Friday, December 18, 2009

Kansai - Universal Studio Japan

Finally Home Sweet Home here in IPOH... Praise God for this wonderful trip...

And of course, thanks to all of you who come by and commenting... I will try to reply to your comments (after all my packing is done and a snooze later on :p)

For this Japan trip, it was a 8 days 6 nights and it cost RM5,800 per pax. My girl and I went with some members of my family.... most of my pictures were captured on my handphone and camcoder....

On our first day, upon arrival at the Kansai airport at around 7am, we were whisked off to breakfast before we adjourned to Universal Studio Japan.... spent many hours there...

at the entrance...

this spiderman was stimulating..
i closed my eyes & screamed
esp. the part i was like "dropped" from the building..

and who is this? can someone tell me....

i just know how to hold them....

here's one for u.. he said..

kitty cat doing their dance on the street..

nice pose, eh...

she posed..
i snapped..

to be continued...
some mysterious happenings next...


  1. Wah mum, very nice place! ur camera can take very clear and nice pics oso..hehe..fernie looks like japanese oso frm here..haha..update more :)

  2. Nice! Very nice!...For a while, I thought I saw "kanasai"! Hahahahaha!!!

  3. Hello hello! Greetings from an Ipoh-lang! XD Wish i could travel to Japan. :S

  4. son: yes, when she wrapped up herself from top to bottom, she really looked like one.. hahhaa.. i let u see her in a kimono next.. :p

    stp: what is kanasai? must be something hilarious.. hehehee..

    mabellow: thanks for coming by, ipohlang... going to yr blog now..

  5. home sweet home..after a great holiday..

  6. @Cikgu... shame on you, Cikgu... teach Claire bad words!

    @Claire... wud? No Doraemon and Shin Chan? Haiyorrr!

  7. wenn: thanks .. it is always sweet to be home.. after burning a hole.. hahhaa..

    cleffairy: that is chow word? now only i know.. hokkien dialect? :p
    doraemon? shin chan? i was looking for them high and low but couldnt find them.. u must have bought their whole set, all i saw was hello kitty and some of the characters in my post.. :)

  8. Wow, finally you are back from Japan. So many interesting places you went, I bet.

    Going to Universal Studio sure brings the child out in you. Can't wait for more photos...

  9. GREAT PICTURES! Look like you guys have a real awesome time!

    My hubby and youngest daughter is in Korea where he is an International Chef !
    I am here with my eldest, soon to be there too, but not so soon.

    Nice to meet you, Claire. Bdw, Fernie looks great, like her mom!

    Have you a great weekend!


  10. You were 25 before you left but when you touched down Kansai you turned 7 years old and had a great time then..haha

  11. seems very low is the temperature?

  12. sexyjessie: yeah, now come to think of it, i wasnt thinking how old i was then. i was as excited as my girl...

    shakira: thanks, nice to know u too.. will add u up in my u will be going to korea soon.. good, then i will know more about korea.. would love to visit to korea one day.. :)

    cheah: hey, dont remind me i was 25... yes, right, i was as young as my girl while i was there..

    ah ngao: it was around 7-10 degrees... with 3 layers and a scarf, i was feeling heavy and okay.. hahaa..

  13. hi claire, how nice u get to go to nihon! i hope to go there someday too... i hope airasia flies to nihon sometime soon!

    since no one answered yr ques, i came to answer =)

    the green 'monster' is Shrek... di bawah shrek is Bert (a Muppet fr. Sesame Street), and then Ernie (Bert & Ernie are good mates!)

    itu saja =)

    ps: kanasai is hokkien, literally it means "like shit" :p

  14. =.= wud la, Claire... you met those cartoon characters but you dono who they are.

    The green one is Shrek. You might wanna watch the movie, very nice...cute 'fairy tale'.

    Then there's characters from Sesame's Street. Bert& Ernie.

    Glad you know Hello kitty tho. Ahahahahaha....

    OMG... no Doraemon, Shin Chan and Chibi Maruko? No sailormoon oso? OMG... no Doraemon! Doraemon is like Mickey Mouse for japan! *WHINE*

  15. lovely photos :) i'm glad that you and your family are back safely :) Universal Studio rocks eh? However, I can't stand those stimulating rides because i go dizzy. Can't wait to see more pics :)

  16. This is beautiful.. looks like Disney also... ^_^.. bare that in mind on my future Japan trip.. ^_^

  17. I so agree with STP! Kansai really sounded vulgar :P Shrek (the green one), Ernie and Bert lah (sesame street characters!)

    Spiderman is stimulating?????? *Raised eyebrow here* how stimulating is stimulating?? lol..

    ur post always stimulate my senses lah! :D

  18. I went to HK Disneyland and took pictures with many cartoon characters too... Wonderful, isn't it?

  19. Mushi Mushi...

    Welcome home Claire. Glad u enjoyed so muchie! I have been busying baking ...few orders for some friends. Tiring betul la. No time to blog aso. So glad to have you back home...mizzes you so muchie. Fernie looks japanese..haha you too! :)))

  20. @Merryn... lmao...ur quite cheeky oso leh. Poor Claire... get teased...

  21. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. I think its great when one goes to these type of places and one turns back to a child who loves everything there and wants to experience everything as a child! Thats how I feel when I go to DisneyWorld. I feel young again and have a wonderful time. Very nice photos, like the one with Shrek!

  22. nice pictures!! Using your hp camera can take so nice pictures also. U're just excited as your girl. hahahhahha, suddenly become so young right?

  23. blogging world will not be exciting without you here, and am glad that you are back again,this time lagi hebat after a 8 days of japan holiday...

    you are sure one happy woman, jealos very jealos me got

  24. and who is this? can someone tell me.... ---> SHREK!! haha... it's called the SHREK...

    eh.. go Japan so cheap only meh?
    RM5800?? accordking to my last check, the tix alone already cost RM 3000, i thought going a trip at Japan must be more than RM 10k.. =.="

  25. rainbow angeles: arigatok for yr answers, no wonder he looked so familiar.. (i seldom watch disney shows *malu*) let me tell u ye.. japan std of living is extremely high for us malaysians la, unless u work there, then can survive, otherwise to go there on our own, hv fun and lodging, very very high la!

    cleffairy: yeah, malu ye? firstly, my kids all grown up so i nv watch cartoon anymore, funny though, my kids dont like cartoon shows too... but love to take pics with them only.. let me tell u ah.. the japs simply worship mickey mouse, they can really sapu the gifts inside disney like nobody's biz, so expensive to me and yet so cheap to them.. they even wear their disney caps on their head, cost 2000 yen though!

    Merryn: whatever r u thinking of.. (*hands on hips*) in fact, they do have lots of stimulators and stimulating movies there :p
    the spiderman virtual 4D movie was so real.. we can really move along with him in our car seats.. met up with the bad villains face to face too! difficult to describe but i came out pening pening after that! lol...

    Voon: money spent already.. now poor me.. :0

    mingna: yes, in HK it is free to take pics with them, in japan, got to line up long long and hv to pay to take pic with mickey and minnie... sigh.. .

    elin: no wonder u r missing too.. busy in the kitchen, huh... ok, i go ransack your house later on.. hahhaa.. missing yr cakes and biscuits too.. any extra crumbs for me???

    cleffairy: that merryn.. small & petite but with a mind of an overgrown adult! hahahaha....

    cheryl: yes, we love to feel young again, huh.. only at times, have to stop and pant for breath and rest my weary bones for walking too much.. lol...

    annieq: yes, feel young only but cannot deny that the stamina is not there anymore.. hahhaha...

    eugene: no need to be jeles.. God is fair.. i have my tough rough times before.. now i m old, please let me relax a bit la.. :) as long as my kids are happy, so am i!

  26. donna: my bro booked during matta fair promotion, got one day free in tokyo some more.. free day shopping... but of course, no free money to spend lar! yes, considered cheap, i guess esp this time during winter..

  27. wah.... back in one piece. hahahhaha

    *the spiderman is stimulating* ???

    ahem, stimulate mana?hahahhahahahahh

  28. Welcome home!!! Syiok la!! You look hawt ;)

  29. media007: that is secret.. u go japan and find out for yourself.. hehee...

    agnes: hulk .. yes, back.. nice to be home too!

  30. Don't listen to Cleffairy... Kanasai means "like shit" - not foul words lah! But then again, shit does smell foul! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  31. STP: still talking about sai? my appetite suddenly all gone.. read my next post... it gave me the shivers that night!

  32. Nice photos! But Japan very expensive to me, must save, save , save before I can go Japan! : )

  33. foong, memang expensive la.. memang.. cannot buy souvenors too.. everything in hundreds and thousands....

  34. Universal Studio looks like fun. Now that we've seen Mickey n frens, wud love to meet the Sesame St characters n others. :)

  35. slavemom: yes, in disneyland, it is all about mickey and minnie.. hv to line up to take pic and to pay them as well!!

  36. wow, your girl is so lucky!!! i have never been to japan. i think its too expensive. if i do go, i have to make sure i have $$$ to shop, shop *haha*

  37. 2ma: yes..u can shop all u like along ginza street..hahaha...


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