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"He's So Bored!"

Andy is having his 2 weeks semester holiday, came back on Friday and on saturday he was already groaning..... "so boring, so boring..." walking up and down, feeling restless.....

Hey, it is only 3 days and already complaining... college life must be pretty interesting in Penang, I wonder what is interesting over there that makes Ipoh life so dull....

By the way, he is also looking for a second hand car which can ferry him around town... good enough, just a cheap old car will do... anyone here wants to sell their cars? My budget is below RM10k, the cheaper the better, as long as it wont stall halfway, it is good enough, iswara aeroback or saga....

Now his daily chores are chauffeuring my girl from school, taking his grandma to market and fetching my girl to and from tuition... lol.... and me? ahhh... at least I can rest for these 2 weeks, yehhhhh!!!


  1. he feels bored cos maybe he has no frens to go crazy together..haha...njoy ur rest...

  2. yeah...coming home to quietness,needs to get adjusted.. maybe after 2 weeks, he will feel heavy hearted to go back to college.. hahaha...

  3. hahaha...temporary got "ah mat" to fetch ur dotter here and there.

  4. exactly! instead of complaining nothing to do, let him share some responsibilities :) so far, so good, he didnt complain... :)

  5. Haha! Last time I remember hearing Aaron saying that he's got to help you fetch Andy and Fernie to school/tuition. Now, Andy has to do it for you!

    If he's so bored, he can't possibly complain about some work. Haha!

  6. When is he going back to Penang? U sending him? Can drop by hotel to see me and my daughter...

  7. Henry: u still remember? :) yes, once they know how to drive, this is the outcome.. so far, he didnt complain yet, this morning he woke up at 6.45am to send my niece to school and his grandma to market.. he said he will resume his sleep after that. :)

    STP, my son going back on the very last 1st september.. but next week he has to go and register for the 2nd semester, i think 26th but dont think i go with him cos i m going to pg this coming thursday... which hotel r u staying? 20th, u r around in pg already?

  8. when ppl r busy, they won't be bored. mayb he needs to meet up with his frens.

  9. See i told you, Penang is "hotter" than Ipoh, the curry me is hotter, the laksa is hotter, the pants is hotter, the girls are hotter tooo....

    please tell him, to be a good boy in penang, i will look out for him,,hahahah

  10. Looks like a good break for mommy! hehehe

  11. Wenn: he said he will gain weight in IPOH, eat sleep, eat sleep.. haha...

    Eugene, i tot girls are the hottest??? eh, got 2nd hand car or not, private owner one.. ada tak?

    Ladyviral, at last.. 2 weeks of not rushing here and there.. phew..

  12. Probably he misses his gf in Penang leh...
    hahaha That's y always complain boring in Ipoh...

  13. Josephine: How come i never tot of that? tonite i ask him... :))

  14. Hi sis, good that you have your substitute in taking and fetching your daughter..

    Andy must have been bored as college life is so exciting for those kids around those ages..

  15. Hey, teenagers, college life, sembang sembang. They will feel bore naturally. Join them for activities like Karaoke la. Haha. Take care and enjoy your holidays.

  16. sweetshelo: yes, he will surely look up his old frens to get together..

    CY, yeah, in college, these fellas sleep during wee hours in the morning.. sure enjoy... coming home, mama discipline ma.. cannot this, cannot that..hahaa...

  17. haha.. college life is only interesting because he has a lot of friends around, and probably does every activity together.
    that makes college life is interesting.. hahaha..

    All of my coursemate missed our Uni life very much because working life or home town's life just cannot meet the same fun in Uni where going to bath also got companion. LOL.
    not in the same shower room ofcoz.. =.="

  18. Wah, 3 days already bored.....wish I can do that!

  19. Hahaha...What a blessing for you Claire !

  20. wow.. got driver to take over your job ah.. then mah can blog more lor.. muahaha..

  21. ur personal assistant for 2 weeks :)

  22. good for somebody taking over your chores..hehe..

  23. Dolly: College life sure interesting.. how i wish i could experience that!

    Pete: funny wo.. today he said differently, so much to eat in IPOH and not having to think of studies...

    Amy, a short blessing..but better than nothing...hahaha...

    Cynthia, no time la.cos hv to fook see him also.. aiyah..cook cook cook...

    Irene, yeah, he helps me in this, i have to do cooking for him la..

    mamamia, as i said.. tic for tac .. different type of chores i m doing now.. hhehe.. well, at least the house is not so quiet too..


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