Sunday, November 22, 2009

There Goes My Only....


I heard a "plak" sound when my best buddy, Tam, leant across the table to get something.... and the next thing I knew, it was my favorite pair of specs. I have forgotten I left my specs on the table and it was covered by a cardboard. Tam also didn't realize it was there and her arm crushed my poor specs till the right "arm" came out.... sob...sobbbbbbb...

I can see my RM400 flying away..... (fly, money, fly.. up up to the sky.... )

my poor specs...
the other day Andy broke his..
today mine broke..
i guess it is time to get a new pair for my birthday..

so... any donations here? no?
sponsors.... no?
charity? no?
*dig own pocket* YES, no choice!


  1. Hey Reanaclaire, quick...check out that Chinese book of dream numbers for broken glasses. Two in one week?
    So add a 2 infront or behind....never can tell. Ha ha.
    No need to buy designer ones, just ones that looks good on you okay....

    Have a BIL wear a designer frame, he was here, lost the joint screw, I told him to chuck it away, buy new one.
    I almost choked on my coffee when he said it was a Prada, cost US $600!! Holy Smoke! And I thought it was a Pasar Malam one, ha ha.

    You know, why not same time change personality....try out those gold rim ones? Or slightly half tint ones? Or...try those ladies RayBan Aviators? I bet looks real nice on you....very stylish.
    Have fun....and keep well, Lee.

  2. U.Lee, how i wish it was that simple.. buy and strike.. only in movies it happens... hahaha...
    prada? esprit or rayban.? no la.. cannot afford all that.. yeah, for me perhaps imitation ones i can afford.. u keep well too, U.Lee.. have a nice day..

  3. Hey Rena, thanks for your b'day wish and dropping by my blog.

    Oh no, your specs broken. Think you have to get a new pair.

  4. oh kesian nya.. how to blog now? my condolences to ur specs.. :D

  5. Wahhh.... when when when is you bday???? ^_^

  6. aiya.... nowadays got a lot of promo on glasses. Get a new set lah!

  7. awww poor thing.... i hope i can donate but i need donations too! lol

  8. smallkucing: cham hor?

    sexyJ: no choice.. hv to get a new pair today..

    merryn: condolence only? no pak kam money?

    cathJ: tomorrow.. hehehe...

    chris: send a chq for this sis, bro... please?

    glenda: ok, u r excluded.. if i hv more, i send to u.. ok? :p

  9. I need new contact lenses and glasses too.

  10. Wah! With people like you and your son, the optical shops will surely be able to stay in business. Hahahahaha!

  11. Did you do that on purpose? So that you can get a new specs for new year? LOL :D

  12. sjb: contacts lens is out for me.. old age now cannot wear that.. lol..

    stp: i m careful.. but others aren't .. what can i do.. sob.. sob...

    tekkaus: hey, purposely want to pay for MY OWN? yo.. no way la. now tight budget .. if new hp, perhaps la.. specs is not to beautify one face .. :)

  13. start saving money n go for lasik one shot!

  14. Ok,,,, ok,,, this is the moment i have been waiting for seriously, it sounds crazy but i think it will lot of fun,

    Let us chip in to give Claire a new spec valute at RM400, and we only need 40 of us to do, if we only chip in RM10 each....i am all game for it........

    so please claire, put my suggestion on your next post and share with us ways of payment,,, i will be the first one to do it , seriously,,,,,

    dont worry, i will not ask anything in return.hahahahah

    Christmas is here and this is the time of giving,,,,,,oh la, jingle bell jingle , please present Claire a stunning spec frame..

  15. Claire,I suggest wear contact will look great..sassy and young :))

  16. hazel: hehee.. no need to pity la.. accidents do happen.. as tekkaus said, time to get a new pair for new year...

    rachel: i heard loe far cannot do lasik la.. after doing still need a pair to see near..

    eugene: singing.. hoe sum leh.. hoe sum leh.. macam begging leh..

    lengchai, u r so hoe sum (good) so kwan sum (concerned), so yau sum,(got heart) so sai sum,(small heart) but ngo moe tam sum...(i no greedy)... lol...
    thanks for your gesture, u made people laugh until teeth come out ah.. all u have to do is to treat me a nice wonderful makan when i go pg next time.. i m more than grateful for that.. OK? as for my specs, i think i go blur blur for the moment till my next pay day comes.. huhuhuuuuuu...

  17. elin: short sighted can be remedied but not loe far.. have to ying loe la.. cannot wear contact lens la.. cannot see the food when eating .. sigh..

  18. now is a good excuse to get a new one :D need sponsors lah..u got lots of $$ coming your way, right? hahahahaha

  19. Hi reana,
    maybe there is a sale now in Zenni Optical.


  20. little prince mum: yes, i got to do one soonest.. blur blur la..

    barb: where... where.. *hands above eyes* :p

  21. having a spec is really troublesome huh..
    i am trying very hard to protect my eyes now coz dont know why sometimes the words are blur.. cannot see clearly now..

  22. hey lucky u still can see things without spec...if me, once without spec, apa pun tak nampak. No need to drive back home dy from office....hehehehe

  23. marly: yes, $8 only but i m looking for a frameless one, got to check that out..

    dolly: u mean u havent checked yr eyes yet? if blur words mean too much computer.. :p

    amy: mine is still ok lar.. around 200 plus but still needs specs otherwise very strainful..

  24. eh cannot fix back meh?
    send to opto there, try loh ...resuscitate it.

  25. Hmm, broken 2 spectacles must be something least it is not mirror. I understand English think it is bad omen for someone to break a mirror.

    Well, I guess it is time to change into a more trendy type. :p You buy Andy his for xmas present and vice versa loh...

  26. j2kfm: i will try with the UHU elephant glue first.. but i think chances are slim...

    rose: yes, time to change...yehhh... maybe i try those rayban type.. big big frames that can cover all my eye wrinkles... :)

  27. get one Lydia Sum type of glass frame - suits you

  28. ohh.. reminds me of my younger days..
    i used to break my specs.. felt so baddd.. =P

  29. Wah, Claire. I remember U bought from Menglembu, and now broke it! I never wear glasses until only recently...reading glasses. Dekat dekat the words all blur blur! And now I know your feelings because I broke one too.Luckily it was only RM20, pasar malam style albeit Thailand style, haha. Quick quick buy 4D and like U Lee says, get an expensive one. I bet you will take extra care of it then! Have a nice day. CY

  30. alamak... now breaking glasses is bad... somehow i nver roke my before... but touch wood, touch wood.. i don't want to jinx myself :/

  31. ah ngao: that is a good idea... now in fashion? but i want something light la..

    kenwooi: accidents do happen.. my fren apologised already.. hahaha..

    CY: mine is not only loe far, kan see also .. so mar farn, right?

    lv: dont worry, break already, can have new one ma.. hahaha..

  32. Wah, break specs so often, have to get flexible rubber ones lah!

  33. pete, if got rubberized lens, how wonderful hor.. yeah, heartbreaking when it comes to paying money..haa..

  34. It's almost Christmas! Get a new specs for your early Christmas gift! : )


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