Wednesday, October 14, 2009

U R 14 Going On 15...

Someone turned 15 on the last day of PMR exam!!! What perfect timing!!!

Well, she wanted to celebrate her birthday bash with her best friends ... mummy said why not... (at least I can have a quiet evening by myself...yehhh!) Nay, that was a joke, I didn't like to spend the evening alone by myself and at the same time, I din't want to spoil her fun by tagging along with them.... (sporting mummy, huh? lol.... )

Last minute planning... six of these gals went for dinner at CraZY Ice Cream corner in Persiaran Greenhill at 7pm and I went home alone... (kind of sad huh?) But of course, it was not so..... I have my own best friend too, thank God... one phone call and she arrived in a couple of minutes... We had a very satisfying dinner in town too.... (thank you, pal)

When I reached home around 9pm, the 6 young gals were waiting in the house..... so early, I was thinking..... Well, Girlie said she wanted me to witness her cutting the cake... (awwww.. how sweet!! but i guess that she is just too shy to cut it in the coffeehouse... anyway, benefit of the doubt makes me happy too...)

one for the album....
with her best pals...

their posing so natural, hor?
how come I cannot pose like that one!!

aaaaahhh... ngammmm!!!



  1. hey fernie! happy birthday!!
    so beautifully dress a my quite mature oso..hahaha..anyway, happy birthday! May God continue to bless u, get good pmr results and be a shining light for Him..will try get some things here in italy for u..mebe some biscuits???hahahaha

  2. anyways, happy birthday fernie! :)

  3. So happy birthday to your daughter. They grow up very fast huh! :p

    The cakes look nice.

  4. Ayooo Claire... your daughter so lovable.. Happy bday to her... sweet 16th!!!! ah-hem.. beware so many young bloggers will check out on her,.... hhihihihihi.... (Joking ahhh)

  5. Agnes: 15 only... going on sixteen in 2010.. hahaa.. i used the sound of music song..

    Son: she chose that dress... she made me buy that... and she wore it last night.. now she wants to do rebonding.. so how???

    Merryn: thank you auntie merryn.. on behalf of fernie.. :)

  6. Tekkaus: thank you, seh seh, terima kasih.. yeah, in a couple of years, she will be..... 21?

    CathJ: terima kasih banyak! as for bloggers looking out for her, let me screen through first.. hahaa...

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter Fernie, wishing her "cheng chun mei lai - canto"

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Happy sweet birthday to your princess!

  10. Happy birthday to your princess. From now on, time seems to pass faster already.

  11. cheah, thanks for pretty wordings..

    irene: yeah,princess.. she is really siew cheh..

    William: hopefully not so fast la.. then i be alone.. :(

  12. awwww...she is really sweet n thoughtful.

  13. Happy Birthday to your girl! The cake looks pretty. Bet it tastes great too.

    In response to your query, this is my main blog. Thank you, Reana, for stopping by.

  14. Miche
    Happy Surfer
    Thank you for your kind wishes.. my girl has read the comments with a happy grin on her face...

  15. Can you help me to pass a message to your daughter?



    Wish you all the best in your PMR exam!

    Stay pretty and healthy~~~

    Must really enjoy your life so study and play hard!

    Thanks Claire... hehehee

  16. happy birthday! woo.. cool...
    Grow up lo!

  17. Happy birthday to your daughter! Wah, my daughter turned two last august and my husband and I already got so kan-cheong about her growing up. Can't imagine her turning 15!!! But I guess that's the beauty of having kids, you see them flourish right before your eyes. The most perfect gift from God!

  18. Aeiween: thanks girl for your lovely words.. i passed on already...

    Voon: thank you...

    Fely: thanks to u too.. yes, they grow up fast.. year by year, they r different..

  19. The cake look good (*_*). Oh, happy birthday to ur daughter.

  20. and today she is 16 going on 17 :) Happy belated birthday GIRL! I love that fruit cake! :)

  21. happy belated birthday to your princess. any boys lining outside your house already?

  22. SJB: she chose her own cake.. this mother here is not into baking.. :)

    Manglish: she is only 15.. :)

    Barb: no boys yet, houseflies plenty! hahaha....

  23. You know looking at those pictures of your girl,really make me want to go back in time, to the time when i could be in my 17. 18 or even 19.. hahahah( i wish that i could turn back the clock, put the wheel of time to a stop).

    Dont they all look so jovial, carefree, like the cantonese say " even the sky were to fall on them, they will just take it as a blanket to cover them) hahahah.

    Happy Birthday to the wonderful daughter of Miss Claire (the famous and celeb blogger among us)

    hey, claire, when is your birthday lah?

  24. Oh i see no worries sometimes it happened to my blogroll also.. =( but nevermind as long as you are in my blogroll i will always come here and visit you no matter you got update your blog or not! LOL~

  25. Eugene: eh..during my teens.. mana ada macam ni.. wanna go parties also have to hide hide man.. hahhaa.. sangat strict that time..
    so i make sure that my kids do not have to hide.. and enjoy their youth.. to a certain limit, of course.. hehe..
    my birthday? between u and me, next month la.. masih got time to buy me something eh.. hahahahaa...

    Aeiween: thanks.. i will do that too..

  26. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy the 15.. and come 16.. and 17... 18... 19... till then, mummy will not tag along when you pak toh.. :D

  27. Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday to Fernie

    Happy birthday to you!!!

  28. Cynthia: i only worry she tag after me.. not me after her.. hahaha...

    Annie!: she is blowing the virtual candles on the screen.. :)

  29. Happy Birthday, girl.

    Very thoughtful of girl to share the happiest moment of the Birthday with Mom.

  30. Happy 15th Birthday to your darling daguther, Fernie.

    May she be filled with happiness and more to come :).

    Now where is my share of the cake? :P

  31. Hi Reanaclaire..visiting u..pssst im ur silent reader lol!
    Happy birthday to ur beautiful princess..wish her all the best and Good Luck on her PMR result too! God Bless!

  32. smallkuching: thank u .. thoughtful or shy, i m still wondering.. :)

    Ladyviral: u come ipoh,i belanja u makan cake.. :)

    Flo: pssst.. thank u for yr wishes and being silent reader as well .... silence is golden..

  33. Belated birthday greetings to your girl and may all her wishes come true, plus praying that she'll sail through her PMR with flying colours!!!

    Gosh! Are they only in Form 3? Children grow so very fast these days... Must be all the good food! LOL!!!

  34. STP: look matured for their age? yeah, u can say that again.. me at 15 looks like a real country girl.. naive .. dont compare their generation with ours.. so much difference!
    btw, thanks for the wishes.. :)

  35. Happy Birthday to your girl! They seems enjoyed the night very much and posing with the cake in their mouth. Hehe.

  36. Claire,
    Wuah.. your girl so big already ? and pretty too...I'm sure you are a proud mum. I would too, if my girl insist on waiting for me to cut the cake... :)
    Happy Birthday Fernie !

  37. superman & Cookie: thanks for the greetings.. they memang enjoy.. the mother foot the bill ma.. hahhaa.. no wonder wait for me, hor?

  38. Toink!! Failed lor me...

    Nehmind... Take 2

    Happy Sweet Fifteen, Fernie!!

    Merryn : Sekali sekala let me become number 1 la har?

  39. happy birthday to your sweet girl too..
    oh yeah... u're very sporing mummy..

  40. Agnes: never mind.. i think my title misled u last night.. hahaha.. thanks all the same.. going to casuarina now for buffet.. my fren's son also birthday, sama umur.. :)

    Dolly: thanks.. i m not sporting one.. but forced to be one.. hahhaa..

  41. Happy Birthday to your daughter Fernie! Exam over and birthday, great timing!

  42. Pete:thanks for your wishes, yes, the timing is just perfect... :) now she shakes legs in the house..

  43. Happy Birthday to your girl... what a good timing... last day of PMR and celebrating her birthday.

    Wow, your kids so big already hor, so "hou meng" :-)

  44. BoeyJoey: a lot of blood sweat money spent.. hahaha.. just joking.. God's blessings in fact...

    Thily: thanks...

  45. Happy Birthday to Fernie! May all ur wishes come true.

  46. Happy Birthday Fernie! And glad that the last day of PMR huh! So you can have a big double celebration!! And Claire..u r such a cool mum... ;-)

  47. A very happy birthday to your girl. Lovely young ladies, I remember how my daughter used to love to have her photo taken, actually still does! The girls seem to know just how to "pose" too! Delicious looking cake as well.


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