Sunday, August 2, 2009

I think of non-sense

It's so quiet now... girl went to Sunday Cell Youth, leaving me alone facing this LCD and thinking and asking myself, "When she goes to college in two years time, will I be able to survive the loneliness and the quietness?"

I think I cannot ..... too lonely and alone.... very dangerous.... very boring... very pitiful..

I think I rent out my rooms ... or maybe rent a room for myself... or perhaps.... I go somewhere..

I think...... I think...........................

I think I go for a nap now.... I am getting ting ting tei...
(side effects of the psychiatric visit last week?)


  1. mmm but it is ok...

    Subang is not that far away from ipoh...

    but you can go to visit her 2 - 3 times in one months...


    install a webcam then your daughter can chat with u everyday... then not alone at all.

    2 years passing very fast one... just close your eyes and open again... oledi 2 years later liao...

  2. aww its nice to have some quiet time every now and then. It will give you something to look forward to when you visit each other :)

  3. hehe what a side effect claire :)
    I think you think too much, but i know how it feel to be a mother. Missing our children is terrible.
    But anyway if her school is not far from you, well you can visit her now and then.

    You are a trully good mom..
    god bless

  4. You'll get used to me! Just spend whatever time together and make the most of it...e.g. during the holidays. I keep in touch every day though via phone calls...and time flies by very fast.

  5. eh, got blog frens maa...

    Ng sai pah!

  6. CH Voon, i m thinking ahead.. jumping the is my pre-monition only...

    Tina, yes it is nice to be quiet at times..but to be lonely is sad..

    Weng, yes, i think i will miss them if all of them are not here at home and in their own colleges.. perhaps i get an apartment next to their college.. :)

    STP, i think i will do that.. get somewhere near to them, provided i m not working anymore in 2 or 3 years time...otherwise, i think life is very lonely for me being alone..

    Goolymama, if u allow, i will go bang-kok and look after gooly for u.. :) unpaid nanny..also never mind..

  7. don't be siao siao la.. you won't die of boredom de.. coz you have loads of blogger friends, and of course ME! and not forgetting your "kai suin" lei..

  8. hahaha...cynthia, cynthia.. yeah, perhaps i buy or rent a house next to u.. then u will keep me busy with princess or your cooking... yeah, good idea hor?

  9. aiyoo cham leh! so fast already start worry liao...

  10. too free ma, think unnecessarily ...

  11. dear reanaclaire~ Hope u r feeling better now..still not in d mood? no worries, 2 more years :) aiyo, sorry, I dont thnk I'm helping much ha? Live by the moment ya :)

  12. Wishing you a productive and joyous week ahead!

  13. You should be glad cos ur kids have grown up!
    Btw, I have linked u in my blog...
    Hope u dont mind....

  14. hmm... u thinking too much liao, why not moved in to your mum's place?

  15. Maybe you need to live near to your kids school,Claire to ease some loneliness.^_^

  16. my mum experienced the same when all of her daughter went out (to school, married, etc)...she kept her loneliness herself...but to avoid it from makin her life worse...she adopts some cats, dogs, and hahaha flowers....but im sure...a daughter will always looked back and come back...the same thing happen to us....a mum cannot be forgotten...never busy or anything...mum always in our heart....cheers...

  17. Hey, you dont scare me lah,,,,,you know when i first hit my 40s,i was scared of this and that too. Thank God for blogging,can keep us occupied ma..

    You know Claire,i infact have given a serious thought about what i want to do when i am OLD, i still want to teach the children,i just love doing it... you know when i was teaching the children in the children ministry, i got so much joy..

    take care now,, and have a great week ahead,,, do be ting ting tei liao,if not you will become sok sok tei

  18. this empty nest syndrome is common, esp with small families. i have 3 neighbours going thru this, but only one where both parents are still working while their 2 kids are studying overseas, & i think it's the jobs that keep the 2 parents busy (or sane,for want of a better word?).

    short of that, one should get oneself occupied with activities like community work, hobbies, or even part-time employment. anything to keep the devil's workshop from taking hold.

  19. Miss Mathew, thanks a lot for coming by.. visiting me is helping me too.. thanks..

    Gorgeous mum, same to u too..happy week ahead..

    Josephine.. i will add u too.. have a nice week ahead..

    Chris, i think it is a good idea but i think i prefer to be on my own...

  20. Clarissa, i m only thinking ahead, it is not time yet, my girl is only in form 3.. i m only jumping the gun.. :)

    eugene, u wont be lonely la.. yr kids are still young, another 10 years perhaps... and u have yr wifey with u ma.. u wont be free to feel lonely.. :)

    doc, what u said might be is only certain times that my spirit is down.. down to the lowest esp something happens unexpectedly.. and it affects my mood... maybe hormone imbalance... :)

  21. Dear Claire,
    Thanks for the added! How're you now? Is it getting better? By reading your post here, i just realized how my mommy feel like last time... still remember i came to KL doing my diploma here and she cannot see me. After i done my diploma in KL i went to Melbourne and do my degree there for another 3 years. So i just realized how's parents feeling when i'm not around there. I feel so guilty now... But thank God she is not too alone when i'm not around her because she still can play with her grandchildren.

    I am the youngest in my family. My elder brother is 15 years old older than me, 2nd brother is 12 years older than me and 3rd one is sister which is older than me 11 years also! Now i know why my mommy even she was already 38 years old but still keep insists wants to have another baby girl (me) even she got 3 kids at that time. Last time all my brothers and sister went to other place for their studies so she spent all the time just concentrate on me. After i grown up and wanna do my studies then my brothers & sister were getting married so in her life i guess she never feel so lonely or bore at all. Just realized how smart she is!!! LOL =)

    Don't feel so cham i know no matter what & where your kids go they will always miss and love you one! Because you are the only one who bring them to this world! =')

    One last thing, i love your blog too! That's why i add you already!!!! HeHe.. and i will keep visiting your blog in the future.

  22. Aeiween, is this your name? anyway, thank you very much for your comment and consolation. Yes, now i also realize how a mum feels when all her kids are not around her... my own mum is staying near me and she likes us to go back for dinner every now and then, to make some noise in the house.. hahaa...

    Life is such.. when babies are small, the house wont be quiet.. when they r big, the quietness will befall... unless another batch of generation comes along.. this is called life cycle... :)

  23. ayoooo Claire.... nxt time we go travel together lah hihihihi....

    If only you here in Selangor.. for sure I cari u go 'kai2'

    eiii...serious what... ^_^

  24. problem what... sure, if i shift to KL, sure will look for my blogger buddies...

  25. Hi Claire, ya aeiween is a given name from my parents! Cool right? HeHe :p

    Ohya wanna tell you a thing, i have just send you awards on my blog. So check out my blog~ hehe

  26. ok..will check it out, Aeiween.. thanks..

  27. Aiya follow her to college larr....can enjoy one more nice young days, studying in college leh....happy to be young again! ha ha ha

  28. that was what i tot too, Pete... good idea hor?

  29. Hi dear,
    come to SG. you have friends here.
    Just call.

  30. thanks LOO, i will remember your offer always!! reminds me "U just call out my name"


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