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Tokyo Disneyland And Us...

On our last day in Tokyo, we were brought to the limelight of the tour... DISNEYLAND! The tour guide told us this is the very place for both young and old to enjoy themselves. Everyone will feel very happy in this theme park... He is very right, indeed we were.... right from the beginning till the end, that is from 9am till 5pm... .Imagine.. our whole day spent there!

I didn't take much pictures using my hp, mine were mostly caught on video tape.... these are some of the pictures I took with my hp...

upon entering, we saw this...

and this....

nearer version to the castle..

beauty and the prince...

my girl loves Dumbo very much!

i love this colorful window display...

then time for the procession
the locals mostly...


which cartoon character is this, btw?
sailormoon, Cleff?

snow white?


guess who? Mickey or Minnie?

phew... tired already la..
resting my weary bones end of the day!


  1. Me and hubby also spent whole day from 9am in the morning till 11pm nite when we were in LA Disneyland...really fully enjoy in there. And goes to Universal studio, we spent whole day as well.

  2. Weiiii... that is not Sailormoon... dono wud cartoon is that lah. of these days... must write about Sailormoon liao. *grumbles*

    Eiyerr... go Japan, how come no Pokemon and Doraemon oso wan? I tot it's their hometown!

    Eh... Claire, you need to watch more cartoon lah. It's Beauty (Belle) and the Beast... =.= and hor... that doggie is not Pluto... it's Goofy. Pluto is Mickey Mouse's pet dog, usually never wear clothes and got tail one. This one don have.. LMAO.

  3. And *faints* and the princess is not Cinderella or Snow White. *piangzz* It's Briar Rose or Aurora. Sleeping beauty lah, Claire. Ahahahaha... haiyorrr...

  4. amy: i heard the LA one is much more nicer but some said japan one is the best.. so which is which, it depends on individual.. i must go to LA one la..hahaha..

    cleffairy! *my face all blushing* already.. shame shame.. oh gosh.. should i alter my mistakes now? or leave them be and get bashed by others as well? or should i start reading fairy tales and disney books from tomorrow onwards?

  5. wishlist....but Hong Kong Disneyland je. CathJ must be very excited seeing this. How much was it per adult's and child's entry?

    You sure having such a great time there...and you look beautiful!

  6. great disneyland world. merry xmas!

  7. LMAO... Claire... I think you have all the time in the world for fairy tales again when you got cucu! Ahahahaha....

  8. Wow Claire, looks like u had a great holiday! Disneyland - i like!

  9. My mum and I also spent the whole day in Hong Kong Disneyland. From your pics, I think Tokyo Disneyland is even better than HK's. The cartoon characters are seen everywhere... In HK Disneyland, I queued for nearly an hour to take photos with just one character!

  10. Nice disneyland journey you have!

  11. What fun! Your photos are great. I too love Dumbo! Did you do the "Its A Small World" ride? I have been on that so many times with my children, one of their very favorites! It looks as if you and your daughter had a very happy time there. Memories to enjoy forever of your trip.

  12. Lovely photos...

    Just wanna greet you a happy holidays...!

  13. hhahaha i went to the other one...waterworld or to disneyland....

  14. Aunty, that's not Pluto. It's Goofy. Haha!!

  15. wow, i wonder when can i bring the boys to tokyo disneyland?? anyway, merry christmas to you & your family1

  16. Ahh Disneyland is a place filled with love and laughter, eh? I just went to the smallest Disneyland (HK) and I spent 11 hours there! *gasp* Love the Tokyo Disneyland too, must go there one day. :) Merry Christmas!

  17. 1 day in Disneyland definitely not enough. Last time I went, min 2 days. eventhough i went for 2 days, i felt not enough..ehhehehehe

  18. ummi: mine was a tour package.. not individual.. it cost 5,800rm for 6 nites in Japan..

    wenn: thanks..same to u too!

    cleffairy: i must crack back my head.. what i did last "time" ... i really cannot recall much..

    raynebow: i m sure u enjoyed yrself in athens too!

    mingna: according to tour guide, he said tokyo disney is 4 times bigger than HK one.. but i like the HK disney, got fireworks.. and snow flakes..hahaa..

  19. Horlic: yes, it was real fun there..

    Manglish: what u meant is the Seaworld disney..or something like that.. yes, next to disneyland.. no time to go la.. :(

    Henry: yes, cleffairy pointed it out to me.. i didnt amend it yet.. :) auntie not familiar with certain characters la.. hahaa...

    2ma: i m sure u can go next year? hahaha.. for me, i got to tighten up for a long time..
    Merry Christmas to u too!

  20. iamthewtich: 11 hrs? i guess time flies when u r in there.. cos of the queue and the fascination of being there is real joy.. right?

    eugene: and sun leen fai lok to u too!!

    rachel: can go another trip next year... i wish for the LA one this time.. :p

  21. I like dat last pic of you claire! NICE! :D Merry Christmas

  22. merryn: thank u..waiting for u to say that..hahhaa.. Merry Merryn., Merry Christmas!

  23. It looks like your family and you are having a lot of fun! Merry Christmas!

  24. Tokyo Disneyland looks nicer than HK's. :) Merry X'mas to u, Claire!

  25. Hey I like Pooh Bear and your white beanie very much!

    Here's wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  26. annieQ: Thank u very much..same to u!!!

    freshlocalandbest: yes, disney was very very best! hahaha..

    slavemom: yes, heard that japan one is 4 times bigger than HK one.. i dint cover all too..

    Boeyjoey: my girl loves winnie pooh till today..
    Merry Christmas to u too!!!

  27. Love Disneyland... Went to this same one in Tokyo in the 80s...and spent the whole day there. Not enough! So nice, that place. Wonder if I'll ever get the chance to go there again...

  28. stp: sure got chance if u want to.. heard japan disney is the best? not so sure.. havent been to the LA and florida one before..

  29. alamak..if go LA..must as well go Florida..Disneyworld :) BIG difference. and u need 1 week there.

    Merry Xmas to u & family.

  30. Wow, what an adventure. Merry Christmas Claire!

  31. wishing you and your family a merry merry wonderful Christmas, with peace and happiness in the new year ! :D

  32. rachel: so u think florida is much better? hehee..i dont know whether i have the opp. to go or not..

    chubs: thank you very much.. same to u too!!

    mummy chendrine: hi.. long time no hear from u.. wishing u great wondrous days ahead too!

  33. I love the Beauties and the Beast photo :p

  34. Wonderful.. hehehhehe... Love Disneyland so much... will visit the smallest Disney at HK 1st than towards this.. ^_^

  35. smallkucing: hope u can go see them one day :)

    cathJ: yes.. take your time.. maybe u go straight to florida!

  36. oh mind, i just love the atmoshpere inside the theme park. Wonder when I can be there with my 2 darlings.

    Btw, thanks for dropping by!!

  37. wahhh. Tokyo Disneyland!! I don't know if I can every go to this place.. For now, I can just dream.. :-(


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