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A Coconut Outing

The prince-s were back on Friday! They arrived at different times, one arrived at 5pm from the north and one reached home after midnite from the south. After a long tok, it was very late when we hit our pillows...

Next morning, awakened by the sound of my son coming into my room, I went out to squint at the grandfather clock on the wall. I saw 2 hands, one showing 10 and one showing 12, so I was thinking it was only 10am nia.. still early, I told him, let me laze for awhile. "Mi, 12pm already, not 10am!" Huh..sure or not.... wa..lauu.... did I really! Never had such a long sleep...since.. since... dont-know-when. Must be super tired, this old mama here...

Imagine half the day gone, we quickly got up, went for lunch in Sun Hup Kee (will post that later), after that, we did some errands and then by 3.30pm, all of us thirsted and cried out for "WATER!! WATERR!!!" .... we found this stall nearby our residential area.....


busy sipping...
the cooling coconut juice

sip to the bottom-less
don't waste..

then the 2nd best part....

the flesh....

korek, korek...

dig, diggg....

ordered one more for my mum....

Only one regret and mistake :
We didn't ask for the price before we "walloped" these coconuts,
this boss cut coconuts and also our throats.
charging us RM3 for each...
Mama told me RM2.50 only nia...
ok ok...only 50 sen more, i know...


  1. owh...normal ler, sometimes i woke up at 1pm. :D rm3 is a bit exp..haha...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. yeah lo..this apek saw us drinking so happily and i take gambar so many.. sure potong us.. :) tot we were tourists..

  4. aiyo...50 sen...not cut throat la..somemore old man..let him earn a bit la.

  5. wonderful taken chilled.

  6. Hah, you must be wearing sunglasses and dye your hair like 'mat salleh' lady, so the apek must have thought that you are from overseas! So apek happily, potong-potong leher lorrr!

  7. i miss our buko as what we call it in the Phillipines!!!

  8. Wenn, cooling, good esp after taking durians too!

    Pete, sunglasses yes, blond hair, no.. :) maybe charged 50sen more for taking pics.. like Rachel said, apek ma.. give him a bit extra tips...

    Ruby, so its called buko in phillipines! ok, now i know.. :)

  9. Just many hours by road from Penang to Ipoh? Is it possible to make a day trip...come in the morning and go back in the evening? Or is it nearer to go KL-Ipoh-KL?

  10. One of my fav is coconut juice especially during hot too canbe more lazy than you especially won Sunday..can wake up at 10.00am having breakfast then continue to sleep till 3pm!! heheee

  11. STP, Pg to IPOH, from bridge to ipoh toll is around 2 hrs, ie, if i m driving.. my max is 110hp.. :) , yes, definitely can make day trip if u r not going to do any massive shopping or sightseeing, but for massive eating, a day will be enough...

  12. RM3 is quite expensive! But if it is sweet and big... well, worth it to beat the heat! Yummy

  13. The nicest thing that can bring so much of joy to parents is to have the children coming back from away,,,, and i am sure you are very happy now..

    send uncle eugene's regards to the children for me ya?

    take care now and have agreat week ahead

  14. Hey...Uncle Eugene!!! Wanna make a day trip to Ipoh, see claire and family? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  15. C.ALV... i love that too..nap and relax.. looking forward to weekends each time..

    Eugene, yes, sooner or later our kids will leave their nest and I might end up following them instead...

    STP, good idea.. but weekend can ah? U.Eugene got to have green light first before leaving Pg lah!

  16. Think the apek is an opportunist on hearing the latest news that coconut juice can prevent AH1N1, so jacked up the price due to more demand now. Possible?

  17. still got rm 2.50 coconut meh...anyway, i love to drink coconut a lot esp the thai fragrant coconut....yummy ler...

  18. Cheah, possible.. chinese ma.. mindset on money one.. hahaha.. this week i go again, ask first this time..

    Via, perhaps as cheah said, due to h1n1 crisis.. in first garden, it was only 2rm.. anyway, wanna drink, just pay and enjoy.. :)

  19. ya ya, just receive an e mail said drink coconut water can prevent H1N1, i'm sure very soon, coconut will "out of stock", if no price will be increase.

    I thought per coconut is RM3? No?

  20. i feel like having some coconuts :D

  21. That day i saw one show on TV. They dip and coconut flesh with soya sauce... like eating sashimi...

  22. Annie Q, normally this stall sells 2.50, maybe due to H1n1, the price increased :) some places selling for 2rm... roadside stalls, ie...

    Barb, yes, drink it pure.. dont add anything..

    Josephine, yes, old coconut flesh can go with rojak sauce..

  23. can i have some, am envy wahhhhh.. I love "buko" that's what we call young coconut in the Philippines..

    added this one on my list..

  24. C O C O N U T.. i remembered school time i used to spell that word out using my fingers!

  25. i like eat coconut!

    so more it is so cheap!

  26. chubs, yes, bako.. i learn a new word.. i mean buko..hahaa...

    Merryn, what a way to spell.. it works, right? :)

    Voon, cheap? ok lar.. cheap.. hahha.. it was quite a big coconut, 2 persons can share, actually..

  27. Star Online:The Government will control the retail price of surgical masks sold at exorbitant rates while the Health Ministry vows stricter enforcement against people...great news for you, gomen heard your story might even control the price of c-o-c-o-n-u-t...First thing they gonna do go after that apek..!!!hehehe LOL

  28. meaning if i go eat now, it might be back to 2.50 or 2rm.. hahaha.. ok, will let u know..

  29. Ohhh!!Claire!!What a refreshing drink you have there!!Buko is what we call them in the Philippines!!^_^


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