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Somewhere Over The Rainbow..

After all the food galore, I feel heavier everywhere... either I have put on weight OR my clothings have shrunk! Each blouse, skirt, dress I wear, either cannot button fully or cannot hook on completely..... alamak! don't tell me that the myth is true... it says as we age, we tend to put on weight? our metabolism has slow down? How scary, man....

What shall I do? I guess the only way is to exercise, do some brisk walking but for my case, normal walking also can, hor? When it comes to food, my girl has more self control, the moment she says she is full, she will stop eating, no matter how I tempt her, she will not lift a bite on the food. But me? Entirely the opposite, when I see new dishes served, I must at least have a bite, no matter how full I am, I sure wanna taste then baru satisfied... well, That's Me!

Coming back to losing weight, my girl and I had an evening walk after a slight downpour. It was shining again and we were so happy when we saw the beautiful rainbow looming just above... I couldn't resist not taking the picture of the rainbow.... pelangi...choy hoong...

can see or not? the 7 colors of wonder...

God's convenant, the rainbow...

oh.. my girl overtook me..

i overtook her back.. cos i want this pic.. lol...

see this house??? got chimney one
like what I used to draw when young...

this house is for sale, if renovated, it will be beautiful..
must be around RM300K at least for the land..
I wonder when my money printer is arriving.. sigh..


  1. sorry claire, didnt really read your blog, cos i just wanted to be the first here,, ok the rainbow, the house, the girl overtook you,,, i go and read know,,, hooray i am the first

  2. haha.. what la eugene.. ok, give u a prize when i see u next time.. thanks for coming by at this time of the day... hahaha...

  3. Dont forget the renovation cost. It would cost half a million for that house! Looks like lots of things need to do and touch up.

    As for food, I am also like you. Cannot stop trying new dishes even I am 101% full!! Hahaha!! Greedy.

  4. Wah Claire you sooo slim already ohh... Now I feel bad with myself... lazy to exercise...

  5. whew! you captured a rainbow! lucky you. :)

  6. it looked like a haunted house...

  7. Rose, i know , i know.. that is why i cannot afford.. i like the land area...
    oh., so we can shake hands now.. phew.. i m not alone.. we r greedy then.. hahaa...

    CathJ: i m much shorter than u.. i dont want to look like a pumpkin la.. hahhaa...

    cher: why? is it difficult to capture a rainbow? my hp is doing it.. hahaa.. should hv zoom a bit...

    anonymous: now u said it, it sure does, huh... ok, i wont buy then :)

  8. You look so fit and your daughter is so big! That's a very nice rainbow. I haven't seen a rainbow for ages already.

  9. Same gang!! Cannot tahan see new dishes :)

    Still young and beautiful, don't worry!

  10. wah.. in KL we hardly see rainbow... those fake de got la.. like in my baby's book.. R for Rainbow!!

  11. The house with a chimney, it looks like a padi field in front! No one stay there and the house looks a bit ...

  12. claire, if i have RM300K, i'll buy a brand new house. tapi of coz kenot get that big a land lah... why dia ada chimney? tak cukop panas kah kita?

  13. gwen's mummy: thanks.. cos i m in my late forties already.. not 30s.. yeah, nice rainbow, i should say..

    Agnes: this is called wai sik ,right?
    btw, thanks for compliment.. :)

    cynthia: i better go check fake ones.. haha...

    william: haunted? yes, long time no one stays there..they said if house left vacant long.. some other .... will go stay there.. :)

  14. Merryn: that house ah... during british times mah.. so got chimney lo... the bricks all are very strong one...good quality foundation one..

  15. Wow I hardly see house with chimney in this tropical region except those in the highlands such as Cameron & Fraser :D Nice rainbow!

  16. wow..u r lucky to get the rainbow shot..

  17. Ben: old houses during the british time ... this old house is authentic already....

    wenn: it is quite frequent these days...maybe bec of the drizzle...

  18. hi there, just have one little favor..please vote for Efren Penaflorida by checking my blog.. your vote means a lot.thanks =)

  19. Looks like you have to rajin-rajin blog more to get the RM300K lor :p

  20. ismiyaki: thanks for coming by.. will go now..

    smallkuching: type till fingers blunt also susah to get that amount la...hahaha.a..

  21. LOL....too much good food huh? Now, gotta go on diet to lose the excess. Btw, that house looks eerie leh...dun think i will buy it even if Im a millionaire!

  22. money printer...i also want ler....yeah, to reduce weight is to exercise and have balance diet....wish to tell that to myself....hehehe

  23. Hahahaha!! Like my mom, she goes everywhere with her umbrella. In the eveing when she siram bunga pun she got umbrella one. So funny! Love that pic of you with the umbrella. Makes me so terribly homesick!

  24. an evening walk just after raining is nice.*dreaming*

    now am imagining the house with new fresh paint, a beautiful garden... with trees and swing (must have owh). smoke coming out from the chimney.. snow (went overboard with the imagination already...). hahaa!!!

  25. I love the rainbow photo, beautiful. How nice you and your daughter can take walks together. When my daughter comes home from college this weekend she wants me to take a long walk with her and have a picnic! I am so happy about that.

  26. chris: if buy, hv to demolish the whole house.. not staying on like that.. not interested?

    Via: can shake hands with u ler...

    Fely: older generation is like that one... carry umbrella.. as protection also against dogs ma.. hahaha..

    elcynthia: dont imagine so much, go buy one.. hehee... as if buying vege from market.. talking is easy hor?

    Cheryl: hope u have a wonderful time with your girl when she comes back.. :)

  27. RM300K is extremely cheap. Here...for that price, we can get the corner terrace or an old semi-D in some parts of the town, not all!

  28. STP: 300K is cheap? wow..u rich fella.. i dont think i be able to earn that amount for the rest of my life la... sigh... better stay back in my old house here..

    My Reality: mine too! mine too! maybe our detergent shrunk our clothings.. :)

  29. ehh... I also wanna buy money printer. Gimme your supplier contact k ? LOL!

  30. Printer do breaks down, wouldn't it be better if it RAINED money!!!

    **Hey girl, I need a moment of your time to place your vote on my 2nd Blogoversary Post on my children’s blog. Because many readers feedback that they don't see my sidebars. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and Thank you if you could just hop over to vote.

  31. Elaine: *put your ear nearer to mine...whisper, whisper.. #......"

    angeline: ok, sure i will hop over in the evening.. i cannot click on yr name here in the office.. it wouldnt go to your blog.. unless u give me your blog addy now.. :)

  32. Wow...the rainbow you saw was almost a complete one. 2 days ago I also saw one but only 1/4 of yours. haha...but still beautiful.

  33. Lovely colorful rainbow, lovely song, lovely leggy legs, lovely umbrella (why young girls no carry umbrella?), not so lovely house with the chimney could have other "extras" hehe..

  34. Lucky to see a rainbow.. very nicely shot.

    Brisk walking.. it was sunny eh? You had to hold an umbrella hehehe :P.

    Exercise not just weight losing, for health too. Keep it up.

  35. Hahahaha.. money printer. Does jog can really reduce our weight? its only make me more hunger for food.. hehehe.. thats why I tried for pilates.. hehee

  36. mNhL: quite often nowadays i see rainbow.. maybe a new colorful life? hahaa.. just joking..

    cheah: pandai cakap la u.. i take umbrella just in case hujan or stray dogs.... but ho, it was shining instead.. hahaa...

    C.Alv.B: well, i didnt jog, i walked only.. but feel fresher after that.. it is good to walk more..

  37. haahahha..i have the same problem...i grew up believing that if i dont finish my food har then i will get an ugly wife...but then i know it is so that i wont waste the food now i lick my plate clean everytime and even plates of those around me if dey kenot finish their food hahahaa....i just kenot tahan see got food in the plates...very bad hor...:)

  38. hmmmm claire, i'm wondering, why you bring an umbrella go for evening walk lei? hahahhahahahahhahah *BLEK*

    Eh, you look slim la, where got fat!

  39. i think the mommy is more siew jie that the daughter; carry umbrella some more!

    and yes! as we age we hv to put extra effort to increase the metabolism rate.

  40. Oh Claire, I like to take rainbow picture too. I got some with me in my hardisk where I snap with hp or digital camera.

  41. manglish: in that case, your wife is beautiful as Miss World or Miss Hongkong..whoever is more beautiful.. !! hahaa...

    annieq: i took cos scared of rain ma.. the rain just stopped and the rainbow came out.. and also to protect ourselves from stray dogs and perverts!! :)

    Miche: not siew jie la.. for prevention purposes as stated.. hehehe...

    Amy: do show your rainbow.. a colorful life for u too!

  42. Money Printer, I also want leh...he he he. Wah, Claire is determined to lose weight!

  43. you and your daughter and have some quality time walking around your neighbourhood lar! :)

    Yeah...I think it must be because we are older right now. So surely our once very damn active metabolism have slowed down. :p

  44. The house has a chimney? Awesome. I wonder how does the fireplace look like. :p But the house does look if it is haunted. :p

  45. Anyway nice rainbow shot! I still aren't able to capture any rainbow yet. :p

  46. Pete.. money printer is only for those like me.. u disqualified la... :)

    Tekkaus: hey, u mana in my gang.. u so young la.. wait till another 2 decades first..
    the house scary? no la.. i see see, like very peaceful only.. maybe good for making movies ...

    Cafe au lait: thanks...

  47. Beautiful! Now I can show this to my girl. She was asking me if rainbow is REAL or not. hehehe


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