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Mother Blur, Daughter Blurrer...

Let me start off the first day of July with a most embarassing episode of mine..... but before you go on, there is one condition....


ok... let me story you ....

One fine night, while having fun doing my blogging, Girlie suddenly called from her room, "Mi, take me out to photostat some notes." (haiyah... disturbing my peace again) ... Reluctantly, I stood up, went to change and said bye to my blog.....

Ok, cut story short, after photostating, we dropped by at my mama's place to say "hello and what's up..etc...etc..." After chatting a few minutes with her, my mama suddenly poked at my blouse and said, "Wei, are u wearing your blouse correctly or are my eyes seeing wrongly?"

"HUH?" instantly, I looked at my blouse and what did I seeeee????


front part not obvious, hor??

but the back part was!!

i was wearing like this
with my hair tied up and...
the tag surely could be seen clearly...

OH GOSH!! Went to the shop with so many people.... and..not even one person noticed??? Or were they thinking I soh soh tei? (careless or crazy?) Or perhaps they thought this was something new? yeah..yeah...... new fashion ma...

*making a mental note*
(from now onwards, I will not laugh at my mum anymore like I used to.... cos it was ME this time... so Mum, it seems I am as blur blur as u, after all, LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER hai mai?)


  1. and YOUR daughter did not even mention a word? LOL... good one there... all the while u blog naked is it? put on ur blouse just to go out photostat? hehehehe..

  2. Ayooo...claire.... Hahahahha... after the earing... now the blouse... hahahahha... But after reading all this.. I amke sure I checked mine b4 leave home...hahahahha

    Have a good sleep ya...

  3. ok.. sorry... i must laugh! muahahahhahaha.....

    and Cath J is right, after your earring and now the blouse! You trying to create fashion sense ah?

    I respect your request, shall not laugh... muahahahhaha... :p

  4. yeeehhh...told u all not to laugh leh.. but who wouldn't hor.. at this blur blur old lady... sigh...

    oh talking about my girlie hor, she dint realise it wor... when her grandm (my mama) pointed out, she laughed like mad... (there, wanna give birth to girl or not? laugh at this poor red-faced mama)

  5. Hahaha... this happened to me as well... and it sure it embarassing if someone sees you wearing a shirt or blouse inside-out.. :) but atleast no one saw you. So its all good!!!

    Abiel Online Ü
    Love Thoughts Love Lines...

  6. hey Abiel.. either they saw me wearing that and never said a word,thinking this lady must be weird or they tot it was the latest fashion... right?

  7. Hahha.... guess u too into blogging.

  8. I think you are too concentrate with blogging till did not noticed that you wear the blouse inside out...LOL!

  9. Hehe...can I add? d unzipped skirt?sori, cant help myself :) but d most important things is to look very3 confident whn things like ths happen in the public...

  10. hahhahahahahaha....funny. moral of the story is time must really check yourself in the mirror before going out..even to the shops nearby....hahahhaa

  11. it's batik, so it's ok lah. inside out not much difference. It's your 'fashion statement' !! Can or not ?

  12. aiyar... I have the same experienced before too! And it lasted about half a day in Sunway Pyramid >_<. I only realized it when I was testing clothes in a shop... bleh.

  13. its over and done... just want to story my blunder and moral of the story is not to laugh at my mum.. i used to check for her when she wears batik but never check on myself... bleh...

    ms Mathew, now i have experienced all, inside out blouse and unzipped skirt.. that one was in the office.. yuckss.s..

  14. Oh my! I'm not alone here...ekekekeke!

  15. You will never know, you might just had started the new fashion craze lol

  16. mauve ocean blue, MJ's song describes us.... "you are not alone, we are here for you, though we wear it wrong, we are all the same..." about u wearing yr tshirt inside out one day.. hehee.. people think u r cool, man..

  17. actually nowadays, nobody cares la. cos we r too busy with our own stuff..until we dont know about others.. no worries. u created NEW FASHION.

  18. hello! just updating my blog list! take care po!

  19. hey i cannot obey your words ...I tak boleh tahan and terus laugh and laugh when seeing the back part of ur baju (with the tag's on)...kakakakakakaka.

  20. Merryn.. not blogging in the naked la.. see through only... hot weather nowadays.. good suggestion u hv here..maybe one day i will :)

    Amy, my intention is to make u happy...kakakakaka...

  21. Aiyah...this is no big deal! I have done it many times before - LOL!

  22. am sorry claire, but i can't help myself; i laughed hahaha...t'was a funny story, even your daughter didn't notice it.

  23. hahahahhahaa....i dont think anybody noticed you wore wrong side of you blouse..if they perasan, its a new fashion..hahaha tell them like that..

  24. LoL`..

    promoting for

    got present from them. =P

  25. No problem...Happened to me a few times before...and nobody told me! But I've an excuse...I'm old! Hahahahaha!

  26. hehheheheh coincidently I also went to photostat and wore my t shirt terbalik. Worst mine was a polo t with colar. lagi paiseh. I went and cameback no one told me until i change to tidur.. uwaaa very YU...

  27. haha...ooopsss.sorry. but it's cool what. new style. i'm sure after this u'll c many ppl out there wearing their clothes inside out...:P
    u r a true trendsetter.

  28. i wasn't laughing actually. Maybe because I had the same situation before, well sometimes we're so into things that we didn't realized what we're doing actually.

    no worries...

  29. u too TZ? well, i guess it happens huh? anyway, i learn a each time i wear this type of blouses, i look carefully at the seams before i go out.. :)

  30. Murray is the best =D

    Kind Regards

  31. Fern, are you sure!



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