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Pity My Shimeji..

Those who said that I am a good cook, think again!

In fact, I was contemplating whether I should put this up or not, it might be a BIG embarrassment for me... cos I have "murdered" a recipe, (excuse the pun).. I got the steps wrong and it turned out so different from her blog....

While I was cooking this, I was thinking, how come the outlook was so different from the her post??? How come hers looked so yummy and mine was like "yat piat si?" ... (x'cuse my pun again) ...

Ok, here are some pictures I took, this dish is called Stir-fried Beech Mushrooms with Salted Egg.... ( i wanna laugh already )... People normally say "murdering the song" but I "murdered the recipe"... hehehee...

the main ingredient-shimeji mushroom
*quote* rich in anti- oxidant & recently
found to have anti-cancer properties in them

After some minutes of cooking, mine turned out like this......a total makeover from the original !

where did i go wrong?

how come macam ni?

Then this morning I asked my "tutorial teacher" where I went wrong, step by step I related how I did it... after some "revision", she told me this step, that step... all the steps.... no wonder la different.. wrong cooking method la...

The only consolation is.... Fernie said it was very nice, so nice to bite... and even sked me to do it again when her brother comes back for his holidays !!!!

(If she knows how the original dish looks like, she wouldn't have said this, cos there is nothing for her to compare... what she doesn't know, won't hurt me.... LOL.... :()


  1. hahahahahhahaaahahahah..........ok lar the look not very good..but i am sure the taste's great!!!!

  2. manglish: rightly so... taste and u will know!!!
    See, it rhymes...

  3. Great! The shimeji mushrooms have transformed into maggots.... Don't worry, I'm sure it's still edible...

  4. oh gosh.. maggots?? aaahhh... please dont remind me.. we have happily bitten and crunched them ... wonder where they r now? in or out...

  5. haha.. looks good la..
    if i get this dish.. i sure WALLOP without questioning.. =)

  6. looks like lor shi fun to me...hehe. most important, the taste must be good. :)

  7. ken: wallop first..comment later.. ok, i try again one more time...

    miche: yes..looks like maggots or loe shi fun.. but very nice to bite wor...clak clak...

    sjb: this is the first time i ate shimeji..

  8. that looks interesting ;) btw thanks for droppin by my site.. oh regarding "wordless wednesday" its a weekly meme ...

    check this out if u wanna join us and have fun:

  9. Oh well, call it an adventure in cooking! Must have been ok as your daughter enjoyed it and wants it again when your son comes home. Just call it "your" dish now!

  10. Marice: ok i will hop over now..

    Cheryl: u r always encouraging... thanks a lot! hope to improve..

  11. maggots??? hahahahhaha... claire.. congratulations..u've achieved the highest ratings for cooking up maggots! lol.. i'm laffing real hard here... oh gosh.. oh gosh.. hahahaha...

  12. LOL !!!! Looks more like fried loh shee fun. Aiya, just plain fry with garlic n some salt. SURE won't go wrong punya !

  13. As long as boleh makan (edible) looks can close one eye. Think you gotta change the title & lyrics of "murder on the dance floor" to "murder on the kitchen floor". I always tell my soulmate this "whatever you cook I swallow, wherever I go you follow". At times whatever the outcome wallop..

  14. LOL.... that's the worst you can do, Claire? Haiyorrr... you haven't seen my cooking yet ahh.... worst than yours. You know your potato chicken recipe that you gave me? The look horr, enuff to put off people from eating. But then again, it turn out nice, so sometimes, you just have to ignore the presentation. I'm sure yours very nice to eat despite of the way it looked like. LMAO....

  15. Merryn: i bet no one can beat me on this... for making the shimeji looks like maggots... hahahaaa...

    Media007: sure it look nice? then u r the first one to compliment.. lol...

    Elaine: never be deceived by looks, mixed with salted egg, it brings out the taste.. :) try it!

    via: one packet 4.90.. very little, i need another box if sons come back....

    Cheah: can i copy paste your quote? it is effective to give someone.. hahhaa...

    Cleffairy: only consolation was.. as i said, my girl likes it and asked to cook it again.. at least not the same old dishes as potato chicken... hahahaa....

  16. I'm still convinced that you are a good cook! :p Pity you Shimenji though. They have been brutally murdered. :p

    They look like "O chien" ler.:D

  17. eh to me it look like chau lobak koh with eggs. Looks yummy to me wor. Maybe instead of u murdering it.. u created another dish. hehe

  18. Tekkaus: is that a compliment or a critism??? good cook and then brutally murdered the shimeji!! aaahhhhh... not many can do both at the same time, hor.. LOL....

    Sasha: that was salted egg coated... hahhaa. .i guess i put up my own recipe for this.. yeah, thanks for the idea.. i name it.. "shimeji eat to kill... "

  19. not bad..u hv tried yr best..

  20. Ipoh cooks anytime still good lah~! I miss Ipoh food so much already... Haha...

  21. hhahhaha.. don't worry, you are not the only murderer in the kitchen.. weee

  22. wenn: not tried my best yet... yet to come..

    Henry: do come back more often.. mum's cooking is still the best, right?

    Karlota: hahaha.. i hope not.. .

  23. Look like lou shi fun, he he he! But with salted eggs, I am sure it is nice....another recipe for me to expriment! LOL!

  24. Ok what,you just murdered the dish, short of mutilated it,, that still makes you a big cook......

    hey clarie have a good weekend chao

  25. it's really not look like a dish, keep on trying n u will success.

  26. Looks fine to me! My daughter would love that! She loves those mushrooms!!!

  27. Reanaclaire be my guest its copyleft, moreover not my original can't remember where I gather 'em.

  28. Pete, dont follow my way.. go see the original recipe from the link.. unless u want to "murder" the shimeji.. hehehe....

    Eugene: brutally mutilated.. someone here said.. now i think twice about cooking it the same way..
    hey, u have a good weekend too..!!

    Chris: what curve? oh chuen wan?? hahaha...

    STP: u brighten up my day!!! don't judge by its look, actually, not bad one.. (ahem).. with the salted egg plus a bit of sugar, it was very nice to bite .. only the looks "ran away"..hahaha...

    Cheah: ok, we keep that between us.. u no say, i no say.. no one knows.. :)

  29. oh Hazel, yes, gonna try again till i get it right... yeh!!!

  30. yea, it looks like "lou shi fun" to me. Something new lei. look interesting.

  31. Annie Q and the Little Lamb: wise ladies think alike... so next time i name it "shimeji's lou shi fun"

  32. As long as it tastes good, who cares about the appearance right? LOL!

  33. talking about piano, i really interested to have one but what's the brand of ur piano? how much?

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Health Freak Mum: i will try again and hope to get it right this time.. :)

  36. i had add u in my link as well~ :)

  37. well, now you have a new recipe..kekeke..

  38. smallkucing: its kind of self consolation..


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