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Hamamatsu And Us

Some random pictures here and there...

Owakudani boiling volcano valley...
where they boil their eggs
they are black in color.

i climbed to the highest part where
they sell the darkened eggs...

people.. enjoyed eating the eggs..

Out of curiousity, I bought one packet
inside the packet, there were 5 eggs
cost 500 yen,
that means one egg cost RM4!!!

Good news is after eating one egg,
life span will be longer by 7 years... lol...
but don't eat 2... will lead to cholesterol...

at the foot of the volcano...

my girl wanted the egg yolk ice cream

back to hotel in Hamamatsu..

we have to wear kimono that night...

buffet dinner was good
japan's king crab were abundant...




  1. Is that your daughter in the last pic? So pretty!!! Better buy a shotgun keep the wolves away! Hahahahaha!!!!

  2. ...and lucky thing you did not go and eat half a dozen of the black eggs! You'll turn into a little baby... Hahahaahahaha!!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hey, u look good in that kimono suit.
    Need to pay for that ah?

  5. STP: do i need a shogun or a shotgun? eh.. the older kimono lady nooo good meh? that one doesnt need any bodyguard eh? hahahaa....

    mingna: no, we dont hv to pay, in fact, we have to wear them for that night, they were all ready in our rooms, men wore the other type..

  6. Fernie looks so japanese here! I agree with STP. Mommy needs to get a shotgun! lol.. (for both fernie and herself!)

  7. how does the black egg taste like??

  8. hhhaaahhh i am going to see more currency conversion in ur posts AHHAHAHAHA

  9. merryn: maybe i have to shoot, make a loud bang to attract more ... :)

    2ma: actually it is ordinary egg, only the shell is black in color. But the yolks there are very orangy in colour..

  10. i like to see the volcanoes!! Why the eggs r black?

  11. chris, they r boiled with the ashes from the volcano.. I think... hahha.. that is why rm4 for one also i tried .. bit my lips and paid..

  12. haha, fun experience wearing the kimono.

  13. Looks like you all were having a good time. Glad the trip was a happy one.

  14. Your daughter does look like Japanese and pretty too. Got Mummy's pretty genes. :D

    The eggs so hitam one...don't look appetising to me..hehe.

  15. OMG... your girl looks like Sailormoon! LMAO...(tak habis habis Sailormoon!Ahahaha)

    Ohh! Eggs! Eggs eat when in cold places so nice wan... does the eggs taste nice? Issit just like normal eggs?

    ps: Mummy oh, mummy, you dun need shotgun. You buy big big scissors, den you go around say "Potong... potong...potong" den you nonid to scared liao lah. See, so easy settle wan! LMAO. Nonid scared people kacau fernie liao.

  16. wenn: yes, my girl enjoyed it..

    patty: it was a great trip.. :)

    mummygwen: the shell only was black in color, inside it was like ordinary egg.. tasted good when eaten there.. hahaa.. one bite 1rm..

    cleffairy: so sailormoon is like that? haha.. u must be pulling my legs!
    yes, the eggs tasted more delicious than ever.. as i said, one bite cost rm 1 hahahaa... longevitiy egg wo...
    shotgun? maybe u see me holding a swap hitting flies instead.. macam tak laku.... :)

  17. Wei..beware ppl may mistaken u as mamasan :p

    You nid shogun for yourself shotgun for Fernie:p

    The eggs for longevity so that makes you 7 yrs younger lo meaning you are now 25-7= 18...hohoho sweet eighteen nieh LOL!

    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

  18. elin: if the eggs make me younger, i would hv taken 5 of them.. no, it is said to prolong life.. hahaha.. yes, u r right, shogun for me, shotgun for her.. u pandai!

    dora: it tasted more delicious to me.. yummmmy.. hahaha.. just joking.
    no la, just the same like any ordinary egg...

  19. *wahhhh! PIANG* Shogun for Claire, a shotgun for Fernie... I almost died laughing! LOL... so funny!

  20. U gals look vy nice in kimono. So sweet. Eh, dun keep converting leh. Sure sakit hati one. :)

  21. cleffairy: sounds good eh?? hehee.. u really ah.. makes one sound like a desperado! hahahaa...

    slavemom: cannot help it,.. haha.. dealing with figures everyday, the mindset is like this... :p

  22. wah! wah! Enjoy nyer..
    Well..I just want to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas this year.. :)Have fun ya..

  23. What an interesting place you visited and the black eggs were really amazing. I like the photo of your daughter and the ice cream cone, very cute! And you ladies look very nice in your kimonos. The meal looks delicious. Sounds like a great trip from start to finish.

  24. hmm...never knw about the "black egg", good sharing claire.

  25. Do the eggs taste any different? Looks very big in the picture, or maybe the hand holding it is small :-).

    You and your dotta look really sweet in the kimonos...

  26. so you only eat one egg? who finish the balance? Your daughter? Two of you look kawaii in the kimono. :)

  27. Kadusmama: thank u .. same to u too!

    cheryl: yes, it was a great trip, an eye opener for both of us.. :)

    amy: so eventhough it was expensive, i wanna try too...

    boeyjoey: just like our eggs over here except that the shell is black in color bec of the volcano ashes.. taste? to me, it was sweeter.. hahaha...

  28. annieQ: there were 5 eggs in that packet.. shared among my family members.. everyone was curious how it tasted like.. to me sama la only that the yolk was more orangy in color..

  29. LOLZ I liked your comment one 1 egg=7 years, 2 eggs= high cholesterol.

    Nice pics. :)

  30. Wah, really look like Japanese girls leh!

  31. Good no more story of the slippers on your bed!haha. Nice sharing. TQ

  32. Wah, the Japanese crabs look very fresh and delicious. How is the taste? Nice or not?

  33. waa,i'm starting to get "itchy".looks and feels like Jipon is really a fantastic place.what i know is the country side offers better interesting stuff than the big and bustling cities.

  34. i think the eggs very expensive right?

    Happy winter solstice!

  35. An egg can expand your life span to 7 years?? Wow!! I know that Japanese has the longest life span in the world, but I never knew their longevity is from a black egg!!

  36. An egg can expand your life span to 7 years?? Wow!! I know that Japanese has the longest life span in the world, but I never knew their longevity is from a black egg!!

  37. Welcome back Claire! Glad that you're still in one piece. However, you're having so much fun over there especially travelling with your kids & sharing the joy with them. They're such lucky kids! I can't leave my children behind and travel alone too.
    The other day, my friend juz told me about those hotels cripy stories when she travelled to China.... ehhh... don't want to think about it anymore! Btw, did you found your shogun or not? hehe....

  38. Gratitude: i just quoted what the tour guide said..hahaa..he is one funny fella.. joker!

    pete: someone said i looked like mamasan la.. hmmp!!

    cheah: got one more story..i tell later la...hahaha..

    spicy mother: they were already cold .. funny these japs eat cold crabs instead of steaming and eating them hot... ok, they were sweet cos still very fresh.. and were abundant.. eat all u can.. that was the first time i ate.. hahaa..

    ah ngao: dont be itchy..just buy a ticket and go.. hahaha...

    voon: eat and dont count, someone said..hehe.. fyi, it was rm4 for one egg!!!

    rose: hehee...that was what the tour guide said.. maybe he was just joking!

    mylittlespace: i took my girl and went only..cannot afford to take all la.. next time let them take me instead.. me broke broke already now... but worth going.. dont think i got chance to go there once again..

  39. egg can lengthen our life by 7 years? Buy me 2 packet then. :p

  40. tekkaus: u didnt continue reading? too many eggs will lead to cholesterol thus will shorten life.. hahaha...that was what the tour guide told us.. cannot be too greedy..

  41. konban wa from here!! so cute in yukata!

    how the eggs taste?

  42. eh eh, i am so outdated. Was just reading about your trip!!! Utterly scary the slipper one. And the universal studios looked so cool!!!

    Eat only one egg for long life...cannot eat two! so funny....:)

  43. ayie.. u r good in japanese? hehe.. i dont know except for a few words... egg was like our normal organic egg, orangy in color..

    ann: yes..tour guide said ma.. 2 eggs means cholesterol.. haha.. he is a funny bloke..

  44. Oh not really, just know some phrases and words...basics. I stopped with my self-study coz I need to focus more on spanish =P

  45. ayie..wah.spanish also u r going to learn up.. good.. i heard spanish is popularly used too nowadays..

  46. Your dotter look exactly like a Japanese girl in the last photo, sui sui!


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