Sunday, November 29, 2009

Before And After...

My flowers are going to be withered soon... I have monitoring their blooming ever since I received them and as from my "analysation", they will become dry in a another day or two. After which, I will hang them upside down and soon they will be on the verge to becoming "dry flowers" instead.

To remember them by, the "before" and "after" of these flowers will posted here... next time, who knows, when I am old and absent minded, I have this post to refresh back my memory, "ah... so I have received flowers before on my birthday in 2009... " But who the sender is, I might not remember then....

The day I received....

it has blossomed... so beautifully...




  1. did u put panadol so that can last longer? some nice perfume n make potpourri :)

  2. LittleLamb: Panadol can make it last longer? o_O thats new to me :D

    I have bought roses for a girl on valentine before and I dont think she'll remember me during xmas XD LoL

  3. flower is like that....

    that why i try not to give people flower... hehehe wasted a bit lo...

    few hundred of RM only stand for few weeks only...

    i prefer buy some solid items can put aleast 1 years gua hahaha

  4. Rachel: hey, thanks for the tip.. so panadol makes it last a bit longer than usual eh... ok, i put in one tonight... and potpourri, yeah, i never tot of that.. but well, u know, i m not so used to receiving flowers..*shy*

    daniel: u send yearly to her and she remember u for life.. hahhaa..

    chvoon: hey, wont last few weeks la.. only few days... yeah, u can say wasting money..but then once awhile, make us ladies "song" a bit, ok gua.. huh...

  5. yeah, heard panadol could make those flowers last longer too.

  6. Oh, i love fresh cut flowers. Beautiful.

  7. I didn't know about the panadol too haha..

    Usually I just turn my flowers upside down after a few days and let is try up :).

    It will remain the same shape as the day you turn it around but depending on the flowers, if it has coloring the coloring might stay around, else it most of it will turn brown :). But it is really nice after it dries up.

  8. wah so niceeeeeee! eeeek! i love flowers!

  9. They say flowers are only temporary but the memories you receive from them is timeless. :)


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