Monday, August 3, 2009

Yesterday, All My Troubles Seem So FAR Away..

"When I was young, I listened to the radio, waiting for my favorite songs... when they came, I sing along, it made me smile.....Those were the happy times and not so long ago, now I wonder where they've gone...."

Yes, those were really happy times.... it seems like Only Yesterday When I was Young...

Looking at the pictures brings back lovely memories, aching some, yearning for.... the good times when they were young. It was a different life altogether, now everything has changed, they are grown up and only some wonderful memories are embedded in my heart...
I don't remember all the joy and happiness that we had experienced.... all I have are the pictures of their lovely smiles and laughter....

Now they are grown up, soon they will be leaving their "nest" to have a new phase of life...
And I? I will sing this song to them...."I WILL FOLLOW YOU....follow you wherever u may go..." And I hope they will not reply with this lyrics..... "Please release us, let us go...... "
(just joking kids, I am absolutely sure you will not, will u, will u...... )

taken in 1996

my three darlings of my life....


  1. hahaha.....the hairstyles look the same..thought this is not long ago or I'm getting old? :P

  2. Memang kenangan yang indah...lovely!

  3. chris... guess who cut for them??? hehehe... want me to cut for your son too?? hehe...

    Amy, yes.. kenangan manis...

  4. Wow, what wonderful pictures. Auntie Claire, I personally admire your strength as a mother and your faith in the Lord. I pray that happiness continues to fill your life, and may you experience great joy and abundant life.

    Henry Yew

  5. who about me? i should be 4th darling too right? ur kids so cute when young. all gotdimple..

  6. wow...cute la ur kidz..very *pinchable*.. But i guess they dont want to be pinched now that they are all grown up. :-). I'm sure they'll remember u and maybe always want to visit u or stay with u. As for me, my kidz are still very small. I spend most of my time with them. So, if they dont want me to bother them when they are grown up and capable of living their own lives, then i'd be happy too cos i've done my best to raise them...

  7. Yeah you definitely have a lovely family! HeHe so niceeee....

  8. hehehe.. look at the hair.. and the dress!! :)

    btw... you've been tag!!!

    Blog Awards?!

  9. not easy be a parent...

    you are so brave come so far...

    happiness is not far from you...

  10. Henry, thank u for the lovely words, they are indeed an encouragement to me... same goes to u too, our Lord will look after u as well...

    Little Lamb, u will be someone's else darling, i m sure..

    Tiee, yes, when kids are small, we must spend quality time with them.. when they grow up, they will give us their bonus time.. hahaha..

    Aieween, thanks.. all kids are cute.. :)

    @Biel, thanks for the tag!!

    CHVoon, yes, being a parent is not easy but it will be if we trust in our Lord...

  11. i was looking at ethan's newborn pics and felt kenangan manis.. n yet that was only two years ago.. your kids.. they have grown a mile! you have done a great job there claire. Just look at them today. They are well brought up. :)

  12. Wah.. your 3 darlings very the handsome and pretty lei.. see la, all your effort paid liao.. :)

  13. Time really flies and kids grow up real fast but when they are little toddler running around, we can't wait for them to grow up. Ha ha, life is funny!

  14. Merryn, when people says time flies, now i understand what i mean.. hahaa.. in no time, your Ethan will be taller than u..

    Cynthia, kids are our bonuses in life, don't u think... cute..

    Pete, as i said time really flies.. when they grow up, we wish we dont hv to grow old... lol...

  15. Yes, that was why I got so emotional when I heard "Slipping through my fingers" from the Mamma Mia musical... Had a post on that sometime ago...

  16. Oh my, you make me realise now I should snap more pictures of my kids for future kenang-kenangan...I seldom take pictures of them recently. So sweet memory ya!

  17. STP, I love that song too... i haven't heard ABBA sang it before, only get to hear it thru the movie.. i even bought the cd, the one sung by merryl streep.. i also have a post on them when i saw their movie, i felt so happy watching it, i dont know why..

    Amy, yes, do snap more and post them to your blog, during my time, i dont have such nice facilities, digital camera, video cam, hp and now blogs...

  18. u have a very cute adorable....(^_^)

  19. owh, so auntie also can cut hair for people?

  20. They all look the same!
    made from the same factory mah...

  21. Wah, haha..So long time already, the pictures..SO cute huh..self praise..From cute to handsome..Yea, of cos, you will follow us wherever we are, rite? :)

  22. "so many nights,i sat by my window, waiting for someone to sing me his song..........

    ha my days will come,thanks for fast fowarded it for me hahahahahah.

    wishing you all well sister in blog

  23. Connie, thanks.. own kids are always adorable..hahahhaa...

    Gab, u dont believe me..wanna try? but before u do, buy a wig... hehee..just in case...

    Josephine..yes, same mould too..hahaha..

    AA, long time no see the pics, hor? ok, i will follow all of u.. no retraction of statement, ok?

    Eugene, another few years, u will hear "sing a song of freedom", u might be free to go here and there..

  24. "...thank you for the music, the song I'm singing...thanks for all, the joy ..."oppsss...stop singing now...hehehe...

    as i read through, my brain is humming the tune..waaaa

    they are so adorable

  25. wow, they are so young. Your kids are all so adorable. Bring back memories huh? Looking at the pictures and reading your post, made me remember my baby pictures hehe :P.

  26. "thanks for all the joy they're bringing, who can live without it, i ask with all honesty, what would life be, without a song and a dance, what r we????"
    Amy, i finish this for u... lol...

    Ladyviral, post your cute pics online too... it is for keeps!

  27. Nice to look back at old photos... everything are memorable!

    *I have a tag for you too!

  28. Cindy, thanks, i check it out tonite.. i think i have 3 tags already.. thanks to all my frens here.. have a nice day..

  29. Oh, they were all lovely! I'm sure your kids will still love you even they were already grown ups :D

  30. Mauve..thanks for coming by.. i m quite proud.. hahaa...

    Minnie, thanks for visiting too.. do keep in touch..

  31. nice picture. Your two boys hair style look so cute!!

  32. I also want to leave a comment?? hehehe. i m the cute one in the middle.. hahahaha.....

    Love you mum~!

  33. Ju Ann, take more pics of your son.. no regrets.. :)

    Annie Q, yes, that was the first and last time I cut for them.. after that, I was "forbidden" hahhaa...

    Yes, son... u were the one doing the ultraman pose-see.. so cutey cute.. love u too!

  34. ahh.. aaron and andy when they were young! =D

  35. yes, ken, cute hor? how about yours? dare to paste it to yr blog or not? :)


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