Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Wall Of Pa-Loh?

Sambungan cerita: Continued from Part 1, the Great Wall of Pa-Loh (as Cheah has put it, good idea!), the new neighbour only "cut" one feet down off its the great high wall...

I do not know why some people like this fella want to cover himself till this extent... what is so private about walking in and out of the house... why need to be hidden from the "light"... why couldn't he interact with the neighbour, why want to make enemy even before shifting in?

his side.. so nicely painted....

and left my EX-house like this!!!
so fu-fuuu-riouss!
why can't they do a decent job!!

In the midst of my anger after seeing this,
I went to cool myself down ...

though not so nice but under the hot weather and hot over this Wall, I stuffed myself with this ICE... sigh...

I pity the family who is occupying my Ex-house, it seems the fire bridgade came this afternoon because of the short circuit somewhere in the house and it was caused by the neighbour's drilling here and there... Good Grief!! Something ought to be done.....


  1. Well, there are alot of people out there who are selfish in nature...I am pisssed off with this kind of attitude too!

  2. The new owner should consult 'S' and if agreed upon remove the iron fence and do a good job. But then later insist to split the bill padan muka haha.. The same case happened to my friend in Penang but [hoe lei hoe hei] good come good go, the neighbour takes care of the bill. The height was lower.:)

  3. Alamak Claire... Best lah the way you release tension.... *bahagia!!!* ^_^

    If me.. Claire.. I plant the morning glory on the pagar... let it cover all the fence and let some of the flower crawling to the other side... if they ask y.. say lah to cover the tembok... very ugly... ;-p

    I think its not bad right... plant flower only marrr... ^_^

  4. omg that is so rude! and how the hell can you paint in between the bars! he sure is hinting to get his wall seen!

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    Mummy Diaries
    Game FreakZ
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  5. Do you have ordinances that would cover this type of thing? Here we have to have permits to build or add on to buildings. It seems such a shame. I would be saddened to have this happen to me.

  6. haha.. having ABC or some icer-cream will cool down immediately one..
    i am like that too. hahaha

  7. the house opposite my place.. becomes a mansion in da midst of terrace double storey.. sometimes, ppl just being too ambitious but dun have the money to get a decent bungalow!!!!

  8. Elin: yes, really pissed! at least hv the courtesy to do a good job on the neighbour.. sigh...

    Cheah: initially, they should consult S to say that they make the wall level la.. S would readily agree one.. as long as the wall is not sky high la.. at least wont be so ugly as now...

    CathJ: that is a good idea..yeah.. make something entwined till the other side... hahaaa...

    Tina: he is of un-civic-mind...

    Cheryl: now i m trying to find out whether what he did is right or not.. i might check with the local council and see...

    Dolly: temporary takes my mind of it.. but now looking at the pics reminded me again... :(

  9. Merryn: maybe they want to show off.. outstanding.. they want to oversee everyone... pissed..

  10. some ppl just couldn't care less..

  11. hmmm.. i don't know other way to tell u how to paste pic on ppl face.. so... =.=
    ok.. open the ppl picture in "paint", google whatever pic u want, just PASTE to replace..

    hahaha.. no special skill or software required..

  12. Wenn: yeah... they just dont care... sigh...

    dolly: oh , tot u need the photoshop software... hehe.. never mind.i tot of doing my own banner..

  13. Happy 15th birthday to your daughter! My daughter is also 15 too.

  14. The house opposite me did exactly the same thing! I hate ppl like this!

    If you want to live in a terrace community, you shouldn't do that! They don't even bother to think of others' feelings. Selfish ppl!

  15. Well! Well! Some people are so damn selfish! I guess you couldn't do much about it right! ;(

  16. My roof is leaking now due to the neighbour's renovations. Earlier when I was away on holiday, I came back to find my back fence torn down and replaced by a wall that was just cutting towards my side of the house a little bit. They had informed us about putting up that wall but very sneaky to do it when I was away and eating into about 2 inches of my space so what can I say? If I ask them to tear it down right after they put it up, do you think the Indon workers will be very happy? Don't know what they will do then. During the reno, each week, I had to dig out bags of cement from my back drain which became all clogged up as a result. Ok. Sorry for ranting. I tink I need some of that ABC myself. Hehe.

  17. Tammy: thank you..same to your daughter too!

    Celine: dont know why some ppl think about themselves only... they should stay in single houses lot where they can do what they like at no one else's expense..

    Glenda: furious and yummy later.. hahaha..

    Tekkaus: she can complain to the contractor.. ask them to repaint the back wall for her..

    Mumsgather: they r cowards, they want to take advantage and so wait for the right moment to "attack".. some ppl just wouldnt care less about their neighbours.. even before shifting in, they have plans not to make frens but enemies... sigh..

  18. that guy is really an A**hole. At least have the decency to paint the other side for you. So...are you going to paint it yourself?

  19. your son is lucky to see tuscany with his own eyes. The dessert looks a bit like Philippine's Halo-halo.. ciao.

  20. Really fenced up and no eye see the other side ah? Too bad they make it like this and never think of your side how it look like.

  21. Barb: haha.. i love the A and the hole..

    Karlota: i can only look at the pics.. :(

    Superman: he just couldnt care a Sh**t! :)

  22. The most frustrating for one is to have a or two or three FUNNY neigbours, these people are worst than the idiot and fools.

    I was staying in my old apartment, imagine my neigbour raring a big Rotwailer type of canine on the corridor, yes i really mean at the corridor, because his is the corner unit.(this reminds me to go back there and take a picture of the dog and post about it)

    That's life lah, human are damn selfish and kiasu one lah, let them be, they will get their REWARDS in no time,, karma ma

  23. Good idea. Go for the ice kacang. :) Too bad we dont have it over here.

  24. the wall is still too high lar hahahaha......why like that hor? since u have interacted with him, what is ur opinion of him har? lan si or not? hahahhaha

  25. Hi Reanaclaire, sad to see a neighbour doing that kind of fence.
    He tries that here he'll be pulled to court. Besides he'll need approval from relevant authorities.
    And re that short circuit, he should be paying for the problems.
    Good idea have that ice. Looks delicious. Ypu just stay cool, Lee.

  26. Eugene: wah...like that also got ah? that dog can kill one.. :) so make sure u dont go disturb it, fren.. when take photo, u better zoom it..

    CY: u can go for the thailand coconut :)

    Manglish: lansi? if lcly, he will lose one customer in his sundry shop.. when he talked to me that day, he was ok but i m sure he grumbled when i went off..

  27. I just curious... did he plaster another wall the other side too?

  28. don't bother this kind of selfish neighbour. In future he need help , shout also no one can hear him. hahahhahahha

  29. cynthia: the other side was very much lower.. the head can be seen on the other side.. only this side cos of the different race.. biased!

    AnnieQ: see no evil, hear no evil? hahha...

  30. Wah~ Ur wall... Really speechless after I c ur photo.. hmm..

  31. macam my neighbor... she did that to the back as well and our view sid eof the wall is slowly crumbling now because of the not firm work! :P

    Some people are just selfish and ignorant.. bring it up to the comittee of the area maybe? they should know what to do.

  32. hehe good post. will visit you again tonight Claire. Have to run for work before I'm getting late

  33. Hi Eugene, it's a "butchers dog" no joke. . Firstly cannot have pet in apartment and now at the corridor some more? Real 'chiak lat'. Another what 'A..hole' ah..?

  34. little prince mummy: me too speechless but rant out in blog!

    Ladyviral: these type of ppl can stay next to each other.. "like u do me, i do to u.."

    Weng: run run... but come back tonite! :)

    Cheah: wonder whether eugene will come back to see this or not..

  35. U.Lee: sorry .. left out the reply to yours cos of the overlapping of my comment earlier.. thanks for coming by..yeah, if it happens in your country, sure kena summoned already.. over here, we got to bear with such attitude...

  36. Hi reanaclaire, thanks for dropping by my blog. Actually I've been visiting yours too, silently ;-) Haha, dun fret too much over that slab of concrete since u don't stay there anymore.. luv that ice kacang *slurp*

  37. Oh! There are many selfish neighbours like that! I speak from experience!

    Btw, the ice kacang looks delicious! Drooling : )

  38. Irene: ish ish.. yeah.. that is him.. hahaa...

    chloe: thanks for coming by, silent reader.. :)

    foongpc: how to be 1Malaysia? :(

    SBJ: memang sedap esp cuaca panas..


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