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One, Two, Three Birthdays...

Someone commented..."your birthday lasts for one month?"
No la.. I just want to post all my pictures up, once I have done with that, I will delete the pictures from my folder, so I only have this blog to keep memories alive....

A few of my ex-classmates gathered together last week, a coincidence that a few of them came back from KL when our birthdays were around that time. Who are the birthday "girls?" There were three of us, actually... one day older than the other but in the month of November. For the last few years, we celebrated each other's birthday, one after another....

the three oldies but goldies standing behind
are the birthday girls...

our miniature cake....

One for the album...
All of us born on the same year....
Some still "Miss" and the rest are "Ah Soh/Aunties"

(pssst... no need to wish us happy birthday anymore)
enough... cukup... LoL....


  1. wow every yr celebrate each other birthday...envy your close friendship.

  2. wenn.. never ending greetings here in my blog, right?

    smallkucing: good frens are hard to come must restore and respect them..

  3. Happy Birthday to the 3 of you! Wishing you all the best!

  4. Since the birthday celebration is that long, I better wish you happy birthday also!

  5. bad call ur friend ah soh / aunties....

  6. happy birthday to the 3 beautiful b-day girls.
    wish you all a good health always .

    A closeness of the friends is the good treasure that we could keep forever.

  7. only aunties and ah sohs ar? no Ah Mah yet? :)

  8. look the youngest of the lot!!! (Aha! That calls for another lunch treat the next time I go to Ipoh, eh? LOL!!!)

  9. anney: thanks.. on behalf.. :)

    william: thanks for coming by...

    via: cannot deny that already la.. the looks tell it all..

    wengs: true true.. good to keep in contact with..

    sjb: only that cake? hahaha.. just kidding..

    manglish: wah, u lagi cepat.. i tot ah soh also way out already.. ok, wait few more years and i will post up little babies...

    stp: aiyoh.. dont know real or not real one.. no need to praise one, u come to ipoh, it will be on me! :p

  10. wahhhh.. u delete all the pic after u upload to blog..
    hehe.. I never delete any of my pic one, except ugly one la.. hahaha..

  11. A lovely looking bunch of ladies.

  12. It's good to have such a long birthday celebration...loL!! ;) nice photos!!

  13. "Forever young, you really can be forever young, do your really want to be, forever young?, then you really need to learn from Claire the ever How Sang....

    Sung to the tune of Alphaville's Forever young with doctored lyrics.

    have a great week ahead Claire the How Sang, (you look the most youthful amoung your peers)

  14. Eh sometimes i wish i can celebrate my birthday for a month too LOL Happy Birthday (belated) and thnaks for visiting my blog

  15. I envy u. Your bdays, u spent it with family members and good friends. So nice. My bday? hmm.. let's see... Maybe I'll spend it with Claire! :D

  16. dolly: i delete cos my folder getting fatter and fatter .. so need to cut down otherwise my pc cannot run fast..hehehe..

    Patty: golden girls.. :p

    kianhin: too bad no young gals in the pics,.. all aunties la..

    eugene: i clever to edit ma.. u should know the real me since u have seen.. eh, i dont know that song la.. too "old" for me, i cannot recall la.. hehe.. (in other words, too new for me, i only know those 70s, 80s)

    viki: not really a month la, just that my pics not fully posted up yet..

    merryn: cos u have your darling ma.. u made me so jeles, always darling here, darling there.. sigh.. no one call me darling also one..

  17. hahahhaha... no need ya.. ok...I zip my mouth hehehehhe..

    I went to Penang few days ago pass by IPOH.. and think of you... hahahha.. it was a rush travel, so didn't managed to stop Ipoh cari makan.. T_T

  18. wei i havent wished u happy birthday wor.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  19. Wah! Happy belated birthday to all the aunties too!!Hehe..Great reunion..maybe next time i can join in and listen to the chat..haha

  20. cathJ: not to worry, we still can meet some other time.. maybe in KL? cynthia is organizing i think but i also dont know i can make it or not..

    sasha: tot u never come by..hahahaha .. just joking, thanks a lot, sexy mama...

    Son, sure will include u in our chat.. hehee.. never change, right?

  21. *giggle*
    Still, I've got to say "Happy Birthday!"

  22. Nice aunties gathering ah? hehe. Really good that old friends can gather around again and chit chat after so many years. Really need to treasure every moments of it.

  23. Well, at least you stll invite friends over to celebrate together. I no longer into those big gathering. Just a small dinner with family is good enough.

  24. You are a "liang soh" then! hehehe

    Have a charming week ahead ya! ^_^

  25. angeline: i love it anyway, thank u!

    superman: now that our kids are bigger, we have more time to move around freely...

    rose: there will come a time when u will have again... when u reach my age, perhaps.. :p

    gratitude: thanks for adding the "liang" there.. it brightens up the ah soh name.. hehe...

  26. like STP said, u really looks the youngest among them.... :)

  27. It's my birthday today and nobody celebrates with me! : (

  28. mandy: owe u another meal, ya!

    foongpc: gosh, really.. how sad.. come to IPOH now, i belanja u makan lunch... dinner.. supper.. :p

  29. War....happy Birthday again...and again Claire. :p It must be great huh celebrating BD together.

  30. tekkaus: so u r back to blogging.. miss it, eh? yes..great to celebrate together!

  31. Aiya, didn't put candles on the cake for me to count ah? he he he!

  32. happy birthday to all the birthday ladies.....

  33. Dear Author !
    Let will be your way. Do, as want.

  34. I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?


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