you get dug out of your grave !

  5. haha..that is very true.. u made it sound so... "cute"... very true.. well said...

    cleffairy, i didnt know his brother is.. no wonder my office mates were talking about that..

  6. haha...dug out from the grave...that's very true..may his soul rest in peace. but his legacy lives on...and i'm sure, he's now more remembered than ever before...but too many speculations and mysteries surrounding him. now it is the issue of those children's parentage. huh...some ppl are trying to make money out of the misery. very sad.

  7. It was on TV3 news...and I googled and found many reports on his conversion to Islam, sometime at the end of last year. Jermiane's definitely a convert...

  8. converted or not, i hope his soul will rest in peace. not a very big deal in US about his conversion eh? unlike here *sigh*

    so, where is the rombongan going? Neverland for the funeral?

  9. it is sad news about micheal. you never think about stuff like this happening when your still around yourself :(

    p.s thanks for adding me to your blogrolls. i have added you to mine too :)

  10. Yeah.. it's really sad now that MJ is dead but atleast most people are remembering MJ for his music and all the good things that he have done not the bad. :)

  11. At one time, I thought that he was a woman! Then I also thought that he is really white! But never mind, it just shows you how little I know about entertainment world.
    I just hope that our young generation will learn to accept their natural self and be proud of it. My eldest son told me that his friend said MJ should be "recycled" because there has too much "plastic" in his body.


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