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More Recipes, Please...

Chicken, chicken... I am getting fedup of cooking chicken almost everyday. Due to health reasons, I might not be eating much meat from now onwards, I prefer fish to chicken and pork..

As for now, Andy loves chicken, Fernie loves fish, I love vegetables... so I ended up cooking each of everything... No one will complain ....

I did the buttered chicken again but without the salted egg. Better not to consume so much of salted egg though it is really tasty. This time I put more garlic and curry leaves for a stronger aroma taste... oh, I added in two cilipadi-s for some "kick" and "umph..."

the green cilipadi..
this fat short ones are not spicy..actually..

this is dish
i added some gingko and enoki mushrooms...

Fernie's fish soup...

Simple meal for three of us..
so... after this, I have to go hopping again...
"curi curi" recipes... any recommendations?


  1. Oooo...your dishes look so nice! I have a post coming up - 3 simple dishes - one meat, one veg and one soup for a balanced meal...but after seeing yours, I may decide not to publish it. Shy lah! Not so nice one! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Gosh.. your dishes actually made me want to go home and eat. Bad influences, haha! I've been working like mad at office to rush my magazine until i had to eat biscuits and snacks for 2 weeks..... breakfast and lunch!! ><

  3. Your meal looks scrumptious.
    So different to the food we are used to.

  4. well thought out dishes.
    a mum's job is not easy neh?

  5. Wa no wonder your son say you good cook now....can see the passion lighted up hahaha....great dishes! Keep up the good work and keep the passion lighted all the time hahaha

  6. Claire, I tot ur sifu is Elin... :)

    The chicken looks yummy!! I want some!!

  7. happy belated birthday! btw, google gave u birthday gift too eh; pr2.

    for simple chicken n fish recipes, check out my food blog lar. :)

  8. haha.. ur ummph n kick is definitely powerful! delicious food there.. next time i go ipoh, i dun wan to eat out. i wan u to cook for me

  9. stp: don be so like that. Must share share recipe or ideas one. I wan some sibu dishes!

  10. hello my fellow friends. I will reply yr comments tomorrow. Right now using my hp.

  11. Very healthy vegetarian dish, gingko for taking care of STML and enoki mushrooms for anti cancer. What the heck is STML got HTML only mah? Its ~ "Short Term Memory Loss".

  12. Gotta renamed your meal not a full vegetarian but "vegemeatarian"!

  13. Certainly didnt look simple to prepare. ^_^ As for me, 2 dishes wld be enough to be satisfied. Burp!

  14. Whatever going to happen! We still have to EAT huh.... haha.... So, let's enjoy the food. Tapi jangan overloaded lol! hehe....

  15. AL: hope your work is finished by now and that u hv a good sumptious meal....

    lynette: yes, definitely will be very different from the food u hv over there.. i love western food once awhile!

    tuti: it is not that hard,, either.. if i can do it, anyone can definitely do it better! :)

    elin: my dishes only once a blue moon..hahaa.. ok, any more ideas, btw?

    mandy: elin still is!! without her, cham for me.. no new dishes..

    mery: as u said, looks only.. hahaa..

    Miche: i guess u can say that and they can take the gift back anytime! :(

    smallkucing: ok i go over to yr blog for chicken balls..

    Merryn: no way, girl.. my home cooked food for display only.. i paiseh if u eat.. hahaa.. bocor all my rahsia then...

    cheah: i know, that was why i put the gingko there.. :(

    wenn: bet u can do much better!

    glenda: dare not la..hahaa.. too shy to share..

    chrisau: looks can be deceiving, ye?

    gratitude: simple to do.. might not taste as good as it looks but for my kids, they'll do... :)

    mylittlespace: yes, eat to live?? sure overload one day la..

  16. Wow, look like u order from restaurant.

  17. sjb: wah.. that is a compliment, right? hahahaa..

  18. looks like another hearty meal. makes me drool all the time.

  19. LV: that is the purpose..hahaha.. no la...just joking..

  20. This is why I choose to raise my own meat animals; chickens, turkeys, sheep and pigs. We slaughter them ourselves and process the chickens and turkeys right here on the farm.


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