Monday, November 9, 2009

And The Winner Is....

I am getting excited about this CHEE CHEONG FUN post.....LOL.. ... excited because I have been accumulating these pictures and now displaying the list of places which I have frequented. Not only that, I am going to reveal the best chee cheong fun in IPOH town... (my own view, of course).... Oh, I thought of a contest and if the one revealed the right one, I am going to give him/her a prize.. but on second thoughts, why want to trouble my blogger friends, hor?

Just display the pictures and get on with it lar.. don't want to make hue and cry over a plate of chee cheong fun which I know not many would like to take them. At least I know two of my gang don't like it... they said it is blek... blek.... hahahaa.. know what I mean? I don't know actually.. hahaha.. anyway, just for the kick, here goes my list of chee cheong fun for you to savor!!

this is from Central restaurant along Jalan Raja Ekram
the cheecheongfun since the '70s..

this one in Labrooy Road..

i ate this yesterday in Parkson Grand food court..

this one also along Raja Ekram Road
corner shop famous for its curry mee...
I forgot the name of the shop..

this er.. er... oh..from old town
opposite Kong Heng coffeeshop..

ahhh.. my man fren's cheecheongfun
in Canning regular sunday breakfast

and finally.... MY BESTEST OF ALL..
along Cockman Street (Dato' Onn Jaffar Rd)
a stall by the road side
i know him since he was a handsome young man..
now in his 60s...


  1. OH MY GODDDD !!!! your post has just killed me !!! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee chee cheong fun and i misssssssssssss chee cheong fun.

    as a child whenever i go out with my parents to a food court it's alwaysss chee cheong fun for me !!

    please please come up with a home brew recipe for chee cheong fun so i can do it here.. pleaseeeee.


  2. Wow what a wonderful collage of cheecheongfuns! Noticed that many stalls served the CCF with green chilli pickles.

  3. i hentam all my monies on Ikram's Chee Cheong Fun..!

  4. King of Chee Cheong fun.

    i try it when i there.

  5. ok.. i'll definitely choose the last one too.. coz of it's location! COCKMAN chee cheong fun, u have my vote too! lol.. ooohh.. claire, i'm having tummy ache laffing here leh...

  6. all the yummt chee cheong fun! I haven't had chee cheong fu in ages making me hungry!

  7. pengpeng: very easy to do own home sauce.. but must buy the chee cheong fun from the market.. cheaper to do oneself.. one kati 80sen time remind me to teach u the sauce.. :)

    gratitude: yes, mostly with green chilli then will taste better..

    ah ngao: that one ah.. ok lar... hahaha..

    Voon: i believe u r so.. KING!

    merryn: u think of everything!! yes, i stayed in Cock-Man Street when i was small..yes, laf all u wan.. i grow up being a cock-woman..hahahhaha.. ppl called us kai koong kai.. too bad govt changed to this..Dato Onn .. something.. sigh..

    Ladyviral: come, i belanja u cockman chee cheong fun as compensation OK?

  8. I never know that there are like so many types of Chee Cheong Fun until now.
    Having craving already ^^

  9. i love chee cheong fun hong kong style..

  10. CV: there are many more .. but these were the ones i took recently... ipoh ccf is different from the other states...

    wenn: oh, yeah..forgot the hongkong style. i think i hv pic of that earlier in my post.. but i still prefer ipoh style.. hahaha..

  11. Do you like Curry Chee Cheong Fun? There is one stall in Seri Petaling, KL(nearby Bukit jalil) that is very sedap.

    They put fried "Har mai" as a topping. Expensive oh. small plate rm1.70 and big one is rm2 or rm2.20(forgot). Not sure the price have gone up or not. Have not been there for a few months.

    The owners are quite stuck up. :(

  12. Hi Reanclaire, sure brought back my memories....yes! I have eaten that chi cheong fun at Cockman road, Ipoh wayyyy back in the early 80's.
    But I used to eat the chi cheong fun sold by a lady outside a coffee shop at a coffee shop just next door to the Hong Kong Bank, near the Padang. She had kang kong in it.

    By the way, is that restaurant FMY or something like that name down the road still there? Used to eat there too. Long ago in the 50's lots of Orang Puteh tin mine bosses or estate planters used to have their 'stengahs' there.

    What about the 'Blue Diamond nite club' at Tambun road....whats that hotel's name, next to the graveyard? Used to date my SYT's there.

    One of my usual haunts for food was 'Goodshed' and that two Indian shops selling nasi kandar opposite that bus terminal, Tambun bus terminal, I think.

    Looks like have to ahemmm, get you to show me the best eating places in sure know your food, ha ha.
    I think Menglembu, Pasir Puteh too has some good eating shops?
    Have fun, the way, you're a good photographer, Lee.

  13. yup, my favourite is still the cockman st. chee cheong fun. I really miss it, where it used to be my breakfast as he was selling near waller court in the morning last time.

  14. favourite snack....I have not been eating che chong fun for almost a year.

  15. smallkucing: cheap la when u mentioned 1.70 and 2.20.. over here it cost 2-3rm.. at least...

    U.Lee: the ccf at hongkong bank, i m not so sure..maybe i not born yet? hehehe..just joking..
    The orang puteh coffeeshouse along brewster road is FMS, yes, that was very authentic.. still around but i havent been there for a long long time.. that time must be very classy..
    The tambun inn hotel.. very run down.. now more on those china girls frequenting there.. karaoke.. no more night club like those days...
    Goodshed.. i think still got.. not so sure..haha.. but the indian shops along the Jalan Yang Kalsom, yes.. still existing..still inviting customers..hahaa..
    btw, U.Lee, u r the 1st one who praised my photography.. hahha ..thanks anyway...u have a nice week ahead..

    chris: yes, it is still there.. this man is still very active.. :)

  16. wah mum, i wonder when n how did u take so many pics of the chee cheong great!!!

  17. I would go for pix #1, #2, #3,#4,#5,#6 & #7 since cannot make up my mind "semua sapu" haha. They all looked so yummy to me and taste yummy too.

  18. u r 100% chee cheong fun food fan lah!

  19. They look soo good. Haven't had them in a long time, and I am really hungry right now!

  20. Wait! Wait! Let me jot down the address. Must go and eat when I go to Ipoh next week...

  21. Wow, what delicious looking dishes. Here we don't have these dishes so I am always interested in seeing what you like. They look very healthy. I would love to try a bite of each dish.

  22. Alamak! Lu ah... Choh wa poh tor eau liao!

  23. i was going to say i like # 2 adn 4 until i scrolled down and saw the last pic...AHAHAHAAA nothing beats the last one HAHAHAAHAHAHA

  24. Son: this is the wonder of your mum! crazy blogger ma..hahaa... no la.. just snap and keep them till now.. actually have more but those were disqualified in the earlier round.. hahaha...

    cheah: when in ipoh, must try all, till lau sai!! :p

    via: yes, i m! but i choose now which to go eat...

    explimentary: do come and taste them if possible..

    STP: u coming next week???.. email to me.. and i let u know my number.. my email is at the sidebar...

    cheryl: when u come to malaysia next time, i give u more details.. it would be better if u come to IPOH. :)

    mumsgather: u talking hokkien ah? hahaa.. wa poh tee leh...

    manglish: dont choose .. just come eat all..

  25. So many Cheong Fun! Making me hungry but couldn't get those over here. Sigh...Maybe will eat Kuey Teow as a substitute later. Hehe.

  26. Claire... claire... Hungryyyyyy.... wooooo....

  27. superman: fly over la.. up, up and away again! take stp sekali... hahaa..

    cathJ; mari mari..jalan jalan cari makan..

  28. Hi Reanclaire, thanks for the info. Pity about Tambun Inn. Used to stay there, as well Station Hotel, and few times at Fairmount when stopping over late night few hours sleep enroute to North or South.

    Re your pics, they are very sharp. I can see clearly the seasame seeds, ha ha, unlike a lot of pics at some blogs, pics quite blurry or not well focused.
    The green pickled chillies come out very well too.
    And ha ha, can see the gravy practically bubbling.
    Thats how clear your pics are....and you took them at the right angles too. Outstanding!

    My hobby is portrait photography (get paid) and can see you're a good photographer.

    Oh yes, that restaurant is called FMS, I forgot...the orang puteh miners (from Batu Gajah, Tanjong Tuallang etc), estate bosses used to have meetings there and parking their guns beside them during the Emergency in the 50's.....especially the Malayan Emergency started at Sungei Siput Estate.

    Reana, should you one day go eat nasi kandar, take a shot, send me telegram. Love to see what it looks like now....I last ate in 1980's, ha ha.
    Have fun, Lee.

  29. i love chee cheong fun. can't get the mushroom sauce or the type like the one you ate in Old Town here in KL :( So, whenever i'm back in ipoh, i would surely order a plate of mushroom sauce chee cheong fun ;)

  30. YummY! I love chee cheong fun, too!~

  31. You've no idea how much I missed those 'chee cheong fun'!!! I like it thick with dried shrimps and shallots, then cover with curry and sweet sauce.... side dish should be fried fishball and fried bean sheets. I think these can only be found in some old shops. Nowadays, younger generations won't want to learn this kind of recipe for earnings.

  32. made me so hungry Claire. :D I want to eat chee cheong fun too.

    You really compared everything huh!

  33. hahahha..i "join" your two other gang, not really fancy ccf, i like Hong Kong char siew ccf. *blek*

  34. barb: i guess ipoh ccf is a bit different from other states, esp penang...they use the black prawn sauce instead.. i cannot get used to that no matter how many times i have taken already..

    littleprincemummy: join in my ccf club..hahaha..

    mylittlespace: yes,u can be right.. younger generation doesnt go for this unless inherited from their fathers.. after this batch has gone, i think the ccf will gradually go off too, i mean the old recipes..

    tekkaus: how is the ccf in your area?

    annieQ: yes, some prefer the HK style ccf.. easier to eat.. one stall here in Ipoh Gdn, the ccf is like melting in yr mouth once u put it in.. believe it or not!

  35. OMG! So many CCF!!! hahaha....

  36. Wah, handsome man 60s, Cockman...I wonder how google spider going to index this post...ha ha ha!

  37. I love chee cheong fun too... with sweet sauce or with curry gravy... yummy! But of course cannot compare to your chee cheong fun in foodie land la!

  38. I like to eat chu ceong fun too, I like only white sauce one.

  39. mNhL: haha.. exciting post for me.. too..crazy CCF eater..

    Pete: i guess google will have to enquire from me..

    Boeyjoey: u must come to foodland to taste all..

    Mummymoon: white sauce? meaning.. pak yau only? hehe.. white sauce. i get it!

  40. Wah... u're a really big CCF fan. Can't find vy good CCF ard my area. Coz the 'liu' not vy nice. I actually prefer the plain type with 'har kou' (in Pg).


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