Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy...

After a heartache episode yesterday, today was definitely much better. Even this morning's police blocks did not hamper us from going our for our breakfast. While BN and PKR were having their "heckling" in the Dewan Undangan just less than half a km away, that too did not dampen our spirits as well. We carried on with our morning mutual, "healing" our stomachs the proper way by going to a shop in Labrooy Road.....

My meals for today were....

pan mee RM3.00

The pan mee was quite filling, we made a "pact" that we would skip lunch.... but alas, mission uncomplished... by 1.30pm, the alarm in my stomach started to ring...ringgggg... gosh, can't I endure hunger? NO... but since it was already half lunch time, Elin, Kong and I proceeded to our canteen downstairs... and we ended up with this....

malay laksa..

a nearer angle...of muslim laksa...

we tot of sharing but ended up taking a plate each..
there goes my diet... (as if)

wow...and who gave me this????
My new profound fren, Elin, of course...

Delicious looking, aren't they?
See the "S" shape?
I didn't realise that when I snapped this...
Thanks again, Elin... for allowing me to test taste on.....
Green Tea Souffle Roll Cake
With Green Tea Walnuts Buttercream

(wow, the name sounds as delicious as the cake, right? How to go on diet like this, tell me.... LOL...)


  1. Pan mein for RM3!? In Miri, it cost a little bit more. My favorite food too but then I seldom eat.

  2. hehehe claire, i dun wish to be in ur shoes. eating those stuffs day in day out is so delicious, but then, i grow sideways real fast! so i can only take like.. a quarter of what u have taken? blek.. count ur blessings... :)

  3. Your diet plan is bound to fail! LOL!

    I also feel hungry looking at your photos. So anyone planning to go on diet will also fail when they read your blog. Haha! : )

  4. william: some stalls cost a bit more than 3rm.. yes...depends on which location ..

    Merryn: i told u.. i put on weight sideways..thanks to my new job as a taster... nv one wants anyway.. sigh...

    Foongpc: sure fail if wanna lose weight.. but for those who want to gain, this blog will be perfect.. hahaha. (just joking) dont end up like me...

  5. RM3 is darn cheap ! How can you not eat ? BTW, is Elin yr colleague ?

  6. Wah Pan mee so cheap RM3 only, can eat 2 bowls, ha ha ha!
    Bought a copucino roll cake from the pasar malam yesterday, quite nice!

  7. Mmm... the cake looks very tempting *lick lips*

  8. wow..the laksa looks delicious..

  9. Haha...I know the feeling of I will "skip" lunch after a big breakfast and then my stomach alerts me! The green tea souffle looks very good.

  10. out more good stuff coming your way when the baking itch comes again..haha it's going to strike soon!

  11. elaine: bingo! haha.. but i didnt know she can cook so well till only recently!

    Pete: 2 bowls? gosh,i will muak! hahaa...copucino cake? ok will check it out in yr blog!

    Boeyjoey: yes, it has the green tea taste and the walnuts is fabulous, blending well in the cream...

    Wenn: laksa soup was not panas enough otherwise will be great...

    cheryl: seems i can never skip lunch.. the stomach disobeys! hahaa...

    Elin: come lets go gym la first.. or at least go to polo ground and fight off some calories first... pumpkin might be appearing soon in me....

  12. Claire, these foods look yummy; and it is making me drool!, i better make some dinner right no!

    btw, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    take care and visit you later.

  13. aikss~~!
    shouldn't open this blog early in the morning...
    not yet have my breakfast..
    nvm.. go bancuh susu... hmmph..

  14. Hi Reanaclaire, coming to your blog is pure torture, ha ha.
    Holy Smoke! Seeing the Malay laksa and muslim laksa, I can get their lovely smells here too, ha ha.
    Must get my wife to make laksa this weekend, ha ha.
    Have fun, Lee.

  15. hahahhahah dolly, same here...haahah btw i am really was the cake? i imagine it to be spongy, soft and the cream, creamy...and light...:)

  16. i love pan mian too. RM3 only? Here cost around RM4 at least...

  17. The name of the cake really sounds very nice....and the cream! the cream! the cream!

  18. cecile: oh yeah, dinner time for u over there, ya..enjoy your evening ahead.. :)

    dolly: susu segar lagi berkhasiat! hmmmm...

    U.Lee: how blessed u r to have a wife who can cook anything u want! :)

    Manglish: if u like green tea, u will love the cake cos it has the aroma of it and the walnuts with the cream was fabulous! i didnt eat much, 3 pieces of that only! hahaa..

    Mamamia: over here 3rm to less than 4rm.. unless it is minced pork mee or fish head noodles..

    mNhL: definitely not for those who are dieting.. :)

  19. My fav pan mee is in KL! It cost RM6 per bowl but too bad I can't have it here. :D

  20. See i told you,you'd get over it, off course that would only happen if you had got good food, right, claire?

    Happy coming home,,,, to the beloved son of claire's

  21. Tekkaus: so expensive for a bowl? wow.. std of living there is definitely very high compared to ipoh...

    Eugene: so now u know me pretty well.. food not only win the men's hearts but for ladies as well.. destressing but only stress cos of the gain in weight..

  22. Bay tahan.. price is so much lower compared to Klang Valley..real C&G (cheap & good). :p

  23. Nice...thanks for sharing. I like Pan Mee...:)

  24. cheah: no wonder i heard many retirees migrate back to ipoh when they retire from KL.. :)

    Nightwing: anytime.. that is my daily desire.. eating..

  25. Why go on diet if so difficult to control yourself and your stomach? hehhe! As long as you are happy (and hubby happy too) it is fine. :p

  26. Claire, you are so lucky to have a colleague who can cook so well!! Almost everyday can try her "new recipe"!!

  27. Rose: u r absolutely right, the more conscious about my diet, the more i eat.. my colleague had just told me that i put on weight, my tummy has grown.. :(

    AnnieQ: for people who can control their makan, it is very blessed to have a good chef in the office.. :) yes, i love what she brings to me... simply love eating them.. consequences? what r they? hahhaa...

  28. you had Muslim Laksa and Pan Mee for lunch?! That is alot!!!

    RM3 is cheap. I can't find any RM3 meals here anymore in Selangor :(.

  29. Like you always told me how you wish to be my neighbour. I also wish to be your neighbour then we can share our food and go "kai kai" together and try out some nice food out

  30. RM3.00???!?1?!?
    wow! i can only get plain porridge at my place here.. with RM3.00. sigh.

    - 4.10pm haha!

  31. ladyviral: dont shocked me lar.. pan mee was for breakfast, laksa was lunchie.. cake was dessert.. wah, how to eat all at one shot.. hahaha...

    Amy: what a good Idea!! next time see where my kids go.. i make sure they stay near to u...

    AL: hey, u r very right! plain porridge with a few varieties can be quite costly .. normally when i share with frens, we ended up paying 6-7rm each per pax.. porridge is not cheap anymore...

  32. Love the green tea souffle roll cake!!! nice!!


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