Sunday, September 6, 2009

As Good As It Looks ...

At this time of posting this, I am actually very very hungry and I seem to aggravate myself more to the brink of doing a "ching chai" post so that I can go off for my dinner now. Am I making sense here? Yes, no? Not sure?? Never mind..... :)

Ok, this place is called Dai You, it is a corner shop, off Bendahara Road in IPOH. Over here, there is a selection of stalls, most of them are selling "nice" and "okay" food, ie. according to my taste buds... One I love most is the apom balik by an old couple but unfortunately that day, they were "absent" from their stall.

Ended up eating from this lady who was smiling at us in a more or less "lau hak" gesture when we were passing by... we were indeed smittened by her pleasant invitation and glad to say, we didn't regret it! Her food was indeed tasty ... so ngam for me....

oh, pls excuse this shot
I didn't do it purposely... really I didn't...

her special mee jawa

as good as it looks...

i equally love this too..
just to my expectation..

accompanied by this piece of drumstick
in herbal soup
price - RM3.50 only..
extremely cheap!!

(maybe she knows I am going to blog about her??)
one thing for sure, I want to go back again...


  1. Hah!!! CHOP! FC!!!

    My! My! You certainly love herbal soups, I see. Must be very healthy!...Sigh! Didn't get the chance to go to Ipoh and try all the nice food there! Sob! Sob!

  2. STP, though my heart doesnt want to, i still wanna say it, I TOLD U SO!


    *on a softer note*, dont cry for IPOH (me), STP, (argentina)... the truth is, I never met u.. bla..bla...bla... forgot the lyrics already... hahhahaa...
    i m sure there will be an opportunity in the near future.. the food can wait!

  3. i just love herbal soup..nutritious and tasty..with herbal aroma..

  4. wow...look so nice..i am hungry again although just had my dinner...

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. to make your mee jawa more ommph,tell the fella to add in some satay kuah(if the mee jawa stall sells satay too)

  7. Guess what I have just eaten some herbal soup here. LOL :D Yummy o! I'm sure it is tasty huh! The presentation alone is yummy! :)

  8. Wenn, once awhile ok to eat like that.. otherwise too heaty....

    Gab, remind me when u come ipoh.. we go and eat that..

    ah ngao, u pandai makan eh.. no la, she doesnt sell satay..too bad..

    Tekkaus, u also eaten just? good.. how did it taste in your place?

  9. Can settle for mee jawa if there is no curry mee, looks yummy. Oops when the meejawa lady gets to find out from your blog about so "cheap" for the drumstick soup she gonna increase the price asap. "You asked for it!" Ah remember this TV series...???

  10. Wowww.... I want the drumstick soup... 2 bowl please.... ;-p

  11. Cheah: if she sees this, she will make me her free client for at least a year...hahaa...

    CathJ: one for u, one for yr boy boy or hubby? :)

  12. nowadays, hawkers are just so happy to see when their customers bring along their cameras with them. but then again, pressure oso, what if u blog negatively bout them rite? so, in order to get good food, flash your SLR and you are guaranteed to get the BEST food from them! :)

  13. Oh the Mee Jawa looks good! And The Herbal Chicken... Oh SO Tempting... If I go Ipoh, Reana, you bring me go makan yea? :P

  14. Merryn, what is SLR ha? me outdated one.. actually this lady saw me taking her food, she arranged the drumstick nicely for me..hahaa...

    Ladyviral, sure, when r u coming? this herbal chicken is very cheap..hahaa...

  15. Hi Reana, wow! I love that mee Jawa, next time I am back in Ipoh, we'll have a lunch take me to eat all these delicious food, I trust your good taste...
    No restaurants please....we have thousands of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan restaurants here....

    I want to eat oh chien, poh pia, mee jawa, mee rebus, rojak, cendol, Ipoh kai fun, Ipoh nga choy.....

    That herbal drumstick looks nice. Add that too, ha ha.
    Best regards, lee.

  16. u sure eat alot, but never get fat like me, hehehe

  17. U.Lee : i will be most honoured to.. please write down a list of what u-wanna-eat, give me a week's advance so tat i diet myself first..and then we wallop like mad.. ok?

    My Reality: I eat 2 or 3 meals a day.. that is all.. haha... budgeting too..

  18. I thought most of the good food in Ipoh dies down already..haha... not bad.

  19. Foong: mana boleh die down.. only certain shops, yes.. but still got good food elsewhere, only that we cannot find only...

    Little Prince Mummy: thanks for coming by...


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