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Kor Tung Festival In IPOH

Today is Kor Tung Festival, my mum told me that this chinese festival is even more important than the lunar new year for the chinese. Other than that, I do not know the real reason for this day's.... can anyone share further information on this Tung season today? As far as I know, today is the day we eat the "tong yuen" (dumplings made from rice flour)....

This year instead of eating in the house, my mum and all of us siblings went out to Kok Thai restaurant in IPOH Garden East. Three families consisting of 11 of us "marched" for our dinner at 6.30pm, to beat the crowd...

these were the dishes we ordered...

mixed vege with macadanian nuts, gingko etc...

sweet sour pork...

crispy fried fish in thai sauce

steamed tau foo with lots of minced meat & onions..

another mixed sambal belacan vege
i love this...

roastsed chicken...

And the bill came to RM177 for 11 persons plus drinks

Back home, I drank this "tong yuen"
made by my beloved mum...
(rice flour with brown sugar ginger syrup)

Did u all drink this today? :p


  1. I'd be damned if I drink this today. Why? It will mean I've been entertaining in laws again. No.. din drink tis... but seems like the in laws are pestering us to have gathering on Xmas, which irks me to death!

  2. I did NOT! Can I cry now??? sob! sob!

  3. cleffairy: think of christmas gathering on a positive note.. u dont have to cook anything..just make yr presence in your inlaw's house.. be present and eat, after that, pak the buttocks and leave! hahaha... sorry, teaching u what i normally do all these years in my inlaw's place.. hahhahaa...

    merryn: here, take my handkerchief.. wipe your tears, close your eyes and open your mouth.. ahhhhhh.. can u taste them? i have put the balls into your mouth... nice or not?

  4. I missed tong yuen :(
    So long i didn't get to eat it already....

  5. mingna: same to u too.. thanks..

    mabellow: actually it was nothing so delicious.. just joining in the fun of eating and remembering the tong chit..

  6. You are never short of foods huh! ;p

  7. Wahhh! Claire, you so geng! Must call u sifu wan lerr... Hopefully the gathering wun be in my house, else... I HAVE to cook!

    I very paiseh that kind wan u kno? Even if they do gathering at someone else's house... I'll be sure to bring my own dish to add to the table, cuz I dun like the idea of eating for free.... dono why ahh... masochist la, me!

  8. The meal looks very good. I too like to eat fairly early when out, as to beat the crowds, especially during special events.

  9. Tekkaus: sama-sama dengan u juga.. :p

    smallkucing: my favorite too la! wash our bodies too, right?

    cleffairy: u must show off your cooking skills if the gathering is in your house! :) i m not geng, cos i really dont know how to cook well, normally i buy and go, and i wash plates la.. not beat buttock and cabut one!! hahhaa..

    cheryl: yes, good to go out earlier to beat the crowd, then come home and relax in front of the fireplace, right? :)

  10. Wah...after a few days tak makan the food looks super super appetising lor =.=''

    And NO!! I didn't eat tong yuen this year... *sob*

  11. i am really liking ur post oredi claire...hahahaha compared this and your lunch in japan...WHAT CAN YOU SAY? HAHHHAHAHAHA HOME SWEET HOME!!!!

  12. hmmmm so yummy all those foods!

  13. more important than chinese new yearrr??? i never knew!!! :P

  14. Wah all the dishes look so yummy...^-^

  15. Look too yummy to me..hehhee..nice one. Merry Xmas ya..

  16. agnes: how come? aiyah.. u should hv told me :p

    manglish: in no time i will gain back the lost weight! hahhaa...

    ayie: Malaysia is still the best for food!

    media007: that was what my mum told me but i dont know the reason behind too...

    mummyryan: yes, eat and eat.. that was what i have been doing..

    C.Alv.B: Merry Christmas to u too!!

  17. Happy Belated Dong Zi ah... and advance Merry Christmas!! we eat at home, and will do the post soon.. :D

  18. last sat i had the same mixed vege at kok thai (tasek). great! merry xmas!

  19. I wish I can beat my butt and cabut. It would have been fun! LMAO...

  20. Yes I did. I forgot to get some earlier and hubby surprised me when he came home with the frozen ones!

    Seems Giant was all sold out and he had to go to 2 grocers to find it! :)

  21. cynthia: will wait patiently for your post.. :p

    wenn: i guess this dish is quite popular nowadays.. anyway it was nice too..

    cleffairy: hit, hit but dont hit it too hard OK?? nanti ada bunyi pulak..hahahaa...

  22. ann: your husband deserves the biggest bowl of tong yuen then :)
    hope u enjoy drinking the sweet dessert!

  23. aihhh...din drink or eat tong yuen this year time and dunno my mom got do also ler...

  24. Sorry sorry, i never like tong yuen..hhahah,dont know why?

    yap,for chinese to day it is more important than CNY, it is the increase of a year in heavenly calender for all mankind,,,,,that's far i can recall

  25. oh man..the food is making me so hungry again. i'll need to buy a bib to wear when i'm at the computer because you post about these yummy food a lot :D

    Hey Claire, just want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :D

  26. Wow! Big feast! We did not have anything special - old lady not bothered to cook...and we did not have those balls either. She did not make any...and I'm not really crazy about them either.

  27. via: actually the tong yuen is not something very very delicious but just to keep the tradition going each year only.. :0

    eugene: so it is like that.. no wonder my mum said important..but i never ask her why.. hahaha.. just want to eat the tong yuen only..

  28. Barb: terima kasih banyak.. arigato.. same to u too.. Merry Christmas!! And A Happy New 2010 too!

    stp: i tot older ppl like to keep the tradition going.. my in laws and my own mum never miss to do.. she will ask my kids and my nephew, niece to help her make the balls.. they like to play with it.. :)

  29. i love the vege and the toufu, looks delicious.. and of course the tang yuan cooked by your mum too~~ hehe :p

  30. Happy Tung Chit! May you experience a better year ahead. :)

    Btw, is Kok Thai the one owned by Michelle Yeoh's mom?

  31. SK: thanks.. thank God for the good food...

    Calvyn: greetings to u too. ipoh nang too?

    Gratitude: i dont know about that la.. but i know it is making good biz there...

  32. the mixed vege looks very healthy and potent - overall yummy(im feeling hungry now,really) normaly i dont bother to look at food blog,..hehe

  33. Kok Thai Restaurant, I know where. I'm also Ipoh Mali. The restaurant is near my grandma's house.

    Claire, I would like to meet you during CNY in 2 months time, can ah?

    Nolah, I did not eat Tong Yuenlah. Sob.. sob..

  34. yummy dinner and happy belated "tong yuen" festival to u! I'm not really like "tong yuen" also, but i like tong yuen with black sesame inside. :)

  35. ah ngao: hope u come to ipoh one day and savor the food.. :)

    jessie: let me know when.. would be nice to meet up :)

    annieq: me too.. my girl too.. in fact we bought some from JJ and made our own tong yuen.. one packet with sesame and one with peanuts.. :)

  36. I went over to SIL's plc for dinner. And had tong yuen after that. yum yum!

  37. Oh ya.. My mil did this ^_^ (In Pink)


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