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Something Fishy In GP

Someone was feeling very hungry, 15 minutes before 1pm, Lynn was hurrying me to go for lunch, beh tahan already, she said... Cannot blame her, this morning she didn't follow us out for breakfast and thus the early call. Both she and I gathered up our our group (mar chai) and five of us headed off from the office...

"Where to?" the unpaid driver (ME) asked... "Why not try the newly opened food court in First Garden?", Nancy suggested. Oh, I didn't know the way, not my territory, but after a few twists and turns on the road, we finally reached the destination, the Golden Point aka GP in First Garden.

Really newly opened 29/10/2009

Golden Point

big complex, food court downstairs
exercising gym upstairs, i was told..

Kong and I walked round the food court
and ended up ordering something fishy...

one of them fish..waiting to be our "victim"

after 15 min. our dish arrived...

looked kind of plain, right?
but the taste was very different... fantastic!

Chef Elin's review of the fish...
"black beans with sugar, garlic, shallots.."

just rightly cooked, not dry, not raw either..
smooth texture with the original kind of taste..

after walloping one sizzling plate of mee
she can still manage some spoonful of rice..
including the fish and its tail

sucking and eating the fish bones.. LOL....

there, i told u, she sucked in all!!! poor fish....

now u see it...
and now u don't
no head, no tail... guess who have taken it all???

Though the fish cost RM24 with one plate of rice,
it was worth it, head and tail also missing already!


  1. like a piranha walloping a fish! lol

  2. Wallop including the bones? huhhhh dangerous Parlo people???

  3. Merryn: sharp teeth and all... hey, u used "exclamation mark" again! lol...

    Cheah: don't waste ma...hahhaaa.. parloh ppl, dont play play..

  4. when i saw the pictures i got hungry.
    i seldom eat fish here. fish here is always frozen which i don't like. it doesn't taste good when it is frozen.

  5. wah....lunch only leh, also eat so much like dinner?

  6. yummm......steam fish.....seems too good to be lunch

  7. looks very interesting...never had anything like it here. I had to chuckle about the gym upstairs, I would need to use it after I had a big lunch!

  8. just like Christopher says, lunch only lor, already so "foon fu" , these kind of dishes for me only can get during Kong Hee Fatt Choy..hahahahah

  9. FaYe: yes,fresh water fish tastes better unfrozen.. but if given no choice, we got to make do with frozen ones.. :)

    chris: one dish only lar for lunch.. no other dishes.. something light..

    eric: we just wanna try how it taste, so we ordered just one dish and try..nibbling..

    Cheryl: yeah..that was what i heard, either exercise first then wallop downstairs or the other way round...

    eugene: not foong foo dish only as i said..just to try out the fish..if good, next time bring my kids there..

  10. bones also gone????????? is best cooked simply....

  11. RM24!!! Quite expensive wor... but since the bone also gone, then you all 'dai fan' teehee...

  12. manglish: hehee.. can masuk guiness book of record.. missing bones..

    Agnes: that was what i tot too.. very expensive for a fish and one rice.. that was why my fren "sucked" the fish dry.. :)

  13. Nice place for eating and the fish is so fresh from the water!

  14. Wah... your friend Chef Elin, very efficient leh... must be so yummy, bones also must wallop habis!

  15. superman: fish was fresh but expensive.. right?

    Boeyjoey: mission impossible .. just for laughs..

  16. wow... ur blog now full of foodie pics =D making me so hungry =P

    even the fish looks good, even tho' i dun really eat much fish

  17. Wah..the fish look very nice with black bean. U all can reach the office on time after lunch? 1 hour only wo. Drive, find parking, order, eat, drive back to office (all in 1 hour), can meh?

  18. yanz: no happenings except on food, u see, go work, eat, work, home, sleep.. no clubbing, no small babies.. so at my age, no dating eat all i can and gain weight.. ouch!

    mNhL: amazing, right? this is IPOH life.. u go anywhere also, not much jam one.. reach within 10-15 min. makan... then come back by 2pm.. sometimes we go out 15 min yesterday, we r back by 2pm.. unlike KL..

  19. steam fish go with rice, so healthy lunch. :D

    RM24 is expensive but like you said, just to try out, if nice then can go again next time. :)

  20. Wah, nothing left...bones also kena steamed fish is real nice!

  21. At the last pix thought your fren used straw to slurp the ["chap" - canto] gravy lol..

  22. Wah! Lunch like that? So heavy...after that, back to office, not sleepy kah?

  23. annieQ: yeah, a bit expensive.. but it is fresh.. very.. 5 of us nibbling at the fish.. just nice.. not too full actually...

    Pete: looks like the bones also been crushed, right? haha.. just for laugh, the bones were on the table.. :)

    Cheah: 24rm ma.. so slurp the chap as well..hahaha.. no waste good food..

    STP: 5 of us .. walloping one fish.. mana full? tapi.. sleepy got la.. cos of msg i guess :)

  24. Wah mum!! You got to be bringing me there..Hehe..I havent tasted steam fish for quite some time..hehe

  25. Eat up the price's worth! Swallow the bones too! :P

    Looks plain in deed.. but I guess it does taste that good that even the bones are gone~

  26. Son, not to worry..when u come back, anything u want to wallop, just tell me.. hahhaa.. i make sure u will eat puas puas...

    Ladyviral: hahaa... looks like the bones were also finished up, hor? yes, looks plain, different style of cooking but it was not bad, only the price a bit expensive..

  27. War...poor fish! Kena suck till the end. :p

    At first I thought GP is the Motor GP! LOL :D

  28. Wow!!! that looks really very fresh! 24 bucks.. at least better than those non fresh fish dish. worth it! thanks!

  29. tekkaus: until yesterday, i didnt know my frens were so pandai to eat fish..

    AL: yes, 24rm seems expensive.. this type of fish is normally very cheap in the market...

  30. hmm good food good health.. I love you blog really.

  31. Wow..I have been promoted to Chef Elin. Bowing..thank you thank you...ahem that was great haha.

    The fish was the best though it was slightly expensive for that kind of fish. But I enjoyed the head and the belly most! Thanks for the date...since dating you, I have grown sideways! Brisk walking a must now :)

  32. Weng: thanks for the compliment, i luv it.. hahaha.. same from me, i dont have a swedish blogger except u!

    SJB: delicious..

    Elin: same from me.. u feed me homecooked food, i feed u delicacies from outside.. hahaa.. so both of us grow sideways same time... i lup u, u lup me!! we take care of each other!

  33. Opps! The head and tail are missing? ayoyo....the dish must be delicious to the max!

  34. That is talapia right? got mud smell or not? Some got mud smell. I hate those

  35. I love Ipoh streets food! I love chicken shred 'Hor Fun' and asam laksa the most. Just thinking of that I've already mouthwatering! Looking forward for more street food reviews. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Nice restaurant! I like so much fresh fish with rice!
    Happy Sunday!

  37. Poor fishies!!

    Kidding ... Nice write-up.

  38. Umni: yes, the bones were at the side.. hahaa..hidden from the camera...

    smallkucing: no smell cos it was still swimming and this type of talapia normally dont hv smell as those black in color ones...

    mylittlespace: thanks for coming by.. yes, ipoh has nothing attractive except for food.. hahaha...

    Pietro: thanks for coming by...

    Julian: do come by more often..thanks...


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