Monday, September 21, 2009

Where Got Ghost?

After our dinner at home, AAron suggested to go for a movie in Jaya Jusco cineplex. But tickets for that particular show "Where Got Ghost" were sold out except for the 11.45pm. So late? Scary show some more? More thrilling hor? Ok la.. I agreed... how often do we as a family go for movies, right?

Before going to church, we stopped by at Jaya Jusco to get the tickets and then we went to attend church at 8pm. After church, we went to IRC to get together... family bonding, so Andy said... right, off we went and these were what we ordered...

chicken lobak...

our drinks... our toasted bread...

then disaster struck!
this mocha drink fell and spilled out

even before we drank it..
even before we watched the "ghost movie"..

our "replenished" drink..

my heroes...

the heroines (yucks!)

our "ghost" tickets...

this Singapore movie called "Mana Ada Hantu"
quite hilarious but some parts made the hearts "jumped!"
by the time we reached home, nearly 2am..
scary or not!!


  1. Claire... I love the way you look!! Very sexy already... ^_^

  2. Hey Claire, actually today dear dear & i planning to watch this movie as well but during that particular time sold out (no more tickets) >_<" so end up we didn't watch and went home :'( So how was the movie? Nice or not? I like to watch Singapore movie especially this groups of people, i guess sure got a lot of fun part in this show right?

  3. were the yellow drinks shaved ice? lucky they offered the replenish one. good mov? =)

  4. siok la can enjoy movie...i like to watch movie till late night eh...hehehehe. I think I will hv to buy dvd to watch dy as now still in "prison".

  5. Many years ago, when VCD came out, many cinemas closed down. I can still remember the 50 cents ticket! Now, cinema flourish again and the ticket...RM11! But reflecting back, those 50c wasn't really cheap!
    I have not been to a cinema for a long time now...perhaps I should also go and watch some movies.

  6. fuwah!!! lengchais and lengluis. :) i dare not watch ghost movie leh...scared close eyes, see ghost!

  7. this kind of movie shld buy pirated dvd..haha.. you guys should have gone for better quality ones.

  8. Wah! Your sons' girlfriends both so pretty leh! Which one is Andy's and which one is Aaron's? Oops!...Didn't realise that one of them is you! Wah! Look so young - like sisters! Hahahahahaha!!!! you owe me a BIG dinner for that!

  9. that means its a thump-up,eh?- i'll go watch it,tks..

  10. i like your photo, Claire. You look good in this hairstyle :)

  11. how's the lohbak? i somehow feel tat lohbak in KL is never as authentic as those in penang :)

  12. How come you "yucks" your heroine? LOL :D War...reached home at 2am heh? Did you encounter anything unusual? :p

    A wanted to watch Where Got Ghost too...perhaps gonna get the DVD. :p

  13. You look young and beautiful. Nice haircut. :-) What's your secret? Great family time you have there. I wish my family will be as close as yours. Grown up already but they still spend time with mummy. I envy your family. :-) You must have been a great mother that's why they keep coming back to you.

  14. *sob sobb* long time didnt go to cinema.. i wonder when again..

  15. I will never want to go for ghost movie. Western ok, not the asian type, very scary.

  16. cath j: thanks for compliment. I chose the best to put here. Ha ha. ↲

  17. spend quality time with yr children..that's good..

  18. Aeiween: yes, there r some parts that made us jump up..hahaa.. actually i peeped and peeped..hahaa...

    SJ: yeah, they replenished for us.. so good of them

    Amy, just another one month more.. right>? then u r out from"Prison"

  19. William , during our time one ticket cost only 2rm for reserved seats.. now it is 10rm all rounder.. :)

    Miche: i also used to be scared.. but this movie, i am not so cos i know it is a singapore movie.. not so scary and geli like those korean shows..

    Chris: not same one la..if dvd.. see in cinema lagi shoik..hahaa..

    STP: ok ok.. a big meal for u... i m so so so so happy!! hahahaa... so you wash your mouth with oil ah? so smooth talking one.. lol..

  20. ah Ngao, ok lar..if u like local shows, go for it.. i like to see Mark Lee ma..hahaha.a..

    Wai Keong: yes, andy is back...

    Barb: i said, i put the best one there.. vain ma.. hahhaa..

    Manglish: not as nice as those authentic ones as u mentioned..

    Tiee: i dont know why, sometimes my hair look very ugly and at times, it is not.. maybe got mood one..some frens said it doenst suit me at all.. yes, family bonding is what we look forward to.. :)

    Rachel: nowadays i go cineplex with my kids only.. no more paktoring like those days.. :)

    Molly: this show is not very scared one but only it suddenly startled us.. :)

  21. Can enter look alike contest for mom and daughter leh!

  22. Pete: look alike meh? no one ever said that before.. hahaha..

  23. mid night show, how nice! Most important, some bonding time with your kids. :)

  24. indeed great family bonding yeah, how was the movie. i hate horror movie le, but tis wan comedy kind kan? hehe...


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