Monday, November 23, 2009

My Pre-Birth-Day....

Gone are the days that I received flowers such as this......
*cough...cough... *

and this...*ahem..ahemmmm..*

how happy a lady can get...
though the flowery years have gone by..
more is coming on the way
not flowers, not diamond rings
I do not need all that..
I have beautiful wonderful friends..
who love me just the same I am
and I love them just the way they are..

Simple I am
Complicated I am not
My heart is deeply touched
For your kind generous thought..

my sweet and gentle friend..Elin
Thank You for this raspberry butter cake
no words can describe
how much it meant to me...

I am so happy...
joyful and gay...
family I have...
friends at bay...

Though I am not 25
Thank you once again...
For making feel like one...

(btw, it is not my birthday yet... this cake was received in advance...
tomorrow I "suspect" I will be treated to a breakfast, lunch and a dinner...

hey... got supper too or not?
karaoke? disco?
No? None? awwwww...


  1. Haha! So nice, got that whole birthday cake..leave some for me..hehe..but ya, wish you Happy Birthday in advance, and I pray and hope that you will have a wonderful celebration with family and friends..stay 25! hehe

  2. happy birthday claire.
    wish you happiness always.

  3. OHHHH... Claire....let me be the first to sing you a birthday song...


    HUGS & MUAXsss

    Happy Birthday Claire and more to come..may all your wishes come true for you and God bless you with good health all thru the year! Hope you enjoy the cake :)))


  4. Thank you, dearest B, sure i will feel 25 always!! leave u a piece? no la.. fatt moe already then.. dont worry, auntie Elin will be most happy to bake for us again and again and again.. more to eat..more coming!

    tuti: thank you so much for dropping by.. :p

    elin: no wonder my goosepimples suddenly came up just now.. u were singing so beautifully!! hahhaa... ok, song finished, what next? tomorrow we go dating, ok?

  5. Many Happy Returns of the Day. Age is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.:p Cheers

  6. Happy Birthday to you, Claire. Have a great day tomorrow :). Stay 25 every year ;P

  7. Good morning Claire, since I don't know when your birthday is, I'm hoping it's terrific. Go here to pick up your card.

  8. I forgot to tell you, but I'm sure you know, copy and paste the http into your browser.

  9. Claire a special birthday song for you.. check this out..

  10. So nice got message '25' there.. Nxt time will put my cake 25 also hahahaha...

    Happy Birthday Claire (When ever it is..)

  11. cheah: i love that .. if i dont mind, it doesnt matter..hahaha.. cute.. yes, 25 or not, it doesnt matter and i dont mind being my real age too.. :)

    smallkucing: thank you, yes, will be 25 every year.. hahhaaa...

    Patty: i have opened the e card, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.. really appreciate that...

    MeRy: thank you very much...

    Cheah: u r really something..i m going there now.. to Japan to listen to the bday song.. hehe...

  12. HI !!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday ! Many happy returns of the day to you!!

  13. CathJ, u put 23 la.. u r years younger than me ma...

  14. Happy 25th Birthday to you...

    Ah yo!! Like that I need to po fan for you liao when im in Ipoh...

    Happy Birthday to you...

    with love, mandy

  15. joanna: thank you.. see what your mum has give me.. geng, right? so yummy...

    Mandy: hey, i lagi paiseh, didnt buy u anything la.. do call me when u r in ipoh again.. really one.. serious .. dont make me wait too long..OK?

  16. Happy birthday to you! Stay as pretty as 25 ya!

  17. :D 25th bday eh? Happy Birthday in advance Claire. Many many more happy years to come. :D

  18. Happy for you :)

    I think that cake is homemade one right?

    Happy for you again that have such good friend!

    Happy birthday to you in advance :)

  19. Happy birthday, claire.

    May your wish come true and yhour day be filled with happiness and more to come :).

  20. sjb: terima kasih...

    mummymoon: 25 going to be ... ahhh.. dare not reveal also..

    Merryn: say say ni.. got present for me ah?

    CHVOON: thank you., yes, home made by elin.. first time i get a cake from her.. hahaha... cos i only know that lately ...

    irene: terima kasih, ya....

  21. Happy Birthday Claire ^^ God is blessing you now and forever :D

  22. Happy Birthday ...errr..25th ... hmm.. ok ok la... let me rephrase again...

    Happy Birthday 25th Sis!

  23. So glad you like the Japanese birthday song. I love it even though wakarimasen (don't understand) the whole song. Luckily got a few English words just right for the occasion. May your dreams come true. GAMBATE!!!

  24. Wow !! happy birthday claire !! the cakes looks so yummy !!! is it from Elin ?? so nice !! =D anyway wish you have HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY + everything good coming to you !! =D

  25. Hello claire,
    wow, your lucky that you have many sweet people tht sorround you.
    If you got some b-day gift in advance from them. So here I am saying advance happy b-day to you too.May your day full with joy and happiness. Good health and more blessings to come.
    Happy b-day from me and my family.

  26. *sigh* This entry makes me feel wistful and empty ah, Claire. I married an apek who dun gv a damn about my bday wan la... sien onli lah. Typical kind of man. *SIGH* Bday forget, anniversary oso don care...*SNARL*

    Haiyorr, enuff complaining. Here's wishing you a happy bday, stay young at heart forever, and I wish you loads of health and happiness. (cukup anot? tak cukup?) Ok lah, I hope you strike toto oso... den must remember to belanja me, okay?

  27. Happy Birthday Claire...when is that? Hmmm...I make sure that I gave you a space in my blog okay? Happy Birthday to you...happy birthday to you....happy birthday...happy birthday...happy birthday to you....Good health and more blessings to come your way are my wish for you

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweet.....16? HAAHAa....hey if u manage to come to hiroshima when u r in let me know ya

  29. Daniel: yes, God is good all the time!!! thank you for your wishes..

    chris: kong toe mmm kam yeen, hai mai? hahaha... thank you anyway, bro, making me happy with 25!!

    Cheah: after listening to the song, it makes me wanna dance.. but not like 25 year old lah!! hahaha.. yes, i also understand the 2 words only.. arigatok!

    Ivan: yes, from elin, the chef.. the exterior is cute, the inner side is ravishing! i didnt manage to share with my colleagues, i walloped it all with my kids and mum.. :p

    Wengs: thank you very much.. wishes from sweden is sweet too!

    Amy: today IS!! lol.. thanks for your sweeet song from US.. i can "hear" u loud and well :)

    manglish: no real age.. just 25.. hehehe.. eh, i havent seen the itininery yet, still with my bro, will tell u when i know.. hehee.. i guess it is difficult to meet up lar.. but just telling u that i m there.. well, would be good to see your blond hair though... LOL...

  30. Aiyor...saw this post on my mobile last night and I quickly went online to be the 1st to wish you...but connection was so bad and I failed to do so! Now I'm number 32!!! Tsk! Tsk!

    Never mind! I think I was first to wish you on Facebook...and no harm wishing you again today - the actual day. So Happy Birthday, Claire...and may all your wishes come true. God's abundant blessings be upon you and your family throughout the coming year.

    P.S. How old already? But you look like in your 20s or 30s - like your children's elder sister. Some people have all the luck in the world!

  31. Happy Birthday to you Claire. War...."uh hia boh"? Still 25 only? still look young. :p

  32. Anyway may you have a great Birthday Claire. :D Be healthy and happy always ok.

  33. Happy Be-earlied Bday!
    Want some Kotu Prata? :)

  34. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Claire, it has been great honor to have a friend like you........

    You know Claire, one of my most Han Fookness in blogging experience, is to have found a friend like you, you know we are just like bro and sis,though we have only met once, but as if we have known each other for a long time now....

    May today's be the best day of your life, a lot of love coming from me to your family, aaron, andy and fennie, and most importantly you , my sister.

    I will go to Sushi King later, and eat on your behalf ok?

    thank you sister for being my friend

  35. Wah, such a nice cake!!! Looks so yummy!!! Happy 25th birthday yeah!

  36. Hi Claire,

    No need to paiseh..U don't even know that I will be coming with STP ma..

    Happy Birthday again my dear fren!

  37. STP: yes, i forgot to mention, yes.. u r indeed the first one to wish birthday wishes to me.. i wonder where u heard the tips? did i mention somewhere? oh gosh, my poor memory is giving away my age! tsk..tsk.. LOL...
    anyway, Thank You once again.. yes, today is the day.. so far, no flowers blooming on my office table yet, only my old money plant..
    how old? Please don't remind me. i forget liow!! :p

    Tekkaus: Thank you, sai loe.. we r both equally young hor? but u got beard, i no have, maybe that makes me younger.. hahahhaa..
    (pssst: but i did dye my hair though :(....Lol... )

    J2kfm: yo..kotu prata only? come on, man.. we go for some other meals, can? ok, lets wait till yr birthday, the 2 "cheh-chehs" belanja u instead... :p

    eugene: reading the first few para-s made me so "song" and happy.. only the ending part of the sushi part is dampening... yo.. eat on my behalf pulak.. how about coming to IPOH and belanja me tonight, karaoke, clubbing, beer drinking... wa...lauuu...

    (pssst, i talk big only ah... don't come tonight, I GOT DATE!)

    ,,,,,with my kids,,, who else!!!

  38. Henry Yew: thank you from the bottom of my heart.. hahha.. now i feel i m really 25 going to be.. 35?... :p

    Mandy: ok, we make up next time when we meet again.. thanks!

  39. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! May you have a great one. As the years go by, I think what we really need for a birthday to be complete is just friends who still can remember and cherish us. Plus, you now have your children to celebrate with.

  40. happy birthday to you, Claire. The cake is lovely :) have a great celebration.

  41. Happy Birthday Claire. May God continue to bless you abundantly with good health, wisdom n knowledge. May you continue to carry Him.

  42. tiee: thank you , thank you.. yes, now our kids can be with us to celebrate.. later on, they might send me a birthday wish only.. hahaha..

    Barb: thank you, yes, the cake might look simple but it is a great butter cake..

    rachel: terima kasih atas wishes kamu.. hahaaa.. yes, God is always with me, in me and for me.. as well for all of you too!

  43. Happy Birthday, Claire!! 25 ka? I thought 18... ;)

  44. Happy Birthday!Shouldn't ask the question how old then? But maybe when ah?

    Enjoy your day and stay forever young (at heart)!

  45. wow!!! happie happie bday to u!!! great n sweet cake u had there!! once again, happie buffday and may ur dreams come true~~

  46. the cake is so nice, Happy Birthday..

  47. LOL!!! Facebook! They always post reminders telling people whose birthdays are coming up...! Very convenient!

    Btw, I have posted on the lunch date we had in my blog. Just looking at the photos is making me hungry all over again... LOL!!!

  48. agnes: thanks a lot.. love the 25 number now..heheehe.. no la, u r 18 la.. i just want to be 25.. dont wan to be so tam sum ... :p

    ann: i tell u when i see u in person.. thanks for wishes anyway.. :)

    Lisa: thank u.. i m so blessed!! Thank God...

    Hazel: thanks to u too.. yes, birthday cake finishing fast too..

    STP: between u and me, actually i dont know how to use facebook, no time to go in details about that.. more on blog blog cos no time to go into other websites .. sigh.. when i go on retirement, ahem... then i will have more time to learn up more... right now, sometimes go tandas also postpone and postpone.. oopppss..
    ok, hopping over now to see our lunch date!

  49. Aiyor! Go tandas...must go, cannot tahan. They say can lead to colon cancer...but me too sometimes guilty of that!

    Btw, I found the pic of the vegetable dish so I've added it to the post already.

  50. stp: yeah i know.. tahan no good.. nowadays tak boleh tahan lagi.. old alreadyma.. ooopss.. not 24 anymore, i mean..
    so u finally found it.. where did it go.. never mind, i think i know why...

  51. sorry for my late reply...happy birthday to come say u r not 25 yrs old but there written one? then must be 26 then...kekeke...

  52. Happy Birthday!!! Hey our birthday falls on the same month. :)

    Wish you forever young and pretty, all dreams come true and more important, be healthy!

  53. via: anything below 26 is okay.. fine.. hahhaaa.. thanks anyway..

    BF: thank you.. u too .. enjoy yr evening..

    cindy: terima kasih.. :)

  54. advance happy birthday, Miss Claire:-)

    more blessings to receive and share:-)
    be healthy always

  55. thank you Miss Veta for your wishes.. ..glad u came by..

  56. thank u Pete, i guess u r the last one here.. :P

  57. Nice and pretty and big cake!!! Still got left over??? Sent some over to me.

  58. annieQ:i m sure u can bake as good as elin.. :p

  59. Happy Belated Birthday.. nice flower n cake... Bless u with good health always =)


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