Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Reunion Meal On Raya Eve..

AAron reached IPOH around 8am, he was very tired, his fren started the journey from KL around 5am and the night before, Aaron dint sleep much. During the journey, he didnt dare to doze off too, keeping his fren company while he drove. Upon reaching IPOH, both of us went for breakfast and I quickly dropped him back home to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

And I? To market I went and bought some stuff to cook for dinner... NO lunch for all of us, Andy had his own program with "u-know-who" no point cooking for lunch. So what did I cook? These......

Melon soup ( i havent boil this melon with chicken before)
I added in red dates, yuk chuk, kei chee...

bought a kampong chicken
and sauteed it with oyster sauce
black sauce, light sauce and honey...
(own recipe)..hahhaa...

this one needs no explanation...

this one same too..
no need to describe...hahhaa...

again and again and again...

why was this pic smaller than the rest?

the greens...

the omelet with prawns and big onions

the melon soup plus its friends"

A dinner for 4...


  1. Wah... so many dishes some more is home cook one!! your son sure very "Han Fuk" to have you sweet and lovely mommy! ;)

  2. That's quite a bit of food :D Looks delicious though. Thanks for advertising in my other blog :D

  3. Aeiween: lots of dishes? mana ada.. hahaha.. just 4 and a soup... my sons are quite big eaters.. so i make sure they finished it all before leaving the table.. true enough, even the rice also habis siap.. :))

    Nicke Phillips: thanks for coming by...

  4. wow you can yummy.....:) i LOVE soupssss.....

  5. home cooked food is always the best..

  6. wowww..... chinese new year on hari raya day!!! ^_^

    But I really2 feels like tasting the 'again and again and again' menu.. ;-p

  7. kampung chicken is the best of all birds!

    ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

  8. dish out so many yummy-licious foods! You sons must be very happy! They should be grateful o...I can't taste my mum's cooking anymore! ;(

  9. Manglish, i know how to cook a few dishes only..

    Wenn: ditto to that..yes..

    Yan: thanks for the compliment..

    SJ: yes, kampongchicken is the best..

    Tekkaus: never mind.. maybe u have learn a trick or 2 from her?

  10. nothing beats a home cooked meal.. well done.

  11. claire,
    too many dishes for 4 persons hmm looks yummy.Something left after the dinner ? hehe.
    I love those foods, some are similar as filipino foods but not the melon soups. If ever i could come and visit your country I would try to eat melon soup.Just tell me its yummy :) well I'm sure it is.
    Lucky kids for having a mom like you.
    happy sunday claire.

  12. LOL!!! Aren't our kids lucky? I also cooked for my daughter to eat the moment she got home and then she went to zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... But then she had to get up at 4 to take a cab to Penang to catch the flight!

    Oh? So Andy would rather go hungry and spend time with... Well, at that stage in life, who needs food eh? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  13. Rachel: hope our home cooked food is something they remember as time goes by.. :)

    Weng: yes, i think filipino and MY are almost quite the same cos we r still asians.. i would like to taste your food one day, if there is a chance..perhaps i go belgium to visit u.. lol...

    STP: u can say it again, hope our kids know they r indeed blessed!
    As long as they enjoy the food we cook, that is all that matters...
    just now before getting up from bed, i was already thinking what to prepare for today... ok, will post about it later after lunch!

  14. I love melon soup!! Been so long since my Mum last boiled it...

  15. many dishes for 4 persons. Can you all finish up the dishes?

    Good chef !!

    Nextime I should try the chicken with honey.Mind sharing with me the recipe?

  16. Delicious :) Always cooking up a storm when the kids are back huh?

  17. Once a mother, always a mother,,,,always putting the family as the top top top top top top priority..........

  18. claire, tell lah earlier u gonna prepare all those. Then I'd drive all the way to IPOH to join YOU!

  19. Agnes, melon soup cooling i heard.. so good for the boys..they always stay up during the night...dont know why young ppl like that...

    MeRy: yes,finished..hahhaa... boys are boys.. they can wallop like anything at this age..

    Barb: not every day la.. today simple, two dishes only, cos my son and girl eating only.. less ppl, less dish..

    Eugene: not only mamas... papa like u are same same too.. i wanna wait for a few years more.. see what u put up for yr sons when they come home from outstation... hehee...

    Merryn, next time, ya? but if u come, better go outside and eat.. paiseh to give u these type of dishes...

    Irene: kam siah... haha...

  20. wow wow many dishes. and all so sedap...

  21. Mommy's love for the kids. Salute!!!
    Cheaper, safer & healthier to eat at home!

  22. Amy, maggi mee said cepat dimasak, sedap dimakan..
    but as for the dinner,
    lambat dimasak, cepat dimakan...

  23. a heartwarming meal.. i really miss my mom's cooking :)

  24. Wah, nice dinner....hungry..had fried bihun for lunch! Tummy Growllllllling!

  25. Elaine: yes, dotn we all miss our mum's cooking... brings back childhood sweet memories..

    Pete: come, jom, lets go for supper!

  26. WAH!! So many dishes + mummy's love = YUMMY YUMMY!! I saw there is a plate of fish on the right hand side? No? Your kids are so lucky, every time home got mummy's home cook food.

  27. cooked so many dish at one time? If me, sure sweat in the kitchen. Hehe.


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