Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'M Crazy For U...

Depression! What a sad word, huh.... For the past week or so, I think I had a feel of a "depression" feeling. When one's spirit (ching sui) is down, ok, let me phrase another way... When I was spiritually down a couple of days ago, I had difficulty breathing, it was stress and feeling a bit, bit depressed...

On one hand, life was normal, I still smiled and laughed but deep inside, the feeling of "sadness" did not go away, my breathing was affected, my sleep disturbed... and I ended up buying the below, all at one shot in one shop...

I'M ...




Shoe craze? Not actually the styles I really wanted but ended up owning these pairs in a matter of minutes ....

Lesson learnt:
Moral support is very important... it is not healthy to be alone when one is feeling down... catch hold of the one closest to u... don't be afraid to reach out.... it helps a lot...


  1. Oh my god!!! Give me 5 ~
    We are exactly the same when came to handling depression. There is one time when I feel stress and depressed, I end up spending more than RM500 at one 'GO' in one single shop - BODYSHOP! Crazy right?? I just tested the products and buy it without thinking about it. Luckily, we are not staying near to each other, if not??? Die loh!! hahaha~ But lately, I have found another good solution that is baking & cooking...I will forget everything when I'm stirring my spatula in the kitchen, I sometime even forget to fetch my kids from tuition class until they call me ...huh!! lol~

  2. Amy, how i wish we can stay next to each other..not otherwise la..
    Dont worry, i will definitely remind u to go fetch yr kids and i will stay back to finish up the baking for u.. hehhee..
    dont ask me to bake and cook during depression time, it makes me more depressed then.. i rather go shopping.. and go bankrupt faster too..

  3. shopping will help! :) hope u feel way better now. :)

    reply to your comment on my blog:
    ya! on the bed omg! soft surface is like a nono! glad to know she's fine! :)

  4. Nice shoe jugak.. and me too the same, if depressed, shoe jugak we buy.. so, I always throw my old shoe away like throwing the sad stuff.. then buy new ones.. but me happy or sad, also buy shoe.. coz cannot buy clothes ma.. no size.. hahaha

  5. ladies...tsk tsk tsk... luckily you din eat and eat. Shopping to pamper yourself not too bad la.
    Do some running la with your ger, it'll help to reduce the stresses and depression in you. Sweat it out!

  6. Wooo~ nice shoes! But after done all the shopping are you feeling better now? If still feel depressed try to
    hang out with your friends like having tea time/meals. Or maybe you can try to do exercise like YOGA make your body strong & healthy? I found out do Yoga is a way for you to release your stress.

    Heee.. i just wish to make you happy and hope you feel better! =)

  7. Claire, I think shopping is one of the best medicine for depression hehe.
    Nice shoes,you have a good taste.
    I am also crazy of buying shoes, but this time I tried to control huhuhu, because I may only use it for awhile then suddenly I get bored of using .Im easy to get bored ..terrrribble :)
    I don't like it :(

  8. yep, support system is very important...pretty sure u got bunch of friends, hang out with them...but sometimes u need to be alone to feel the presence of the whole universe and to breeze out your sentiments silently...it's okay to mourn each day...but make sure that at the end of the end ud find comfort and feel blessed that you're still alive..take care!

  9. you know my friend,of late by reading your post almost daily,i sensed that you have been kind of down,i cant give you any advice,but just to let you know here in bloggershpere,you have tonnes of friends that you can reach out to.

    let me do this parody for you,ok

    when i find myself in trouble, Padini, Vinnci come to me, make me shop a distanct, let it be.

    Let it be,let it be, now i have bought pairs of shoes l liked, let it be.

    Let it be, Let it,as long as the bank doens run low on me, buy another pair of Vinnci for me

    Let it be let it be, speaking word of shopping, makes me happy

  10. Ju Ann, shopping is just temporary but better than nothing.. :)

    Cynthia, can join the club..if old dont go away, how to get new ones, hor?

    Chris, playing badminton 4 times this week..training.. de-stressing!

  11. Aieween, yes, normally will do that during weekends, not many, one or 2 will do...

    Weng, next time go for other categories then wont be so easily bored.. how about buying accessories? :) spendthrift me!

    Sunny, thanks for the words of encouragement, yes, sometimes need to be alone.. to reflect back..

    Abiel, jom, lets go shopping!! but this time window shopping for me.. :(

    Eugene, i guess the ferris wheel has gone down for me these days, mostly ups..i guess it is normal.. so far not as serious yet, still boleh tahan and manage.. i have lovely frens around me... it helps and thanks to u and all of u who come by ... really appreciate your moral support!

  12. adoi claire, so many pair of shoes u bought. hey, next time when u down, call me lo, we can chat chat ma...via MSN or Skype (tak payah duit one!), we can just cakap kosong and borak what! no need to waste money for buying all those unnecessary things.

  13. Amy, thanks for suggestion.. i may call u up at wee hours in the morning, can or not? frens in need are crazy indeed! ok ok..dont waste my money hor.. better take the money and belanja u makan puas puas, right? :)

  14. hey claire, your last sentences in the comment is super ngam leh! hahahaha...

  15. oppss claire, forget to inform u, I jz leave u an offline mesg in MSN regarding GNS jugak lo...so ngam that u also asking me abt this matter.

  16. Wow a total of 5 pairs of shoes in one day, one shop. That is crazy.

    When you are feeling down, doing some exercises usually help or listening to soothing musics like instrumentals or classics.
    Just make sure you don't step into a shopping mall or shop of any kind. You end up indulging.

  17. When i am depress, I have no mood on shopping. In stead, I will stay at home and do nothing...

  18. Mum, consider it pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

  19. Amy, so when ah... when... ??? :)

    Ladyviral, not 5 la.. less than that.. less than that... dont make me shocked!! :)

    Josephine, in that case, u r wiser.. dont be like me.. ok?

    Son, yes, u r very right, i shouldnt be thinking so much about it, like our Lord says, Cast our cares and burdens upon His feet... why do i keep carrying those? thanks B... i remember that, feel kind of relieved..

  20. Claire - dapat ...dapat...loh! My number is "fatt" "fatt" and yours is "nai" "nai" ....hehehehe

  21. claire, it feels good to purchase something whn we r depress kan..but then, whn we look at our credit card bills/ purse...d depression eventually comes back to haunt us again! hehe! u r right, get hold of our best buddy whn we r in ths state!

  22. Miss Mathew, I never tot of that la.. come to think of it, oh, i paid with cash the other day.. phew..

    Maybe due to my age la.. moods is like share market.. goes up and down.. i think.

  23. When I'm depressed, I eat...and eat...and eat! Hahahahaha!

  24. hahaha....ladies...u really crazy for shoes ler!

  25. STP, dont remind me please!! lol...

    Via, perhaps men are crazy for other things? :)

  26. My wife loves to buy shoes. She always said her cupboard is always lack of one shoes. I will do exercise when I felt depressed.

  27. WAH!!! Four pairs shoe in a day and in the same shop!

    Retail theraphy do help ya? :)

    Hope you feel better now??

  28. Superman, so your wife is normal like me, i also complain of shortage too.... :)

    Annie Q, and all these in less than 20 min... cos my girl suddenly called up from school to ask me to fetch her, i quickly paid up and left.. madness!

  29. Well I only on shot bought 2 pairs of sandals this month to pamper myself abit on my stressful work recently.

  30. shopping is the best therapy for depression indeed. (but don't u think it doesn't last long?)

    the best way is to be with friends, and it's good for you, you have many bloggers' frens caring for you.

    just in case you can't find any frens when you are alone, why not hop over to hkk's old blog and read her old junks? it's really funny, reading all the komens as well. I had been reading it these days and it really brought tears to my eyes laffing myself silly again. thanks to hkk (aka goolypop)!

  31. wah, 2 years no need buy shoe liao lor.....LOL!

  32. Ohh Claire.. I been there too..

    and ayoyo Claire!!! sekali 4 kah!! hahahha.... but at least happy a bit huh??

    If I am spiritual down, I will always look for my mom, she will be the one who giving me the moral support.

  33. jezalmy... 2 pairs can last few months.. haha... right?

    GG, thanks for the suggestion... if she really wants to help me to de-de-stress, ask her not to "close shop" on that blog.. reopen it and make us laugh.. she is really a natural... i love to read yours and her comments..both of u really make me laugh .. happy... song... u know what i mean? carry on blogging, girl... laughter is the best solution for distressed people.. like u-know-who...

    Pete, what 2 years.. maybe just a few months la...sandals for walking in the evening and weekends.. the other 2 pairs for going to work.. very fast wan yuen..

  34. retail therapy is good ...hhahhaha. hope you are feeling better now, my friend.

  35. Barbara..buying that time felt very wonderful tim... now kurang cash, not so wonderful feel already... :(

  36. wow so many shoes? nice..
    cheer up ya! =)


  37. thanks Kenwooi.. auntie a bit sot at certain times.. :))

  38. Oh my my...love those shoes Claire...I noticed I had these thing if i am depressed too...waaa. In fact, today, my victoria Secret Orders just arrived. LOL! Anyway, your style, are my kind of style! Good job!

  39. U too? wow..i guess we ladies think alike!!!


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