Monday, September 7, 2009

It's A Holi, Holiday!!

Today is Nuzul Quran... don't ask me what it is, all I know is that I don't have to work!! That is what that counts... lol.... As in Boney M song... It's A Holi, Holiday!

Well, as I was chatting with Aaron in msn just minutes ago, he asked me where I had my lunch. Then I told him I would post the pictures in a moment's time... well, here there are, son. We went there this morning, Fernie and Auntie Tan. Our stomachs were already growling when we reached there around noon, we didn't take anything when we woke up... so imagine our hunger!

this is the shop
Off Bendahara Road

we ordered a steamed fish head
the man told us the sauce was made of lor hon kor
no wonder a bit different from the normal ones..

green young vegetables...

and a simple side dish...
eggs with big onions

Now U See Them....

And Now U Don't! lol...

side view of the shop...
food price : RM31.00

then we adjourned to take our dessert
Pasir Pinji Market Street...

the famous groundnut tong sui..

This was where we spent 2 hours together..
now back home... relaxing, biting


  1. Wah!! No working, holiday! So nice, i'm so jeles! I have to work. :(:(

    Yummy yummy lunch!

  2. u make auntie guilty.. here IPOH plenty of food ler. why never sos me this morning? :)

    Annie Q, i think it is a state holiday, KL side, working.. but for selangor, a state hol too. right?

  3. Wow, Groundnut Dessert! I miss that.. I haven't had it for ages now :(... I want..

  4. u syok ler...i need to work today thou my co. is in selangor....darnnn

  5. Ladyviral, this is far sung woo.. home cooked cos right in front of the house.. quite nice la.. but dont eat often, very filling..

    Via, MY is quite fair in their state hols.. what u all get in KL, we might not get in IPOH too.. so sama la.. hahhaa...

  6. Hahaha.. My laugh 'terlepas'... when looking at the part... now you see... now you don't .... hehehehhe

  7. now u see it, now u dont.. really hungry these ladies! hahahaha..

  8. See i told you i will never be your first commentor,,,,,,,, i am boycotting you now,hahahahah

  9. mmm yummy food. I've never tasted that tong sui. Maybe one day.

  10. Good for you Claire...but to bad I'm in Malacca and hence no Holidays. Yerrr.... =(

    Hmmmthe groundnut looks kinda mysterious. Yummy? :)

  11. Cath J, when it comes to food, the disappearing act is very fast one.. hahaha...good to hear u laughed..

    Merryn, no breakfast wor.. we were like hungry starving people...

    Eugene..dont be so like that la.. beer? beer?

    tiee: not everyone likes this groundnut tong sui, my girl doesnt like it..she likes the mua chee only...

    Tekkaus: when u come, i take there, then it wont be so mysterious anymore..

  12. I am very hungry now...give me the initiative to go home now! Over here, we have to work.

  13. yeah. it's holiday but tmr working agian. =(

  14. So nice you got a holiday~~~ jealous jealous~ :p

  15. I am more hungrier now looking at your pictures. I love the sweet young vegetables..

  16. nice foods, i miss malaysian foods so much!

    p/s: thanks for visiting my blog :)

  17. I want to eat too!!!! how I wish I am in Ipoh...

  18. William: migrate to Perak.. haha.. always got public hols...

    Richard: right.. tomorrow another day.. no work, no food...

    Aeiween: i m sure KL also has its extra hols which perak doesnt have.. :)

    Eden: yes, the greens are very young and "crunchy" :)

    Kikey LOO: sorry to make u miss malaysian food so much.. this is one of the best benefits staying in malaysia.. ie food..

    Cynthia: bila nak come to IPOH lagi? i take u next time...

  19. wah, so nice got holiday..i have to work la..

  20. Josephine: yes, the dishes quite cheap, with 3 bowls of rice ... ok lar.. ipoh standard...

    Wenn: tomorrow have to work lar.. now have to wait till raya hols..

  21. There! SNAPS again! Couldn't comment!...Then "Open ID error"...and this is my 3rd attempt! That's why when commenting on, usually I dun bother to link back to my own blog, but urs no such option... Grrrrrrrr!

  22. Successful after 4th attempt... Tsk! Tsk!

  23. STP: u know why.. cos dulu got orang kacau sini.. so i prefer those with ID, otherwise got to call police to investigate or fbi.. or charlie's angels..
    sorry.. please bear with me.. i m thinking of getting my own domain.. any suggestions?

  24. haha.. typical food we have for lunch/dinner.. =)

  25. Tu dia Claire, habis sampai licin licin huh!

  26. ken: yeah, ipohians meal for the day... simple...

    Amy: dont waste good food ma.. hey, how is confinement? i love the food u r eating now la... can share a bit?

  27. Good relaxing holidays. I like fu yong eggs, simple and nice!

  28. Oh, so nice for you... no holiday for me :-(

    The groundnut tong sui sounds yummy!

  29. Yummy...good food there. Claire. Miss Ipoh food everytime u post those pics. Haha. Take care.CY

  30. Pete: eggs eaten while hot is always nice.. esp with big onions..

    BoeyJoey: now back to work.. so much work, work, work.. haizzz.. how nice if we can go to work at our own pace.. :)

    CY: next time come to ipoh, i take u there.. take and belanja.. haha..

  31. Wow! Delicious food! Hope you enjoyed your holiday! : )


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