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Yeh Loi Heong

My frens and I went to Yeh Loi Hiong Coffeeshop for our dinner, yes, coffeeshop with ceiling fans and all, no air cond one. We ordered a few simple dishes and the five of us have a nice time sharing our chats filled with laughter... That is all that counts.. the comfortable company with one another...

this is stewed pork ribs in a small kwali...

or chien with eggs...

mixed kai lan...

lala with kam hiong leaves...

salted steamed crabs...
and the bill came to RM86 plus rice and drinks
for Ipoh standard, it was on the high side..
no air cond, some more...


  1. Claire...the price is slightly on the high side :p considering the crab dish is the oni expensive dish hor :p

  2. yeah lo.. that was what i said... but if minus the crab, will be much cheaper...

  3. 5 dishes altogether (plus CRABS!!!!! sumore).....reasonably priced. ^_^

  4. Oh I am hungry again...your blog always does that to me:)

  5. gratitude: cheap for KL standard i suppose..

    lynette: sorry, mam, i seem to be posting more on food .. :)

  6. 'or chean with egg'... ohh thats the name ahh.. hehehehhe

  7. i like that lala... look delicious!

  8. cathJ: yes, that is the name.. u love it?

    irene: come, jom, marilah ke ipoh...

    chvoon: yeah lala is my favorite too..

  9. I sudah lama tak makan ketam wor!!!

  10. a bit expensive hor...maybe the crab is a bit costly...but the food looks yummy...u never comment anything about the food wor?? except the price.. heheheh!!

  11. oh..we had crabs and lala last dinner n it cost abt rm90..

  12. To me the mixed kai lan looks the best.

  13. Wow, I am amazed by all the dishes that are available to you.

  14. Ooh! Nice food! But good company always make good food taste better and not so good food taste not so bad : )

  15. Don't care about the air cond as long the food taste yummy (^_*).

  16. CHEAP!!! With crabs! Here, will be over RM100 already... BIG mud crabs...RM35 a kilo, unless you go for the small reared ones! Not nice - theflesh is soft, not firm.

  17. ok lar...i agree that maybe expensive in Ipoh but u have all the expensive seafood leh..Orr Jian and crab...hahahhha

  18. ooosshhhh...the lala looks good. And so does the oh chien!!! I didn't even get to eat THAT in Penang!!! :)

    Good to visit you again....couldn't for a while coz you put up alot of foodies and 1st trimester and foodies didn't work well! ;)

    Not relying on you to build up my appetite! hehehehe....

  19. Wow, crabbie! Or Chien~ *Drools* 80++ got a bit expensive but still ok la. nice food ma :P Once in a while have to treat yourself to good food :D

  20. merryn: ah...u can do so on the 11th December.. banyak di pantai..

    mandy: hahaha..sori ah.. the food was alright, esp the pork ribs, the sauce was sourish, i like it!

    wenn: where did u have that? same place?

    patty: yes, any meal must have vege.. then only balanced up..

    cheryl: lots of varieties to choose from over here in our country..

    foongpc: good company, good food and good pricing makes the best date! hahhaa..

    sjb: no air con the pricing is also about the same...

    manglish: slightly la.. not so expensive but can be lowered.. :p

    stp: 35rm is normal, over here about the same too unless restaurants they charge much more.. ipoh std is the same as sibu, i suppose...

    ann: hope they didnt turn u off, yes, good to see u back in action again.. :p take care..

    charlene: yes, next time u all can try this in IPOH.. hehehe..

  21. I went there for dinner last time, but their food has not as nice as before. So we stopped visiting!

  22. Hi Reana, I sure miss oh chien, lala....
    When and if I balek kampong, I will make sure I stay at least a few days....and let you be my food my expense of course.
    Oh chien and lala, har mee and poh pia top of the menu.
    Then nasi kanda, fish head curry.

    Gosh! I think you know whole of Ipoh's good eateries, huh?
    What about Pasir Puteh, Menglembu, Kampong Simee? Any good makan places there?
    Used to eat at Foo Choo Choon street, old shop with polished hardwood granite or marble tables....their dim sum was out of this World. Wonder if still there?

    By the way, next to the wet market, use to be a truck or lorry the teo chew moi and black soya pork and hum choy there....couple of Ipoh SYT's took me there.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  23. I like the lala and crabs!! Yummy!!! The price look reasonable to me. :)

  24. good food + good company = good time :)

  25. i love the crabs..but really a bit expensive.

  26. u.Lee: sure, i will be glad to.. just let me know in advance and will gladly show u places of makan, preferable dinner where i m more free.. :) the shops u mentioned, places near the market, i dont think they r operating anymore, those were the days for lorry drivers, now no more dim sum or roasted pork in the least.. syts eh? must be after a night of dancing, that is the usual place for night club patrons! hehehe...

    annieQ: compared to KL, the price is ok.. but to ipohians, it is a bit pricey..

    chris: yes, cos we r ipohians.. hahaha..

    littleprincemummy: once awhile, ok lar..

  27. Looks pretty normal from here but the lala with kam hiong leaves really got me craving for it. Rm86....hmmm ok I guess. :p

  28. The price sure on the high side lah,,, cos the fella taught this Claire must be some kind of tourist from Hong Kong ka,, Taiwan kah,,Jepun ka,, Korea ka, otherwise local people where got eat time busy taking photo one,, sure kena katuk one lah...

    next time you go and tell the boss that you are famous blogger,,,(if he doesnt believe you, ask him to call me,i will verify it...your hit is faster than his hit on the cash register)by the time he's convinced that your are famous blogger, then your bill always get slashed by 60%

    sure sure sure sure one

  29. Wow, another yummy treat with friends. How fun was that! So envy lol.

  30. RM86 cheap leh,...some more got crab!

  31. Aisay... u make me crave for crabs leh. Hmmm... let's c if hubs wanna bring me go eat crabs this w/end. :)

  32. Tekkaus: i love lala too.. yeah, with the kamheong, best!

    Eugene: u r really full of ideas la.. how come i never tot of that.. yeah, the bossie must be thinking hor.. i m sui yue.. (water fish) so potong leher.. next time will follow yr advice.. tell them first..hey, i m eugene's mar chai, dont play play! :p

    mylittlespace: no need to envy me.. hahaa.. this is nothing much...

    pete: yeah, some say expensive.. like me, i say a bit high.. and some say ok lar.. depends on how and where we stay...

    slavemom: hope yr hubby will bring back crabs this weekend!! hahaha..

  33. I also think the price is on the high side, not like I always wine and dine..hehe. But the food does look yummy. You pandai cari makanlah. :D

  34. mummygwen: actually quite normal dishes la.. this shop opens till wee hours in the morning..

  35. Wheresos this place ?? Yea think only the crab expansive =) else the bossie really tot u were nit from local haha like Eugene said take photo everywhere ... "cut throat' !!! Haha...

  36. ivan, this shop is in ipoh garden, just next to AM Bank... night time only they open.. but this shop, according to my fren, is a bit over priced one.. but we nv been for few years already, so we tot of trying it again...

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