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Back From Gurney...

Yesterday I went to Penang with my girl, my mum and my brother... spent a night in Gurney Hotel. We booked a two-room suite at a corporate rate of RM295 nett that came with 4 buffet breakfast. Very worth it, I can say, the suite was big compared to the normal rooms we booked, the bed was more than a king size one that can accomodate we three ladies.

With a living hall, a small kitchen, two bathrooms, it was quite a luxury. The attached bathroom comes with a jacuzzi bathtub..... haiii... can soak for Many Minutes... lol... Actually this Gurney Hotel is not new anymore but I can say, it would be more fun and closer bonding if your family is around 5-6 people.

Andy came over to stay overnight and after the buffet breakfast, I took him back to college... see u, son.. in another 2 weeks.. hope you like the dimply mango cake!

the Gurney Hotel along gurney drive

the entrance from outside..

taken from the coffeehouse

gurney drive...

taken from the 27th floor where i stayed..

facing the seaside...

taken early morning..

oooopss..very untidy after waking up...

the attached bathroom..

the mum loves this.. hahaha..

the small kitchen equipped with plates, bowls.. etc..

packing up to go home.. very messy in the morn..

my girl "ponteng school"
cikgu, kenal budak ni tak?


  1. Claire, that was cheap , a suite room for RM295 plus 4 buffet wei...and Fernie ponteng sekolah hmmmmm glad you had a wonderful time there :)

  2. Great view reminds me of those golden days in my old office in Penang at the 20th floor. You have been travelling quite a lot lately?

  3. Really time flies.. didnt really relax also.. went here and there.. and by the time reached hotel in the evening, very exhausted already... wanna sleep only... and that was what i did.. i hit the pillow, so fast snoring away.. aaaahhhhh...

  4. cheah, if u noticed,it is only to penang mostly cos of my son, andy.. KL trip was nearly a month ago when i sent my eldest to the airport.. ipoh is in between.. one north, one south..

  5. i stayed there almost 2 years back, yes, agree with U the hotel is quite run down already...but the price is quite reasonable for family to stay ya!!

  6. somebody purposely tempting me eh? i sudah book me punya flamingo... i dun think got jacuzzi leh! waaa waa waaa.. {crying real loud here!}

  7. Hi Reana Claire, wow! This is new to me. I guess Penang has changed a lot since my ahemmm, wild days there, ha ha.
    I have always loved Gurney drive.
    Hope that I think its called 'Song Cafe' still there.
    Love that place.

    Your pics are really beautiful. And can see where your daughter got her attractive looks from, *wink*.
    Have fun Reana and keep well, Lee.

  8. ohhh i stayed there before with my family...we opted 2 rooms and they are very spacious, looking at ur pic, i think my parent's room is almost like your suite without the kitchen and thingy tho

  9. simplegirl: compared to 10 yrs ago, of course a bit older but still "stayable"... the buffet breakfast was much better than boulevard hotel.. my view la.. :)

    Merryn: my intention is to get u to penang as often as u can.. dont la come after 10 years later... hahaha...

    U.Lee: Song cafe? ok, let me check that out the next time i go there.. *wink*

  10. manglish: yes, that is the master bedroom with the attached bathroom.. the other bedroom, the bathroom is outside but equally clean and nice.. i like the fully equipped utensils, esp when we tar pau back, we hv those to put our food on..

  11. wah your daughter "ponteng" class ar? then better don't let her teacher see your blog LOL

  12. What a great way to spend time with your dear ones. The photos show such pretty views from your windows. Everyone should get "away" once in a while and just rest!

  13. wow..nice holidays with yr mum and girl..

  14. I will try it when next travel to penang hehehe

  15. this is a nice hotel!! I passed by it once when i visited Penang last year. Looks great!

  16. The price is quite cheap. Nice view

  17. Weiii, Claire, the price is cheap for a suite. :-D Included bfast, den summoer got fridge in da room? It's like an apartment hotel leh!

  18. RM295 for 4 persons is really worth it! :)

    Wow...a jacuzzi bathtub? Sounds very enjoyable aye.

  19. Aeiween: yeah lo.. ponteng class after pmr...

    cheryl: good to getaway, agreed but now the problem is i dont have enough leave.. sigh.. :)

    Wenn: yeah, wonderful place to relax

    Chrisau: next time stay there la.. :)

    SJB: yes, not bad.. facing the sea...

    smallkuching: facing the gurney, not seaside actually. :)

    Cleffairy: suitable for family esp with kids...

    Tekkaus: yes, for family around 5-6 persons, can stay together.. instead of having separate rooms next to each other...

  20. Hi there! A filipino blogger here! Hey that hotel looks very good huh!

  21. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the trip Claire,that's the most important--spending time with your loved ones^_^Nice view and the hotel is looks great dear!!

  22. Nice hotel. I like the bathtub! So nice.

  23. semidoppel: thanks for dropping by from filipines.. do keep in touch..

    Clarissa: yes, if time permits.. oh, money permits too.. then will go more often.. :)

    superman: u like the hotel or bathtub? hahaha...

  24. Ponteng??? kekekkekekk... tak pe... bagi relax sket... ^_^

  25. ur daughter teacher read ur blog too?

    btw, GH is a good hotel to stay...

  26. Wow... the rate quite cheap and I love the view from your room..

  27. CathJ: she has been going to school on and off since after pmr.. relax banyak, bukan skit..

    Rachel: i wonder whether she has come across or not.. haha..

    C.Alv.B: if early riser, can see the sunrise.. but too lazy to get up then...

  28. and the mother lets the girl ponteng! Aiyar! :P

    It is always nice to have a break away...

  29. We stayed at Gurney Hotel before many years back. Cheap and rooms are satisfactory. Northam Suites, located a stone's throw away is the sister of Gurney Hotel. Also very reasonably priced and satisfactory rooms. Is your son studying at USM?

  30. Hah, Ponteng to go to Penang, never mind lah, exam over! This is field trip! ha ha ha!

  31. Agreed...very cheap room especially it came with 4 breakfast. Ohh...I missed Penang... missed the food more! hehe

  32. Health Freak mum: Northam is much newer and more expensive too.. gurney was over 10 yrs old, if i m not mistaken.. G hotel is also nice... newer.. no, my son is not in usm but in private college..

    Pete: ponteng few times already la.. she is now tai sai.., :p

    mNhL: yes, reasonable.. nowadays penang hotels are quite expensive..

  33. Really cheap wo, I wanna go Penang during CNY, let me check out its availability first!

  34. such a nice hotel, hope to go penang again lah next time.

  35. cindy: that is corporate rate.. how much is the normal one, i dont know .. if go during cny, sure sky high rate.. hahaa...

    Hazel: yes, go penang jalan jalan cari makan.. :)

  36. I hanged around the lobby of this hotel before. The bathroom is superb.

  37. All i really want to say is that, next time we must really make the effort of meeting up, Ok?

  38. wahhh, u frequently go to penanglah, so good, frequently having vacation laa like that, and that ponteng class part very funny, "cikgu! ada budak ponteng sekolah"

  39. bf: u loiter in the lobby and u like the bathroom only? hahhaa.. sorry, just joking, indeed the bathtub was superb..

    Eugene: this time, we really must, yes.. arrange a day where all bloggers meet in Pg.. :)

    My reality: dotn know whether her cikgu will recognise her or not.. :)

  40. haha... cikgu kenal budak ni tak? hahahha... so funny!

  41. Hmmm... must remember to book this hotel if we go to Penang next time :-)

    Wah... ponteng school still smiling so widely... tsk tsk tsk *joking joking ok ok!*

  42. irene: she asked me to write a letter to her teacher, so i wrote that we went to penang... asked her to read my blog..hahaha... no la, the last sentence is a joke...

    Boeyjoey: tell me all about it when u have visit there...
    yeah, my girl.. holiday ma... sure smiling one...

  43. i might've stayed in the same suite!
    back then, the promo rate was about RM250+ only for the suite.
    well worth the price eh?
    and we squeezed in 2-3 families. :)

  44. J2Kfm: 2-3 families also can if dont mind sleeping on the sofa and floor.. hehehe.. what we want is the family bonding, right? when i ask for govt rate, it was 380rm .. so much difference!

  45. J2Kfm: 2-3 families also can if dont mind sleeping on the sofa and floor.. hehehe.. what we want is the family bonding, right? when i ask for govt rate, it was 380rm .. so much difference!

  46. 200? 300? Too expensive for old pensioner like me... Sob! Sob! Maybe Eugene will let me squat at his house...stay in storeroom also can, hope he will not force me to sleep in the toilet! LOL!!!

  47. wow, such a good deal!!!

    p/s: i have added u to my blogroll too

  48. STP: if eugene forced u to sleep in toilet, inform me straightaway! i will get u a nice room overlooking the sea... but dont choose the Hard Rock Hotel, OK? lol...

    2ma: thanks a lot.. do keep in touch!!


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