Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shinsaibashi And My Scary "Nitey"

After "many hours" in Universal Studio, we were finally taken to our hotel in Osaka, the 2nd biggest city in Japan. We stayed right in the centre of this prosperous commercial area called Shinsaibashi. (my memory good de?)

After depositing our stuff, we were taken for a shabu shabu dinner (steamboat using plain water, vegetables and meat) ... next time I do my own shabu-shabu...

the night street

king crab that moves...

this is "makan street"

here we are...

in front of hotel..

the gingko trees...

Ah... something mysterious in this room. I am not going to mention the name of the hotel, they might sue me... u know...

Anyway, this hotel is very nice, fully equipped and very clean too.. I am surprised to see that they even supply Shishedo face cleaner in the bathroom... (no, i didnt packet it home la!)

the LCD TV...

the toilet..
see the metal thing with holes..
I didnt know what it was for till the next day...
sit on the stool and let someone scrub your back,
so it seems...

the shisedo cleanser beside the basin


Ok, see this grey pillow bed? I slept there around 10pm.....

What Happened?

Middle of the night I went to the LOO...

Then when I climbed back onto the bed, my leg touched something... I reached out and realized it was a bedroom slipper...
I just threw it back to the floor...
Then turning my body, my leg touched another...

Don't tell me it was another slipper? Yes, it was! eeeeeeeeeeeee..
How did the pair of bedroom slippers climb themselves onto my bed????? EEEEEEEeeeeeee...

For so many years... I stayed in hotel, I never Never NEVER wore the slippers to bed...
after all, how to sleep wearing the bedroom slippers????

(*epilogue* i just wrapped myself tighter with the blanket and close my eyes... how spooky now that i come to think of it)


  1. Hey Claire, many frens of mine had had the same experience when they were in Japan. Looks like the spirits of Japs were trying to welcome you in a more creative manner... Btw, they did no harm, right? I may have to take note of this when I go to Japan one day... (to say hello to them first b4 going to bed as I don't want 2 end up sharing bad with 'someone' else...
    (spooky feeling~~~~~)

  2. hey..really meh..mingna??? when i came back to KL, i told my bro & company.. they said really ah.. of all persons, I kena? maybe others also kena but nv talk about it! gosh.. yes, they r friendly, the japanese i mean.. very hoe lai mau..

  3. ha yaaaaaaaaaa.... Claire!!! hehehhehe... why lah all the 'fren' loves to tickle u 1.... heheheh... ;-p

  4. ha yaaaaaaaaaa.... Claire!!! hehehhehe... why lah all the 'fren' loves to tickle u 1.... heheheh... ;-p

  5. Thanks for the tour, hair is standing on ends while reading your story, could it be the slippers stuck to your feet but you thought you have let go of em? haha. Anyway this sort of 'things' is quite common in hotels. Domo arigato.

  6. Wa so scary...but why you din post up the shabu shabu ? You know I wai sik wan ma :p Anmy way the hotel not bad...%K per pax to Japan is cheap :)

  7. Lovely pics!Feel like visiting the place right now.

  8. Were the slippers there when you woke up in the morning?

  9. OMG! The room is haunted! You are supposed to place one slipper facing up and the other down to ward off those things! At least that's what I've been told! Scary! I would've switched room right away!

  10. Wow...JAPAN! would love to go there one day. Maybe when i'm your age and kids are adults. hehe..Nice hotel. Scary moments are there to spice up our lives. hehe...Do take care.

  11. cathJ: i also dont know why la.. each trip i go, sure got something.. heehehe..

    cheah: common? no la.. i dont think i wore them to would be too uncomfortable right?

    elin: shabu in my letswallop blog later.. no time to post la.. hahaha..

    website design: more pics to come...

    stp: they were on the floor where i threw them down.. hey, u not frightening me eh.. if not there, i would hv screamed the whole hotel down la!!

    foongpc: got such thing as putting the slippers upside down meh? i heard of hanging panty at the door only.. hahaha.. no la.. i didnt switch on the light, lagi tak boleh tidur if i did... coming to think of it, quite spooky.. but hotel was very nice wo...

    tiee: yeah, first time in history i experienced that la..

  12. When I was in Japan, i was surprise with the Sheisedo products too. Nice kan? then when I dine in the hotel, they even use Noreitake utensils.. so cool eh?

    Itulah Claire. Did you knock on the door before entering? Did you put your shoes against the door before you sleep? Those are my 'belief' whenever I stayed in hotels..

  13. merryn, must knock ke? i didnt wo.. but i saw one lady knocking her door before she went in.. i tot hang panty on the door? slippers put where? against the door.. why?

  14. oh dear..quite scary..keep the lights on might help..

  15. scary to read it...ah yo! I always travel and stay in hotel alone one la, now feel a bit scared liao......normally I will bring my bible with me and put it next to me...

  16. wenn: cannot sleep with light on lar.. so i just turned to one side and tried not to move.. :)

    mandy: now come to think of it, spooky eh.. i still cannot understand how they got there.. maybe the maid left them there or what.. or did i sleep walk? :) fortunately we were exhausted so i slept off without thinking much about it ... dont want to care lar.. but i prayed.. hahahaa..

  17. Claire, these are great photos !!
    Look kike you're having a wonderful time!

  18. hahah...maybe should pray for the room first before staying in . :) no worries, you are back in one piece ma...hehe...thank God. :)

  19. eh.. hang panty on door works meh ? What if those thingy wears your panty ? LOL !
    Aiyo, I do hope it's you wearing the slipper to bed after one sleepy toilet episode lor.. don't think too much, you said always have something happening to you when you travel right ? then that means it's all in yr mind. I used to travel alone all the time and I shut those thoughts off, best is to have a beer before i sleep, i'll surely knock off fast fast, no need to think of anything lingering..
    hey,,, waiting for yr shabu shabu cooked with plain water pics. Am surprised they cook with plain water ler.. not any tasty soup meh ?

  20. OMG! I heard lots of spooky stories about hotels and now another! eee....scary...ppl say must knock on the door before entering a hotel's room. Maybe you should do that next time!

  21. Maybe the previous occupant, so cold, used the slippers to bed and left them under the covers...

  22. After finding the second slipper I think I would have sat up with the light on the rest of the night. What a gorgeous hotel room! I would have been very happy to stay there.

  23. eeeeeeeeeeeeee...... that is pretty scary...

  24. i could now see goosebumps on my skin

    A smile from SJ =)

  25. Normal occurence :) but i suppose the spirit wuz juz up to a lil' harmless mischief. "It" should have placed a "Pua Chua Kang boot" on your bed. Now that wld have really freaked you out! lolz

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays :)

  26. betty: i did in fact even after this episode..

    Gab: after experiencing that, i remember to... :p yes, thank God it didnt dampen my spirits.. i didnt tell my siblings till we came back.. no point frightening them too. hahaha..

    elaine: last time fren told me one.. hung panty on door.. hahaa.. must be a joke.. beer works? no la.. i dont like beer, anyway, the trip exhausted us so in no time, we were knocked out too..
    ok, i post the shabu today..

    pig2corner: yes, i saw someone knocking on the door before going in.. it works?

    stp: that was what i tot too but then there were 2 pairs when we entered the room ... if one pair were left on the bed, there should be 3 pairs.. mysterious..

    cheryl: the room was comfortable yes.. before the episode of the slipper.. hahaha..

    sj: not to worry, nothing happened actually.. :p

    gratitude: if that is the case, i can sue the hotel and maybe next time they give me free stay for the rest of my life.. hahaha...

  27. Wat an experience! We dun kacau "you", "you" dun kacau us, ok? :) So dun think too much abt it ya.

  28. slavemom: yeyeyeye.. yes, no kacau.. i just went to sleep after that and related it only when i came back. :)

  29. hmmmmm... Could it be that ur roommate playing a prank on you? LOL!

  30. Been to that place and miss that lively place..

  31. Jeng jeng jeng! Slipper ghost lah tu! Aiyahhhh, takut wud... nonid to takut the ghost come out, tell him to make more and more slippers, so that you can sell them. Ahahaha.... I'm so clever wan!

  32. at least the slippers did not harm you, but really scared the S**t out of u! I would!!

    But the hotel room is very nice. Shishedo?? Must be they sponsoring all the hotel rooms

  33. wah!!!! so scary meh!!! x-files huh

  34. the hotel look very nice lei, but after read ur "story", i had goose bump all over my hand. Eeeeeeee...that's why sometime when i stay in hotel, i don't want to think so much.

  35. Eee...scary la. Must be a hamsap ghost that is very cold trying to snuggle uponin bed with u.

  36. Oh that's scarry! For me I would ask to change room or on all the light throughout the night.

  37. wow reanaclaire what a beautiful trip... u wen to japan! cool place & cool weather! the scary part - feels weird but at least u managed to sleep still? :) how many nights were u there?

  38. I read your post from Foongpc and was curious to find out what spooky thing that you blogged about. I lived in Osaka for like 2 years before coming to the United States more than 30 years ago. Your experience was freaky!! I hate to stay in hotels by myself cos of unnatural things like this that can happen. I think it's also why people burn candles when they stay in hotels to ward away any lingering spirits.


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