Thursday, December 17, 2009

Over The Sea Bloggers

From over the seas, let's see you can guess who they are...

He is from Toronto... ( i think this sentence is good enough already)
He writes beautiful humorous stories of his life...
As far as I know, he has a talent for lovely words for us ladies..
A real joker, his blog is full of adventures and esplanades with his lady friends...
And his name is called ..................

A cute mother and child in Thailand...
Her posts are very interesting and enlightening
With her way of words to describe how she feelsss...
You will love to read her blog daily...
Her son is one lovable boy
A boy whom every lady would love to have...
Can u guess who they r?

For those I didn't mention in my last few days of posting, do not take it at heart...
I m writing all these as scheduled posts.. from day 1 to day 7
And hope that I will be back to see all your answers...
As I said, you might not be in my mind as I wrote all these posts but you are in my heart because of your presence in my blog...

Thank you... arigatok for taking your time to read all these....
Have fun!!


  1. Ohayo gozaimas, Reanaclaire-san. Lolx. Having fun in Japan?

    First one, lemme guess... issit Uncle Lee?

  2. oii... at least mentioned me la!

  3. Its got to be Uncle Lee. Do hope you are having a wonderful time!

  4. hehehe... today is 7th day... welcome back!

    Sorry no idea for the question.

  5. UNCLE LEE!! no doubt.. hehhee.. Im a fan of him.. love his life experiences..!! especially the way he treat us womans..hehehe

  6. *pose pose wave wave* hai mai ngo ah? :)

  7. everyone is saying it's uncle lee :D uncle lee, is dat you? :P

    the second i tak tau lah..

  8. Sorry, I don't know these ppl. Can't wait for your photos from Japan lor.

  9. Claire, He is Uncle Lee...haha but the other one I don't know :) Miss you...have a safe flight back :)

  10. The guy in Toronto have to be Uncle Lee..:)

  11. I move alot due to family and my boyfriend being over seas i move to new basses and areas. I want a job that i can write about what is going on in this world and my life. I want a job that i can keep no matter where i move to.

  12. thanks for coming by all of you ... great to see all your comments here..


Thank you, readers!

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